6 most strange, but very useful products from around the world

In recent years the fashion for a healthy lifestyle has literally taken over the world. Who does not eat meat of warm-blooded who do not eat meat at all, someone refuses dairy products, and someone just sitting on kuroguwai. As we know, in other cultures is something we do not understand, even disgusting, but, oddly enough, is disgusting comes to our culture as terribly useful.

Today we tell about the six most strange international dishes that are terribly useful. But how to eat them?

1. Shirako («White children»)

Behind this beautiful name hides the bodies, filled with Molokai cod or herring. They fry or deep-fried or breaded. Inside they are gentle, its pronounced milky taste and smell of the sea and fish to disappear completely. But this is a sperm fish!

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Why is it useful? Eating fish sperm will strengthen your heart muscle. Manufacturers (and there are those people who took a fashion course) tell you that «nothing tastes as good as when the shell bursts, and the juice flows right into your mouth!» Dude, go to hell! Let me once childhood eating fried fish eggs, but the EPT!

2. Soup made of duck blood (Tiết canh)

Honestly, we don’t know how to correctly pronounce the name of this dish. Blood soup need fresh, right from under the ducks. No special thermal effects are not so, easy handling, and the blood completely clotted. The recipe includes beans, meat and internal organs of a dead duck. Ready soup served with mint and nuts and is an extremely popular street food is to order a plate easy. But there have been cases of falsification of commodity: duck blood replaced the blood of the dog.

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It is useful because the epic protein content. Fish sauce, which mingles the whites. The very blood — protein chicken breast — protein, nuts are also protein. And this is the path to a decent weight.

3. Yartsa Gunbu (Caterpillar fungus)

Mushrooms are always very tasty and healthy. But hell, what kind of mushroom! It’s an alien caterpillar is a mutant. Actually this is a very rare Tibetan mushroom. He recalls the terrible love child of a mushroom and a caterpillar: the upper part, like a caterpillar, and the bottom has a branched mycelium. The Tibetans of his dig up, wash and make soup out of it. Oh Yes, it costs thousands of dollars.

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This is a wonderful natural viagra, man! But it’s not so bad, it improves the function of all internal organs and decently increases endurance. Cunning Chinese used the achievements of herbalists at the Olympics as natural steroids that cannot be detected through blood and urine. They have five world records. Do not underestimate the grass!

4. Boodog — marmot (or goat), fried with a blowtorch

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No, this is not the result of the work of a pervert. And it’s not hedkrab from the second Half-Life is the Groundhog, which mocked one of the rare pervert. The procedure of preparation is simple and unpretentious. The Groundhog should be beheaded. Take out the inside, to skin, to fill it with red hot on the fire stones, the spot where formerly was the head, to tie and tighten so that nothing fell out. Put in the shade. Take a blowtorch and burn a little extra if will deflate a puncture with a fork. No Groundhog to take the goat.

The fact that this meat three times less calories than beef, a quarter fewer than chicken and much less fat than pork or lamb. But how can you eat knowing that the animal has fulfilled all of it!

5. Akutaq ice cream of the far North

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We look at these pictures together and say: «This ice cream!». Strawberry, cherry, cherry with chocolate pieces! Well, Yes, it’s really ice cream. It’s really frozen. Raw fish (meat and blood), berries, grease seal, mixed on an elk or deer fat. Because, like all of the dishes in this list, Akutaq came to our reality, there is a vegetarian version of this dish — with Flaxseed and olive oil. The whole mass is whipped and crushed, and then cooled. Looks like ice cream. But no.

Like all previous dishes,we have before us a great supply of all the nutrients. Was invented by the guys from Alaska have been used for long crossings. Northern berries have benefited from scurvy, blood, and fish is a source of carbohydrates and proteins, fat deer or elk fat. Scientists have found in this simple dish still a lot of good for your health.

6. Eggs soaked in urine…

manygoodtips.com, 20.06.2013, VWqkIbbTncMwUuS7rPe9l7RSrsonCV2d

Urinotherapy still has loyal fans. This dish is from China, like most beautiful things. First, eggs are boiled to cracking the shell in a special broth. They are then removed, cleaned and again boiled in the same broth. What’s in the soup? The human urine. The fact that the special buckets are right in the schools, where learning Chinese. The kids are doing there own business, the sellers of eggs, gather them and make them their business. What’s interesting is that this… food is its seasonality. In a certain period you can find yellow eggs on the shelves of Chinese pedal, and what — not. And this dish has incredible popularity. The Chinese eat 10 eggs a day.

manygoodtips.com, 20.06.2013, PB31InVeq58fNvTzGqVnazbVywpaMpsB

Why is useful? You can only learn from local, vying to tell the journalists that I should not magical powers and is just not raised from the dead. They improve breathing, feeling, and remove blood clots and treat deficiency of Yin energy in the body.

And we say, Oriental medicine…

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