6 most important things to keep in mind, the code start to live alone

independent lifeThe beginning of independent life is an important stage in the biography of every man. When you first start to live alone, this means financial independence and freedom to make any decisions. Yesterday you were a man, do not wear pants early hours of the day and loving pozyrit «Formula 1», and now you’ve turned into the guy who’s not wearing pants early hours of the day, loves pozyrit «Formula 1» and lives by himself. This slight difference makes you an adult.

Remember uncle Ben told Peter Parker: «With great power comes great responsibility». We have at their disposal all clevest adult life, but instead we are forced to deal with boring adult responsibilities: interact with your boss at work to pay for communal and generally to live independently.

So. All these crumbs of this life is the biggest pain in the ass, which happens in adults. Of course, living on your own without neighbors and parents cool, but literally everything else sucks, all the members of the world. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you heard someone say: «Dude, try to live independently when we need to cook by myself and buy toilet paper. COOL!»?

There are a billion crappy moments in independent living, and I’ll tell you about the most important ones.

1. Food is expensive

Have you ever wondered how much all that stuff in the fridge? I don’t particularly. But then I discovered that I need to fill the fridge yourself. And what was it? All of my favorite foods: cheese, honey, chocolate spread, fruits of all kinds — expensive. They are so expensive that I buy them not always. I have quite enough funds to stacherski set like cereals, taters, underlying vegetables, soybeans and cheese (Yes, I’m a vegetarian, hit me with stones while I’m still here), but delicious sometimes you have to save. What can you do, it’s a pain. If not a lease, it would have been much better. On cereal, on yoghurt, tofu and noodles with tofu from a Chinese eatery, as few have been in my own life!

And healthy food it is more expensive. All of these cereals for germination and whole wheat pasta (I’m a wop, I love pasta) are expensive. Do not go into these departments. Especially if you’re standing on the border that separates the rogue from a normal person, like me.

2. Rent expensive tiny apartment, and the neighbors musicians

You’re going to pay for the rent of the half, regardless of what city you live, and in exchange receive not the most luxurious apartment, free bonus to some neighbors who love to dance, hammer nails, drill holes in walls, to play drums, to swear and to wash in three hours of the night.

3. Account enraged and come at the wrong time

On these monthly gifts: here’s water, here light, here’s all the other stuff, get-sign. Imagine that you went on a date with a supermodel, and when you already came down to it, it take and pick your balls. Feeling about the same. Of course, to some extent, through these accounts we can do superlevy things: to turn on the light and do not freeze in the winter — but they also make you do other things superelevate: to give money and to force you to choose between crackers for Breakfast and cheese, and not enough without hesitation and then another.

The need to check the mailbox in anticipation of new accounts makes your heart flutter like you’re beating the shit during world war II. What can I say. Turn off the light in the closet when not sitting in it. That’s all I can do to help.

4. Things are always dirty

To have an apartment with things — it’s like to find yourself constantly puking child. Dust, dirt, debris, bugs, spiders — all this will be at your house, if you don’t get out of. Kitchens and bathrooms are also dirty, and it’s even worse. Urgently get a girlfriend and let it all drait.

5. You need to buy toilet paper often and as early as possible

That’s where the shock. The toilet paper was just always in the bathroom when I lived at home. Remember that book that has always been in Harry Potter, even when they were in the woods? Thus, for me, was toilet paper. She was always in my house, it grew straight out of the holder, and I always expected to see her in his place. Not the case. I just can’t put it into words: you’re shitting more often than you think, and use more crappies than you think. Buy it in advance and as often as possible. You won’t regret it, I guarantee it.

6. Moving is the biggest stress in the world

movingI am convinced that hell is a place where bad people go after death, and Satan causes them to move every two weeks. The first thing to remember about moving is that all your friends will be able to find family events scheduled on this date, and no one wants to help you. Another thing to remember is all your stuff weigh billions of tons and are not in the door. And one last thing: everything you bought at IKEA, sturdy, until you start to move. When will you move bought at IKEA the table is made, as it was written, «from durable composite wood», it turns out that in fact it collected from the cartons, which together holds only a strip of cheese melted in the microwave.

Moving sucks. Friends suck. IKEA sucks. Cheese is great, but it cannot be used for furniture production.

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