6 most brutal video game characters

Video games have long ceased to be a trivial pixel who wants to kill another pixel. Now they have realistic graphics, complex physics model, interesting stories and dialogues. In fact, it is the same as normal movies, but with interactivity.

Many of the characters of video games for the whole era was a reference BRO. This style is repeated from game to game, showing us more characters with steel balls, poignant quotes and so, and others. After all, to be Bro, you need to go to the gym, become severe, do not be afraid of all the unknown crap which goes because of strange places. Also bro needs to have a lot of bribes, a hot chick or even a few. All these qualities have with the dudes from video games, and today we will make your strict list of guys that you knew bro.

6. Kratos from God of War

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What could be more severe than to be God of war? Kratos — a Spartan warrior, the last of the Spartan military training, which already makes it pretty awesome. Not only that, this dude has come to success, being able to take possession of the vacant place of the God of war, he pretty successfully defeated terrible creatures from Greek mythology that makes Kratos even more severe than it really is. He started his ascent is also very strict, determined to take revenge do not fuck with the mountains, and the Ares. By the way that he did. But this behavior worthy bro.

5. Mario — Super Mario Bros

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Everything that made the old Mario’s was for women. Specifically, for the Princess, which, to be honest, I sincerely hate. But you can’t be kidnapped so many times and cute giggle after every time, woman, you’re a Princess, put yourself protection, finally! Poor Mario was eating for her strange mushrooms, flowers, fight with the spiny shells and huge dragons, and it’s all in order to once again save this fool. Truly this dude has balls of steel! I on its place would prefer to be a plumber.

4. Johnny Cage — Mortal Kombat

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Cool black glasses that he go (without them he looks so-so ), strong biceps, good forehand — this bro definitely deserves attention. The best fighter on the planet has an excessive Sense of self-importance, but it is quite hilarious, and when he beats women and even apologizes to the gentleman, in short. Sometimes, though, it is terribly annoying stupid jokes, but then corrected himself. Tried, dude! By the way, it is believed that johnny can’t bro, because it hits the eggs. What do you think?

3. Gordon Freeman -Half-life

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This dude from the good old Half-life showed everyone what it means to be a true hero. Of course, many played Half-life you can ask a reasonable question: «Under what circumstances the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences were able to learn so cool to fight with a tire iron, operate machines and shoot all types of firearms and not just weapons!». POPs up immediately and the second question: «If I am a physicist, I teach it?». In any case, the Freeman, despite the fact that he is always silent, there are balls. Maybe that’s why he is always silent? To be able to get infected from any unknown garbage research complex, to survive the horrors of a wonderful world with all sorts of chtulhu, become the hero of the generation immediately obvious who is a real bro.

2. Tommy Vercetti — Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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I don’t remember any of the characters of the entire series, except for Tommy and his hilarious Hawaiian shirt. Perhaps, of course, because this part I literally started playing to holes, and, perhaps because of all the characters, that Tommy was the cool and strict. It was well announced, he had character, charisma and a strong unshaven. Now he is trying to cope with crowds of enemies, then beating the police to «five stars», so he negotiates with a prostitute for a shag, but nice talking with poddelniki and friends. This guy has charm, charisma, easy apathy and steel will.

1. Duke Nukem

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Difficult to come up with even more testosteronemale character than the old Duke. I have fond memories of this guy, his cool manner of speaking, it is unrealistic rigor and a fair amount of confidence. A pleasant impression of the Duke is not spoiled even frankly shitty last game, I could not stand an hour. Although, I must give her credit, she disclosed the whole of his destructive potential and unreal feelings. Like love beautiful Busty females. What else can you expect from life. This dude wore a shirt that emphasized the muscles; always her hair up, always wore black glasses and always carry a couple of guns. What is most important: the whole outfit dude incredible was that once again proves that he is a bro!

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