6 mistakes that you make in online correspondence

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2016_CyhEqRDXgW0qSLet’s look to the future and to look at him soberly. We are less and less talking on the phone and talk to each other much less than a few years ago. Our spoken language is lacking, and our relationships are transformed into something formal and grey. It is unlikely we will change that situation. It turned out that text messages, which at the time were pushed to mobile calls, once again take power into their own dainty little hands. Not for nothing, Gutenberg invented the printing machine. Thank him for this act. And now with whatsapp, telegram and other cute applications become almost the main methods of transmission of information representatives of the human species.

Yes, it’s a really cool and easy way to convey information. But people, a new problem arose: they didn’t know that before sending a message, it is best to think about. The ethics of communication did not disappear, and neglecting it impairs your social life. Let’s look at the most common mistakes that you do when you are chatting with someone over the network.

1. Long answer

Wrote to you and waiting for your answer. When is the best time to respond? We will not hide – answer immediately. Not necessarily in the same second, but certainly not in a day.

If you ignore the person, like the guy who turns away from the source in the middle of a conversation and dumps far away. Isn’t it strange? But we can afford it, right? And do not always want to communicate with people, we understand that. On the other hand, always and wherever you need to be human. Don’t be cattle and answer or put your answer for later: «Sorry dude, but I have to go for. When I return, I say!» That’s all, nothing complicated.

2. A massive volume out of your hands

Work.com.ua_24.02.2016_34EbDqGwfFFFlDostoevsky, calm down! It’s just a message in a social network, not a novel. If you wrote a sentence or a few words, do not answer it is a monumental work of thirty pages. People communicate in the network for the reason that it is quick and easy. Of course, it all depends on the circumstances, because the rule can operate to the contrary. For example, they expect a detailed answer, and you are limited to three letters. It is wrong. And in order to avoid mistakes, just remember a simple virtual truth: «I Write a lot – answer deployed, and if you write small, and answer succinctly». Simple as ABC.

3. Don’t expect a person rapid answer

And especially don’t text him: «Well, what is it? Where did you go? Will you answer?» Hell, a grown man, and it is not necessary to knead brains interlocutor. Maybe he acts like a bastard, but not all people understand the level of Formula I. Some need time to reply adequately. So don’t be obsessive, if you want to get the answer, and it will fall into the ban list forever.

4. Emoticons in the service of Satan

«Emotions» need to be careful, especially if you’re a man. Like a trifle, but the seriousness of the correspondence suffers. And here we are between two fires. On the one hand, if you don’t put a smiley, it will show their lack of interest in conversation, coldness and detachment from the topic. On the other hand, if you’re going to sculpt neighing faces every other word, then the adequacy of your doubt. Although we heard that in the «Classmates» rolls. But we advise you to keep balance. Use emoticons when necessary.

5. Started a conversation – to know how to finish it

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2016_6gh72SAYwpi39There are, of course, a special form of YAP in chatimah, which has no beginning and no end. But we are talking to you about meaningful conversation. In this case, your message should realize a certain structure, as in an essay. Have an introduction, main text and got the results. You have to understand what they say and what they want to say. Moreover, you should take into account the signals coming from your source.

Never end a conversation abruptly is rude. Yes, you can be busy and not have time but better to finish to look interested in continuing the conversation. But if we must blame, then blame in advance. Just less ask, less answer and find escape routes.

6. Write clearly

In network culture, it’s a lot of abbreviations and specific words. But if you’re not familiar with the true significance of a reduction, don’t use it. Do not use abbreviations when I am not sure of awareness of the interlocutor.

Ambiguity in texts is good for journalists or friends, but if you communicate with a stranger, then be understood. Also carefully treat such a complex matter as sarcasm. It’s actually not all understand, and it’s sad, of course.

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