6 mistakes in your style

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2014_0lW8kDPT9KXSEOf course, all worried about how to dress correctly. But for specific individuals, it is sufficient to realize at least how not to dress on the street. Think about the hackneyed image of the slap with socks not even worth talking about, even though it’s a cult of this season. Weird, huh? But it is necessary to distinguish fashion from style as inflated and the coloured girls from normal girls.

So, we decided to tell you a secret, about 6 common mistakes in style that you can do.

1.Only white and black socks


You used not to pay attention to such «insignificant» piece of clothing like socks. And for good reason. Girls will definitely notice your black mashed covers for the feet.

Common sense says that your socks should match the color of the pants, while men often choose socks cardinal of a different color relative to the rest of the outfit.

Either method is acceptable, but you must avoid two common errors: the plain white or black socks. White socks should be worn only with sneakers and sneakers.

Black socks must only be worn with dark trousers and black shoes. Don’t wear black socks with khaki pants or light brown boots.

If you want to upgrade your dark socks, wear dark gray, purple, or white.

2.Flip flops with jeans

This is one of the most ridiculous combinations of clothing. Flip flops in your closet are themselves quite questionable, but we think that they are acceptable to wear on the beach or in the pool, nothing wrong there. On the beach in shoes you’ll look really epic.

If you wear pants or nice shorts, change your flip flops to any of these options:


  • The shoes
  • Loafers
  • Espadrilles
  • Sandals

We promise that if you follow this rule, you will instantly become more stylish than most other guys.

3.Black shoes with khaki


Black shoes are inherently more formal than brown. Remember, they are designed to be worn with dark trousers and suits.

This does not mean that this is the only true «rule». But it is not necessary to wear black shoes with light trousers, try lighter colored shoes, as a rule, they will look better, especially in the daytime.

4.Oversize casual belt with large buckle


Stay away from any belts that are wider than 1.5 cm.

Just don’t wear super-wide belts. Thick leather straps are only suitable for casual outfits with jeans or cotton trousers. And even then, they look good only on big and tall guys.

If your pants fit well at the waist, then you’re going to need a belt. You can just take your pants to the tailor to have it sewed in them. In short, trust me, he knows best what to do with them, so they sit good on you without the belt.

Especially if you are short, you need to avoid a sharp horizontal line. Cautiously look at the belts that lie behind the glass counter.

5.Backpack (if you’re not a student)

You probably see this picture every day — the guy on the way to the subway with a huge similar to a sea turtle, a backpack. The straps dug into his shoulders hunched, he leaned forward, to somehow balance your weight.

This edifice behind you can easily be confused with a freshman, which by its error scored textbooks in the library for the year ahead.

Adjust the strap so that the backpack does not hang on your ass. And if you have not gone into growth, don’t buy a huge backpack.

Instead of a backpack if it fits your style, you can carry a briefcase. There are many stylish, smooth portfolios that could be called suitable.

6.Boat shoes with pants


The shoes could look sloppy, but they are not intended for dressy pants. Do not confuse them with loafers.

What’s the difference? We about it already wrote in the article What to wear this summer. If you don’t want to read, just remember:

Loafers can be worn with shorts or with pants and a shirt.

The shoes can only be worn with clothes in style casual look and should be worn without socks in most cases.

Remember: style is not expensive or trendy. Style is the feeling that makes you want to neatly dress when you go out of the house, no matter where.

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll never be mistaken for the Nuba in the field of style.

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