6 men’s sessions for you and your friends

The last time such a thing as «men’s business», somehow became too soft. Of course, in his spare time should be spent on self-development, movies, books and trips to restaurants. But on more active methods to occupy yourself do not forget, instead of to drink vodka.

Riding on a tank

Here you rubites with friends in the «counter» or «Tanchiki» every night on the network, and could take and ride a real armored vehicle in the club «Phoenix», so to speak, to feel all the subtleties of a really big gun.

All grown-up: military uniform, a real tank of the Kursk bulge (in the glorious Russian «Teshki», «KV», «is», and no less glorious enemy «Panther», «Tigers» and «Ferdinands».) Of course, blast each other you will give it, for a moment, the criminal case. But believe me, riding self-propelled gun inside and out, his rigid iron armor, gives no less fun. Cries of «For the Motherland!» will flow involuntarily!

After riding perhaps the emergence of the phenomenon called «venotonizirutee». This phenomenon is characterized by the uncontrollable desire stronger to take in the sights of hostilities. In such cases, right there you can take the course the young fighter. You will be able to shoot using air rifles and laser weapons in the dash (almost like blasters, but not quite), you will learn how to assemble / disassemble the machine and if fed to military field kitchen, handed a certificate of completion. If the Assembly-disassembly of machine, got tired of still in the army, attend self-defense courses, jump with a parachute or visit the firearms range. Upgrade your skills not virtual, but real.

By the way, soon there is a raffle, the main prize of which will be riding on a real tank T-55 for the 1st place, BMP – 2, and for third place – a course of the young fighter.



Let’s face it, passion for the «war games» will never leave our hearts, or you 10, 20, 40 years. Sometimes you just want to hold arms, to get aesthetic pleasure. Perhaps that is why we are always interested in war movies and all kinds of shooters. However, there is an option much more interesting, for example, corporate play airsoft. Perfect entertainment for these men, and at the same time good option to spend the holiday male.

Airsoft is the attraction of unforgettable sensations, and not pain, namely, positive. It’s like back in the old children’s pastime, but only with an adult male approach. The weapon was older, almost like a real (at least, it looks and weighs the same). Maybe check in your hand in the massacre, with full kit and staged aggression. All the negativity will go out, leaving pure armed drive.

Climbing wall

Better than mountains can be only mountains… improvised, because they in times, in tens times safer. In order to «ride» rock, you don’t have to suffer and writhe from the cold and pain, like Stallone in «Cliffhanger». You can go to a climbing gymwhere you will be taught how to conquer the top, how to move, something to cling to.

If you think to conquer the climbing wall is to climb the fence, you are deeply mistaken. When you’re going climbing, you challenge her body, feel your stretching and patience to the test and start thinking as ever, trying to build your route and finding a place for an anchor. This requires any physical ability. But don’t worry, in a climbing gym reliable calloused hands of the coaches will bring you to the mind, will teach the basics, safety rules, techniques and strict art of conquering heights. If you want to just climb the wall and take a picture like you’re an experienced climber, please, nobody run.



In antiquity and the middle Ages, the most popular pastime was a massacre, senseless and merciless. It is believed that even the Orb of the world of astronomy, Nicolaus Copernicus in this fun lost a few teeth and changed the natural topography of the nose. Because a massacre is always fun and cool. The anticipation of the fight quickens the pulse, dilates the pupils and cool refreshing. However, between festive fisticuffs of the past and fisticuffs that there is a big difference: to go to work with broken teeth today is not held in high esteem, and crippled to become do not want. So was invented a friendly sparring for those who want to test myself and do most male fun. At the same time have a chance to learn how to beat and navigate in a battle that is much harder than it seems.

Just remember, sparring is a noble occupation, during it you can’t bite and kick the ‘Holy place’. According to the rules, in full gear, in the ring under the supervision of a coach. For those who have no time to practice martial arts all the time, or those who have decided to challenge yourself, sparring is a great chance to prove something!



Classics of the genre – the football. It’s almost as forgotten art, like Italian porn. Previously, the football boxes were filled with bright crowds of football fans. Now they are much smaller. And in vain, you would do well to leave, to run, to strike out, to engage in combat again and to feel the sports passion. And let you have a stabbing in my side is not the worst. The worst thing is that you have forgotten how to hit right on target all the time mowing.

All you need to gather your friends and organize a game.



I remember as a child everyone was looking for a flexible arc-shaped stick, tied to it a lace, found stick flatter and portrayed themselves as Robin hoods? It is a pity that «the arrows flew past. If for many years you have not lost, and only strengthened the desire for something to shoot and something to throw, welcome to the club of archery «VARYAG». Here you not only will learn the art of shooting from the ancient weapons, but also show you how to behave with his younger brother Luke a crossbow, learn how to throw knives and just make you Legolas in the best sense of the word. Archery is very disciplinarum, so you will be very useful.

But some is not enough just to stand with a stretched string and methodically stuffed the target with arrows. In this case, it is highly recommended to take part in such fun as Lukomorie – a kind of «war» with a bow in his hands and for a given scenario. As usual, the shooting, the conquest of positions, the seizure of caches. If you want to play, but not with anyone, just leave an Savko. Wishing there.

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