6 manly ways to get my thoughts in order

how to get my thoughts in order

Modern life is devastating. We constantly have to meet certain standards, to improve, to pay the bills, to change something, to communicate with annoying colleagues. Unfortunately, we allocated too little time to recover from stress and to get my thoughts in order.

Every man needs a break, during which reign silence and rest. A time when you won’t wonder what’s going on in your life — do not you think. Just calm down, feel the moment and feel your cares disappear. Traditional meditation is a great way, but it does not fit all. I, for example, not enough self-discipline to just sit in for long periods of time and concentrate on your breathing. And I believe that it is much easier to sink into a meditative state when I do hands any repetitive movement. They give the brain something to do, while the unoccupied part of it goes to a break. If you one day came up with the idea when you took a shower, washed dishes or brushed my teeth, you know how it is a wise approach.

You can keep busy with simple chores, which consist of repetitive movements, and this is the best way to get my thoughts in order, to stop worrying and, who knows, maybe make new decisions.

1. To clean your shoes

how to get my thoughts in order

It’s quite a therapeutic exercise. Something has left, in brush and the movements — and when you’re done, you will feel satisfaction. Watch as dirty shoes turn into brilliant works of art, is very exciting — it’s a metaphor of life: the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful Swan.

2. Fishing


Seriously, just think about the therapeutic effect! The sound of water, standing in the middle of the river in rubber boots, contemplating floating on the water surface float — all of these peaceful activities will help you relax mind and body. If none of this you not calm, no other things can do this.

3. To leave the ball

to leave the ball

Many of us don’t do that, but remember the same of Dr. house, who thought tossing a ball for tennis. Throw the ball himself or together with someone to relax and have fun. My friend and I do that sometimes, very good.

4. Planing


The grandfather did, do you. Men’s hands are needed in order to create, to transform ordinary things into something special. Vystragivanie of wood is quite a suitable occupation for which you only need a piece of wood and a pocket knife. Start practicing and soon you’ll be able to whittle even homemade chess.

5. Chop wood

stab wood

This is a great way if you are in the country or live in a private home. The lesson brings incredible pleasure. A special feeling arises when you lift heavy this axe, which is then so pleased to bring down on a block. I, of course, not as in this case, but the lesson pleasant.

6. Exercises


It can be anything: Jogging, tahanie iron, any exercise will all help. Sport is not only hands, but also involves the whole body, while your mind flies away to distant lands. Blood will flow through the body, a testosterone — elevating, all of the day’s frustration coming out of you then. Some people like to train with someone, but personally, I prefer to do it alone and dive into my thoughts. Studies have shown that exercise in the fresh air reduce the stress and increase the benefits of exercise, so go to the Park and work on your body.

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