6 insane military methods designed to break you

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_7NYQWv8yji9LnWhen you think about training for the military probably imagine these bald young men in perfect uniform, crawling in mud under barbed wire and razyat target machines. Well, imagine how someone drait corridors or paint the snow. But seriously, military training is very different from country to country. Some systems are so cruel and inhuman that even think how people survive after all. Others just make wonder.

1. Ice and snow training, South Korea, China

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_N8yn1HShQ5M19Technically North and South Korea are still at war. The danger is always, and southerners certainly do not want to be passed on them by the North Korean military machine, and therefore the army of the South is appropriate. Maybe it is not the entire population of the country, but it is equipped with the most modern and effective weapons, which only exist in this world. And certainly that border South Korea partially protect the work we have already mentioned.

But without the good old army. Soldiers have to be ready for anything, including in extreme conditions. Therefore, the South Korean army and holds with surprising frequency their creeds, the keynote of which is the cold, snow and ice. Perhaps they perceive the phrase «Cold War» too literally.

Every winter more than 200 best special forces in South Korea are in the ice region of Pyeongchang, where the temperature is -30 degrees Celsius. Like not so cold, especially if you live somewhere in the Arctic circle, but these soldiers undress almost to the goal, leaving only the pants. Probably, their nipples can be used as bayonets. In General, a kind of Olympic winter games to the South Korean special forces include: marathon, wrestling, gymnastics and the like. The Chinese also carried out similar exercises close to Russia’s borders, but they do so intensely and with such fervor.

2. 50 meters of sharpened stones, Taiwan

Work.com.ua_4.09.2015_u4t8ybPTGa17STaiwan is famous for its futuristic beauty, future technologies and first-class soldiers. Candidates in the marine corps of Taiwan can get its place only after a «Road to heaven» – a 50-metre road, which is full of jagged coral and sharp stones.

But the Taiwanese the poor don’t just need to overcome this line (wearing only briefs), but also to do certain exercises on it. Naturally, you need to place on the abdomen, leaving multiple stab wounds, and the pain is unbearable for the average person. You can also add the fact that the Taiwanese instructors abusing their position, openly scoffing at recruits.

By the way, often on such shows invite families to see what their man has a strong will. Maybe this is done to ensure that soldiers and could not think to retreat, after all the shame to the family for the Asian man – the most terrible shame.

3. «Swimming in the pond rotten», USA

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_QJ774s282zgGPDifficult for snipers the Navy seals of the United States – one of the most elite units of the Americans who train accordingly. Military snipers are special people, their lives are worth far more than the life of an ordinary soldier. In addition, the sniping never spared. Therefore, it is important to blend in with the environment, to be able to hide, to be invisible to the eyes of the enemy. Only then will they be able to give a sweet dose of freedom, while remaining completely invisible.

By the way, where did the snipers of the U.S. this form? Probably buy on eBay or Amazon, or maybe the army itself provides it? Believe it or not, but the costumes snipers gentrify decaying vegetation and mud from the pig of the pond, where they often train.

Dirt and rot help to get rid of light reflection. After marine sniper quite «washed» in a pig’s bet, he falls to the ground and receives another portion of the mud. Ghillie suit – a concern of every soldier, so the time is not spared. The guys are trying at this stage it is necessary not to be killed for his disgust.

All this, of course, takes place in the training regime. The eternal push-UPS don’t stop until, while it is a small swamp is completely empty. And while «swine lake» is full of mud and slime, these snipers are nothing more than swamp monsters who are no better than ordinary «spirits.»

4. Survival on a sinking ship, USA

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_boKpD43W9lDu7Most people don’t quite understand what is happening on a sinking ship. And «Titanic» James Cameron isn’t the best benchmark. Although sex in the car was good, I guess.

The U.S. Navy is so crazy that forcing young recruits to volunteer to go on a sinking ship. They will spend 12 hours heavy. And let the ship’s fake, but captures the atmosphere very similar. Imitation strikes missiles, 13 thousand gallons of water, a real «emergency», which would panic anyone. Anatomically correct dolls moan and scream. They play victims, and recruits have to save them, carry on the ship on a stretcher in a time when missiles ruthlessly destroy the ship. Does not fix the bandage on the body, killed the father of two children in the Marines, you do nothing! And around the smoke, ash and debris. Even fire is simulated in this test. In General, only for real men.

5. City for special forces training, Jordan

Poradi.s.ua_4.09.2015_YHo9hheoa2r3AGames Call Of Duty and Battlefield offer users to place their characters in ultra-realistic combat simulation, when in fact you have to run around the empty city, artificially gated from the rest of the world. In Jordan, however, thought it was still a good idea, and built a city specifically for these purposes.

Abdullah bin Hussein II does not produce the impression of some of the Arab king. It is more like a European, and the approach to the army he is purely European. The army of Jordan is one of the most capable in the middle East. To this opinion to consolidate, he built one of the best training facilities on the planet, which is called KASOTC. The complex is a whole city, consisting of more than 60 structures: apartments, villas, office buildings. There’s even a simulation of the airport, complete with models of aircraft.

The uniqueness of the complex is that it can be almost any training need of the army. In the fictitious city there are realistic sounds around (speakers located throughout the site): the sound of animals screaming, crying. There is even a fire.

6. Maroon berets, the Former Soviet Union

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_snIAKvL2dDU90Assault course from hell. In order to become a maroon beret, you must pass a series of tests, which look no less spectacular than gladiatorial combat. If the spetsnaz is the best guys from all over the army, those who have a maroon beret, the best of the best.

Beginners can’t relax for more than three seconds. They expose themselves to terrible loads, crack head, hot stones, run a line from the obstacle, where they face bullets and fire in the truest sense of the word. Forced marches of not less than 10 kilometres, extreme conditions, the assault of buildings, brutal martial arts combat… But it’s not the worst thing, because if you want to pass on a maroon beret, then wait for sudden attacks from unknown parties, overcoming the land with poisonous substances to overcome natural obstacles like swamps, mud and the like. Oh, and the most important step is to fight with the change of the 4 partners, lasts for 12 minutes. To you, it may seem a small period of time but bear in mind that most of the guys on this stage and break off. You need to sustain the battle without a single nokautiroval.

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