6 innocent gestures that’ll kick your ass in other countries

Surely you have heard that to offend people of other cultures very easily. Many people think that if they are well behaved and have good manners, you will be able to avoid this. Just politeness and common decency, right? No.

1. Extend your arm out palm forward in Greece


What do you mean: «Oh, thank you, it was very tasty, I would eat more, but ate».

What they mean: «Oh, thanks, it was very tasty, I would eat more, but better to smear on your face you piece of shit».

What’s the matter?

In Greece, this gesture is called «moutza» and is rooted in the times of the Byzantine Empire. In those days the criminals were taken through the city on horseback, and they were even more embarrassed and their faces smeared with coal. That is, if they were lucky. And if you are not lucky…

SHIT, let’s call a spade a spade. They face smeared SHIT.

If you really want to insult a Greek, you can show him even a double Mutsu — both hands with fingers spread over the head. However, so you’ll look like a dancer from the musical «Cats» — a strange combination.

2. Show your thumb in the middle East


What do you mean: «Oh, that’s cool!»

What they mean: «Oh, I stick my finger up your anus».

What’s the matter?

So you can understand not only the middle East but also in West Africa, and South America. This gesture always confused people for millennia. No, in Rome gladiators is not saved by this gesture, the finger was buried. If the origins of both gestures are linked, we can only assume that it means: «don’t kill the prisoner, it can be the perfect remedy for arthritis Imperial finger».

3. Eat lunch in Thailand, the Philippines, China

eat lunch in China

What do you mean: «Here is a delicious food. I liked it. I’m not the one who lies about such things. The food is so good that I ate all through and cleared that plate: look for it.»

What they mean: «And you call yourself a master? I came to eat, not to pick up a Lilliputian crumb that cannot be satisfied. You piss me off».

What’s the matter?

It is very important that the owners of tasty food! However, in countries where steak and blue cheese are like a lung transplant, it is more important to give the guest enough food.

In China if you finish everything from the plate to the end, it says that you insufficiently fed. So even if it is the most delicious meal you’ve eaten in your life, you have to leave on the plate the last piece. And in China it’s considered good manners to talk with your mouth full and to burp after a meal.

4. To greet women in Saudi Arabia

to greet women in Arab countries

What do you mean: «Hey, Mary, let’s go drink coffee!»

What they mean: «Hey, Mary, let’s get a Motel room so I could deal with you nepristoinyi sex in the name of Satan!»

What’s the matter?

Under Sharia law, women should not shake hands with men in public, it is immoral, and to walk the streets they need accompanied by the husband. In February 2008, American was chatting with her husband in Starbucks and had her arrested, accused of different stuff, searched and forced to sign false confessions.

Maybe we are too picky, but in these countries women are besides not allowed to drive a car, vote, own shops, testify in court and to ride bicycles. Surprisingly, women can fly jets, but God forbid them to come to the airport by bike.

5. Give a gift with the left hand in many countries

give a gift with the left hand

What do you mean: «Thank you allowed to marry your daughter. She is beautiful. In gratitude please accept this gift. I said I was left-handed?»

What they mean: «Thank you that you allowed to marry your daughter. It does not worth a piece of dog shit, and I want it soon died. I told you I hated you?»

What’s the matter?

In our country there are no problems with the toilet paper, do not want to take. But in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the middle East to do anything with the left hand is unclean gesture, because the left hand is considered (at least symbolically) that you wipe ass.

Went to eat at a restaurant? And don’t think there is a left hand. That makes you a monkey that does not respect others. And shit this is not the only reason. The Koran says that Satan was left-handed.

6. Show «OK» in Brazil


What do you mean: «hi Brazil, I’m great!»

What they mean: «hi, Brazil, fuck you!»

What’s the matter?

In Brazil, this gesture is equivalent to the middle finger. Don’t need to use this gesture when the hotel Manager asks you if everything is okay with your room. Unless you want to say he is thick, long and just had been inside his wife.

The most famous incident with this gesture occurred during the visit to Brazil of U.S. President Nixon in the fifties. When he stepped off the plane, he showed the gesture with both hands, that is, sent the whole of Brazil. This is called failed.

And in Brazil they do not touch food with his hands. Even pizza and burgers are eaten with a knife and fork.

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