6 good and 6 bad ideas for your promotion

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2016_wT35euePX5Z7yYou are so talented and smart that you even now on the cover of GQ or animal planet. We all know you deserve a raise. Everyone except your boss. But not enough to persuade the authorities to have their talents even more and most behave appropriately and become the undisputed candidate for the position, as miss Marpl for the role of miss Burple (who looked «Cool peak», he will understand).

1. Don’t take no for a final answer

Good idea: Find another job. If the long-awaited and well-deserved recognition all the time passes you by, it’s time to open to start looking for a new job. Stop wasting time with this nonsense, like Matthew McConaughey in the beginning of his film career.

Bad idea: a great and mighty with all your soul and emotions to explain to his boss that he is stupid, unskilled infant, because of which the firm had sunk so close to the bottom that will begin to fight for respect with Alexei Panin, Charlie sheen and the price per barrel of oil.

2. Know yourself price

A good idea to Know your price. Rather, to know what value you bring to the organization. Maybe you’re friendly, like a nun from Italian erotic films, and it helps you to attract new customers. Maybe you know how to roll big numbers in my head and an hour to prepare the monthly report. Regardless of talent, you should know how much they cost, and what is your favorite bosses.

Bad idea: to Take things for granted. You did something ultrastracture? Then why is your boss still doesn’t know about it? Hell he is not a mind reader, he but you still have plenty of slave souls (your colleagues) and things that need to be controlled. Homeland must know the heroes in the face, but sometimes it is necessary to politely hint or report. So don’t be shy to brag about feats of labor bosses.

3. Explain your needs and desire

Work.com.ua_24.02.2016_kxs9ZxMggWaSoGood idea: Tell these woodpeckers, who can’t see obvious things that you are the best candidate for the job of your dreams. Let the soul of the ugly and the face is modest, but it works the best candidate. Build your courage to the famous «pig» German knights and beat the bosses in the forehead. Explain to people that with your experience, your expertise, your vision and your plans you will succeed that made the hairs on the head of Donald trump rolled up like a horn of Satan will fall off and gave birth to two mini-tramp, which will oppress the Clinton and Sanders in the backward southern States, where Donnie is not going, fearing that his already red face to blush even more and fall off.

Bad idea: Go into your boss’s office and say, «I want this job because I’ve been here a long time and I deserve it». Or fall on your knees, grab the pants with both hands and begin to say that for this post you’re willing to do anything. Whining that you want a promotion, because his wife, children, cat and bacteria under the rim of the toilet despise you, is not worth it.

4. Don’t doubt their exclusivity

Good idea: cheer up, middy, if increase is passed through. Sometimes, no matter how banal it sounds, everything happens for a reason.

Use this pause to further increase as a way to hone their skills. Tochi day and night, night and day, it will help make you a better candidate for next time. You flew, not because you’re a total fraud, it’s just business, no game.

What were you doing in my youth, when on the morning after the stampede of pimples you have grown new? You ran and crushed them. This time, instead of acne – the same vile fellow competitors, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Squeeze them with his path to triumph!

Bad idea: to Take a position Tolstoy obizhenku, put his head on the rails and cry because you do not appreciate. Knowing your determination, I advise you to check the timetables to avoid unpleasant surprises, and lie on those paths where no one goes.

Look, man, life always gives you chance and if you fail now, then you’re not ready. Get ready to someone is a serious thing to charge will not. You’re Anakin Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter, Ron Jeremy, Chipolino, Nick Vujicic (although a dubious compliment), you’re special, talented, unique and worthy of their desires. Only do not despair and do not degrade, otherwise the whole exclusivity will be gone, will be the same as all this empty, tired gray mass.

5. No one is irreplaceable

Zaradi.com.ua_24.02.2016_3S23pOjGLuy9eGood idea: Young man, be grateful or at least thankful for the opportunity. You could not increase. I had a friend who literally put his feet on the table during the working day and with dedication footballer Hulk kicked his noodle, claiming that it will not be fired. Believed that such specialists like him in the whole world will find. And what eventually happened? He was fired.

No matter how long you’ve been with the company how good you are at your job, or even if you’re on friendly terms with the authorities. If you act rude, no respect and frankly rude, you hunt. Comrade Stalin asked me to tell you that no one is irreplaceable. Be a little more serious and gratitude. And never put even the edge of your foreskin to work. Otherwise, job market is waiting for, and unfortunately, the market craves for new sellers books.

Bad idea: Faith is like bread, it should be consumed in moderation. As has been said, everyone is replaceable. Why not catch a star, damn, ziggy Stardust, and do not relax, otherwise: «Hello, I can offer you excellent products? See, what a wonderful book for children!» You’re smart, talented and innovative person who is too full of good ideas to become a victim of his own conceit.

6. Don’t be afraid to grow and don’t be afraid of change

Good idea: Only through experience, professionalism and openness to personal growth and career development, you will gain new knowledge, ideas and confidence that will allow you to become a better person, the best worker and the best candidate for future high flyers. Evgeny Osin, Arkady Ukupnik, Alan Chumak, Michael Dudikoff – have you seen them lately? That’s right, the boys are conserved and to go further is not wished, but in vain.

Bad idea: it Is believed that if you stop to develop, to throw myself challenges, not to want to grow and want it to remain as it is, that nothing changes, then you will become the dummy, which was the joke of the office.

These desires have to be hot to burn her hands and sciatic nerve. Motivation and development always keep you on your toes. Thanks to them, you’re at the forefront, jumping on the mad sheep called confidence and swing a hammer with the label «demand». Otherwise, you would be at the forefront of the «Union of the unemployed of Russia», consisting of your friends, unemployed drunks. Or «Vanguard», which is from the city of Zhovti Vody (what a big name) and acts in the football championship of Dnepropetrovsk region. Although, in General, are one and the same.

The trick is to earn respect and move on to another level. And this will have to do the work. Life rarely gives you credit, so can only rely on yourself.

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