6 fictional worlds that are reflected in reality

Sometimes you want to get to where it is impossible to get. After all, as you find yourself in a fictional world that exists only in the pages of books or in the frames of the film? What if we tell you that some invented worlds are not so fictional?

1. Rivendell, Lord Of The Rings

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_JltCgj89AfadnIn Lord of the Rings, the epic novel D. G. G. Tolkien, Rivendell is a house elf, which is located in the Grand valley, where evil cannot come. We do not believe that evil cannot get to Switzerland, but Hitler left it alone, although the plan «Tannenbaum», prepared by Wilhelm von MegaCom.

So, when Tolkien was 19 years old, he visited the Lauterbrunnen valley. A few decades ago, when the writer worked on «the Hobbit», he described Rivendell is very similar to this Swiss valley. And although no one has ever established a link between this real space and place generated by the imagination of the writer, he would not object to Switzerland as a source of inspiration for the Creator of middle-earth.

2. Planet Of Naboo, Star Wars

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_ksw7Yv1pL7G4jShooting, of course, did not take place on another planet. The architecture of the Chida, the administrative center of Naboo, was designed and made in Roman-Byzantine style. The shooting took place in the Italian town of Caserta, and the surrounding areas Naboo in Seville, Spain. As for Italy, the interesting Villa del Balbianello, where they filmed the conversation between Anakin and Padme.

The official blog of «Star Wars» even offers the tourist a tour to these places of Naboo. Even the lawn where Anakin and Padme had a picnic, did not remain without attention. Of course only diehard fans are able to tour the filming locations of the weakest of all six films.

3. Corona, Rapunzel

Work.kom.ua_3.09.2015_GlRfA3shChbgKThe story of Rapunzel takes place in the fictional Kingdom of Corona, a city that is located on the island accessible from the mainland only by one bridge. But the animators admitted that the design of the Kingdom copied from Mont-Saint-Michel, in Northern France.

Mont-Saint-Michel is a small rocky island turned into an island fortress. According to historical sources, the town on the island there is a 709 year. It is very popular among tourists, and if you suddenly appeared in the North of France, to visit this majestic place. There’s still the Abbey, in which lives a community of Benedictine.

4. Hogwarts, Harry Potter

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_KXaPiH4aSKBU2Several interesting and amazing places were involved in the filming of «Harry Potter» and, in particular, of Hogwarts. One such place is Durham Cathedral, built in Norman style. But the main scenes were filmed is still in Oxford, including the very Large hall, which took many minutes, all parts epic. The real prototype is the hall of the Oxford Church of Christ, some scenes were shot in the College of Christ Church, founded in 1525 by cardinal Thomas Wolsey, well, the Hogwarts library is the library of bodleya, which is also located in Oxford. By the way, there were such brilliant people like Oscar Wilde and George.G.G. Tolkien.

5. The spirit world, spirited away

Stop.com.ua_3.09.2015_N4kEjjeGqW7GkI remember this animation? An example of the brilliant work that is notable not only beautiful pattern but also a story, a common slogan. «Spirited away» – it’s gorgeous. Now, the world of spirits, in which the main character wanders, it is not that other, as the famous city of gold, Jiufen in Taiwan. Hayao Miyazaki visited this city many times and what he was inspired while working on his famous animated picture. Especially large animator liked the city at night when the lights lights give the settlement a magical, illusory appearance.

6. Arendell, Cold heart

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_wmUCn9ehAT97uAgain and again, Disney animated film. The filmmakers borrowed a lot of the entourage from the city of Bergen, the second largest city of Norway. Quite a large town, which is now the industrial center of the country, and in 1299 and was the capital of Norway.

Arendell is, in fact, frozen Bergen. By the way, the city is in the world heritage list. Although he is not trapped in the eternal cold, as was the case in the disney animation, it is no less beautiful.

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