6 effective exercises on the uneven bars

Some include training on the bars is very biased, calling the fans of these harsh but simple as a stick, shells «Torricelli». Perhaps this is because not everyone will be able to show themselves well on the boards.

In fact, the uneven bars is one of the most brilliant creations of human. Bars are in almost every yard, but if not, then you can equip them at home and quietly rocking and improve your body without paying for the trips to the gym. Of course, not all muscle groups can be pumped on the bars (definitely not feet), but everything below the waist becomes natural stakemoney beauty and power. Of course, not to exclude other shells and proper nutrition.

Here are 6 masthaven exercises for uneven bars, after which you’re never scared of anything.

1. Pushups

Here you need skill-training, or already at the initial stage can be nice to slip off the bar face first on the native earth. But worth a try, because nothing trains the triceps, as this exercise.

1. Therefore, you need to take a position focusing on the bars on straight arms.

2. Slowly, without fuss bend elbows, coming down to until the shoulders will not be on the same level with the elbow joint.

3. Then slowly, without jerks, go back to the original position.

Importantly, during this exercise, keep your elbows to your body, and the body slightly and tilt back. In any case, don’t work with the weights, otherwise there is a risk to injure the ligament. In any case, never do so in the first two approaches.

2. Diagonal push-UPS


In this exercise, you need to swap the legs and arms. Simply put, to fulfill his need to strictly upside down.

1. So, put your palms on the ground slightly wider than shoulder width and straight legs put on the boards: one foot on one rung, the second on another.

2. Make sure the hull was a single line legs. No need to raise your pelvis and bend your knees. Even if you’re standing diagonally to the floor, nothing wrong with that.

3. It’s very simple — bend your arms at the elbows as close face to the floor.

4. Return to straight arms and repeat it all over again.

You can perform exactly the same diagonal push-UPS. At the same time on each repetition the emphasis is first in one region and then in the other. Point of emphasis as it forms a straight line with the leg, that’s it.

3. Twisting in vis


Another exercise you want to perform upside down. Who said that twisting can be performed on the uneven bars? Stop communicating with that person, because he is your enemy. Importantly, all perform well and without risk to life.

1. Put feet on one rail of the bars and hook them for a second so that one bar passed under the knees, and the second above the ankles.

2. Hands behind head, elbows out to the sides. Lift your chest to the bar.

Remember, this exercise can be performed for too long, otherwise you’ll have a stroke. It is the exercise much more difficult regular-rise housing, because it affects not only the muscles, but also your position. Upside down everything seems more difficult.

4. Lift straight with a twist


Exercise in style «in one fell swoop two birds with one stone». Here to you still a good strain on your arms and on the press. However, I must warn you that this exercise is much harder than it might seem at first glance.

1. Stand on straight arms, moving slightly bent at the knees slightly forward.

2. Gradually lift your legs above the parallel bars. The slower, the better.

3. Now, without dropping your legs, back, first right and then left.

4. Then come back to starting position, lowering the legs down. Then say it again.

5. Jumping on the hands


Exercise is as simple as it may seem. Nothing supernatural, just jumping on the hands. However, before doing this make sure that the shell will not collapse under you.

1. Stand on straight arms.

2. Trying to help himself with his feet and do not bend your elbows, jump on the hands as possible.

3. If you do exercise on a long street with bars, you can «hop» along the length of the crossbar from one end to the other.

Try not to do this exercise, on its last legs, because during its execution it’s very easy to injure yourself.

6. Push back


The same push-UPS, however, the burden falls on the muscles of the back. Very effective exercise for those who want to pump evenly.

1. Stand up straight with your hands on the bars, his back turned to the bars.

2. In the starting position your arms should be slightly bent at the elbows.

3. Bend your arms and get as low as possible, trying to touch the limit.

4. Come back to starting position and repeat.

On the bars, as in any intensive work with the shell, particularly affecting the hands. If you engage in particularly hard — you can wipe your hands in the dust before hanging the bloody scabs and calluses, which Satan himself can be confusing. Therefore, normal people are always doing with gloves on.

With fingers, fingerless, blue, red — it’s up to you, but if you want a good WORKOUT take F1-PRO.

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