6 differences between healthy and sick relationship

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_tR66N1Z62ateUIt’s time for us to understand your relationship, and you were with your girlfriend. You are often petty quarrels or misunderstandings. But are you sure that there is in each pair. And absolutely right: all healthy relationships are not without explanation, and other squabbles.

There are also moments that are tied directly to unhealthy relationships. But myths or reality, we need you today to come apart. You know that almost everything in our lives with the time changes, but maybe at least this part remained the same? At least, we sincerely want to believe it.

Don’t have unhealthy relationships to grow in the understanding of society in a healthy. Let’s look at these 6 mysterious points and apply them to you.

1. Exchange

More precisely, to give and not expect anything in return. So hackneyed point that you agree with him without looking. And they are right. We’d be wary if a friend started to blow only after you ordered a charming warm boots.

Will be even more weird if you can relax during the dirty blow job and even does not suspect anything was wrong. Dude, you must suck only because you love and truly want to do it. Buy sex you can and elsewhere, but the real pleasure is unlikely wormed in the sales ranks.

When a friend makes you a present while waiting for something in return, feel free to become her pimp. You and she have to enjoy it when you give something to each other. This is a normal and healthy feeling.

2. Change

Yes, you have to accept each other for who you are. Now do not rush to dial my friend a text that will announce your breakup. If she wants you to quit Smoking or I stopped to pick up his smelly socks around the apartment, then there is nothing terrible. She just cares about you and your home.

But if she’s trying to force you to listen to rap, wear boots in floral or doing something else unacceptable to you, slow down this case. Yes, and also less to say about what she needs to change. The fact that you had attracted, now for some reason was in him to piss off. Maybe you just zazhralis, or you don’t need these relations? Deal with it!

3. Blackmail

She tries to make you feel guilty. I mean, you could do it too. It’s a way of manipulation, of course, not very honest and pleasant. Don’t do this if you really value your relationship. Of course, it happens that you have simply no way out.

You or she do when they don’t receive proper care and attention from his partner. Are you trying to stimulate each other, and you can’t always do the right thing, why are you against the move to the criticisms.

In normal relations of man and so knows what his partner and he will do it just because it would be nice to both. Of course, you don’t have to do everything for her, so be ready to argue their inaction.

4. Secrets

Trying to hide your phone definitely will alert your friend. Suddenly there was a password on the smartphone? Well, be prepared for a serious conversation. Right! After all before such was not. For it is not clear such changes.

Dude, you will immediately regret your decision, especially if you really have nothing to hide. You every week change the password in their social networks, and she closes the laptop, when you walk into the room? Guys, what is wrong with you?

Of course, in a normal relationship, a partner is not even going to check the phone its second half. But if you start to hide without a reason, that will bring an unscheduled inspection.

5. Quarrel

A quarrel is not always bad. In a healthy relationship, quarrel is a good thing. Of course, if it came to a fight already, and there is not even smell future sex, it’s not anything positive.

Right people get something valuable from quarrels. They get to know your partner, learn his weaknesses, which later trying to push. They become a little closer. And that really brings people together.

In unhealthy relationships the partners will not take any important conclusions that could lead them to something better. They will continue to destroy each other. Not enough 10 minutes. They will choke on their anger throughout the day.

6. Egocentrism

True love will make you friend one. You will have shared dreams, shared plans and maybe even General Outlook on life in General. Are you trying to make a contribution to your shared life and dream.

In unhealthy relationships, a partner will force the other to abandon his plans. Negate his life for their own benefits, which do not necessarily share. This friend will kill you personality, your inner voice, and then you.

Each of these items can occur in your relationship, just to show they are not fully, this does not mean that you with each other along the way. Maybe you are still too young, and you have not had the opportunity and time to learn how to build relationships. Do not rush to have a serious conversation as soon as you notice the manifestation of one of the listed items. For a start, try to understand the reason yourself, maybe you can turn out very well.

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