6 cool things that will decorate your Desk

Here we look at their work and home life tables and understand that something is wrong. They are empty, or, conversely, scored all sorts of nasty. But computer Desk is a kind of distinctive you area. No matter what you do: relax, work, or maybe both at once. In the information age you can not depart from him all day only because otherwise you’ll lose income.We often write about how to organize the workplace. But we have not wrote about how nice it clutter. So it wasn’t a waste, and so that it gives rise to certain unique feelings that will nourish you throughout the day. We chose a number of things that seemed cool. Not all of them have practical use, but give birth to an aesthetic pleasure. And this is important, because the table space you see every day, and that it ought to help you, to motivate or simply to entertain. I think you have perfectly understand.

1. A lava lamp

The first thing that came to mind, because we ourselves use it. A special pleasure it delivers in the winter and at night. In winter because it warms, and if your Desk is near a window, which has poor hermetic properties, it will be good. And at night – because it reminds us psychedelic riot of the 70-ies. A lava lamp is great for distraction, relaxation, because its «inside» each time a fold in a unique way, for this nice watch. And always a bunch of colors for every taste. So start with a lava lamp or make it myself. It’s not that hard.

2. Hippy van

And then there are the organizers. All of them are boring and dull, but not ours. If we are talking about psychedelics, you obviously can not do without the typical hippy van, who praised the team Scooby-Doo and good-natured vagabonds of the entire known world. You know what kind of car is it? If you have forgotten, let’s recall. The middle of the last century took place under the band’s songs by The Doors and John Lennon, and what’s this mean for the cars of the VW camper. If you want to bring the wandering spirit of freedom and adventure on a normal table, then this machine is for you. The colors may be different, but they are definitely bright. And the capacity is great.

3. Carpets for mouse

Many naively believe that laser mice destroyed the need for carpets. Any gamer will deny it, refute it and we. Mainly the carpet needed to mouse most clearly controlled by the user. Also, if you have carpet, you can forget about constant change mouse wear much less.

It’s all about practical, and now about aesthetics. The space that holds the Mat is quite small, but it attracts attention, creates an atmosphere of contrasts, that is, with a rug can completely change the perception of the table, and it should be used.

But if you like to play from time to time, a good mouse pad for you is required. Ensure that the advantages of it, you will feel immediately.

4. Metal figurines

If you’re a little hardcore and tin in your life, I advise you to beat the table metal figures, each of which tells its own story. One composition shows the story of a thoughtful fisherman, the other makes us understand the severity or joy (right look) life of a street musician. If we talk about musicians, then you have a choice big: violinist, guitarist, accordion player (if you a lover of old stories). There is even a ballerina with Boobs, which happily holds out his iron claws in your direction. Than liked this collection? Very trivial design and uniqueness, as well as stories. These figures place on our computer Desk we decided!

5. Charging station for iPhone

We also found a cool charging station. It’s simple: if you have iPhone, then this thing is the solution to many everyday problems. Design, of course, in the style of hi-tech. Elevation Dock 3, the so-called miracle thing, stands out from competitors in the market. First, you don’t need to keep the station, to get the phone. A trifle, but pleasant trifle. Second, when put on charge, can easily keep track of messages, because the phone is not vertically but at an angle of 8 degrees, which gives a good overview. Is the audio Jack, the microphone hole and the speaker, that is, if the Messiah would make the charging station for Apple products, it surely would have created Elevation Dock 3.

6. Anime figurines

Do not throw the Slippers, man! You may not like anime, but you can’t not love beautiful female friends. And if you live a bachelor’s life, a detailed friend with appetizing forms on your Desk (albeit in a reduced form) will be very helpful. Scientists from manygoodtips.com observed that the anime figures in the life of man guarantees peace, prosperity and stability. Besides, imagine your daily routine: a sleepless night, and morning rise to work, work, and home again. And so the circle. It is easy to go crazy, right? But beautiful Chan will save your nerves, warms your heart. At least until you find a real.

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