6 conspiracy theories straight with the medicine

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful and wonderful world. Look how versatile it is and beautiful! In such a world is impossible without a conspiracy and a mass of lies. None of the area. Here again began to say that the Earth is round — an invention of physicists, warlocks, and astronauts-wizards. After all, you were not in space, and I can not argue, right? And humanity is forcibly rooted out, there is a good reason, because bred and ofigel. Doing this pharmaceutical companies, doctors, idolatrada, Freemasons and other interesting people. Don’t believe? Thank God, however, there are some arguments and arguments in favor of these medical conspiracy theories.

1. Virus zika evil machinations of the Rockefellers

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_OE2Ua7AoxnBq7Rumor has it that the shadow rulers of the world, the authors of the wars and disasters, arbiters, your tomorrow, and our now — the Rockefellers, one day decided to exterminate mankind with the help of zika virus. Apparently, the famous the rich his own poisoned mosquitoes bad virus. Of course, this is nonsense, zika virus was first bred in 1947, while studying yellow fever raging at that time on the African plains. A bad disease, and most annoying, a cure for this it does not. Rash, fatigue, headache and joint pain, fever, joint swelling, measles, leptospirosis — this is the full bouquet of the symptoms which is the name of the virus, Zeke, and the result is always the same — fatal.

What makes lovers of conspiracy to suspect the famous dynasty? Only an aura of secrets and mysteries, which is mixed with the putrid stench hovering over this disease. Still have not found all the modes of transmission of this terrible disease, and the order confused her epidemiology: within 60 years after the discovery of the virus was recorded 15 cases of infection. Nowadays, the disease has become endemic to tropical countries. Somehow all very strange, plus the lack of any vaccine creates fertile ground for conspiracy theories.

Uncertainty and lack of information leads to confusion. To detect the virus in the incubation period cannot, you need to pass full, literally from head to toe survey. The majority of medical workers has no idea about how to test and identify a nasty infection. And information on this disease very little.

Truth: it turns out that in the balance lies two truths and one of them is the plot that will allow pharmacists to get rich, or terrible incompetence of doctors. However, as always somewhere in the middle. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

2. Breast implants are toxic bags, developing autoimmune diseases and at the same time seedlings for mold

In breast implants made of silicone are very complex and complicated history: in the 1980-ies, who blamed poor silicone roundels in provoking autoimmune diseases, and in the early 90’s, after much controversy and debate them banned. But the proponents of the implants seemed not to be urging the world health organization to conscience and truth.


In the end, after repeated and more thorough analysis, it became clear that nothing dangerous in them, and all the accusations false, a lie and a provocation. But the people, shocked by tales about the dangers of silicone breast, has already launched a kind of flash mob for the removal of the implant itself (the popularity of such procedures has increased three times since 1997). And, on a dare, even those ladies who chest, literally, helped to build a career and find personal happiness. Even a viral YouTube sensation Sara X («x», not «he»), the one who so enthusiastically Boobs jerked to the beat of classical works, earning millions of views, and she complained of a sharp increase in

autoimmune diseases, after immersion in soft and very pleasant to the touch, wt.

Science claims that there is no correlation between implants and autoimmune diseases. But silicone implants can rupture, and the liquid can flow into other cavities of the body, involuntarily pumped that don’t need it. Funny this is exactly not a damn thing. Such excess can cause fibromyalgia and organ damage. There have been cases when the implants have found mold that causes these unpleasant symptoms, such as loss of vision and neurological disease.

Truth: it turns out that there is a grain of truth in the numerous allegations silicone. But just no connection with autoimmune diseases in an unnatural breast is not.

3. Vaccines cause autism

Paradis.com.ua_9.08.2016_hafQsmPfo1Qo3Humanity more and more withdraws into himself, and the fault here is not chickinsky lifestyle, and progressive autism. No one can explain why the number of autistic people is growing from year to year, and it’s honestly very scary. In 2000, the autistic were born each 150, in 2012, each 68.

The statistics are disappointing, professors, and PhD courses around the world took turns to suspect everything from ECG to vitamins. A lot of critical arrows dug into the soft body of vaccination, but after thorough research it became clear that vaccinations are not affected.

There’s no argument here, hectic wave lifted a former doctor, Andrew Wakefield, falsified data in the 1998 study, about the supposed link between measles, mumps, rubella and autism. Although Wakefield was stripped of medical license, and his research has been totally discredited, the surge was launched, and many still continue to blame vaccines and not some idiot.

Truth: it is said, that is not true. So stop thinking that if a child is led to the Church, not the hospital, it will be healthier.

4. Chemtrails everywhere!

You probably have not heard this term before, but must have seen mesh white stripes remaining after the aircraft, called contrails. Only these bands turned out to be not just traces, and chemtrails. According to the theories of dimitrescu, «occupation government» secretly sprays of passenger aircraft some «chemicals». Conspiracy theorists argue that such aircraft can be recognized by the unusual condensation trails. Some even believe that it’s aliens, in fact, to spray toxins on the eve of the human harvest.

According to conspiracy theorists, while contrails disappear within a few minutes, chemtrails expand until they turn into Cirrus clouds. Sometimes it happens that the aircraft are satisfied on the sky the whole «bars» — usually on a clear day. After the flight of the aircraft on the ground supposedly detect barium salt and aluminum, polymer fibers, thorium, silicon carbide or various substances of organic origin, and came under dimitrescu allegedly deteriorating health.It is considered that in this way the masters of the world, and idolatrize control the population of the Earth. It is assumed that the nozzles hidden in the toilets of the aircraft and charged from tankers — no one else will climb in the dirt. It is sometimes argued that for spraying uses and special aircraft disguised as a passenger.

Truth: all this delirium of patients with paranoid there’s a logical explanation. Contrails, depending on the temperature, humidity and wind shears, can really long time to disappear. In many areas the air is polluted with industrial emissions, and at a certain wind direction the aerosol of these emissions can indeed fall on the city.

5. Doctors and butchers inadvertently create superbugs

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_VxE42hVQbPXEhCold? Take a loading dose of antibiotics! Allergies? Take antibiotics and drink milk. Acne? Antibiotics can’t cure. Yes, doctors are very fond of antibiotics, and the worse the doctor is, the more often he prescribes. However, the fact that antibiotics are elevated to the rank of a panacea for all ills, according to rumors, brought the unfortunate microbes to powerful mutations and emergence of new viruses and bacteria, which kill 23,000 people per year. Another problem was exacerbated by the fact that the farmers who took the habit of indiscriminately stuff the cattle with antibiotics. Of course, after such testing, the infection will become eternal, and an antibiotic for her, like bear hunting with a pocket knife.

«The world is approaching the post-antibiotic era in which common infections and minor injuries which have been treatable for decades can once again kill,» said Professor Keiji Fukuda, assistant Director-General of who, on safety issues in health care.

Truth: maybe it’s not quite a conspiracy, but since we promise century «superhoney» and death from the cut on his finger, then perhaps he deserves a place in our list.

6. Big Pharma does not create a cure for cancer and AIDS, earning the suffering of seriously ill and doomed

This is the granddaddy of all theories related to health. We can’t disprove it because God knows what happens behind closed doors, secret laboratories, and in richly decorated rooms. Maybe there really is a weave on medical enslavement of mankind. Because the pharmaceutical industry is not particularly a virtue.

«They behave much like the mafia, they are corrupt and can hurt. They bribe the Ministers of health, opinion leaders, professors, researchers, doctors. The pharmaceutical industry is buying up everything, like a real mafia,» says Peter Getse, author of various investigations on this subject.


But most of the public are concerned, are big companies hiding the cure for cancer, HIV and AIDS? Here take, for example, HIV-infected patients. To stay alive, they need the rest of your life (sometimes several decades) to spend on expensive drugs. However, it is only in rich countries in Africa have a simple Samba no money for treatment. On the other hand, mankind learned to grow organs and to find the cure for the boring HIV and known since ancient times cancer can’t. They say that the way pharmacists do not just earn for the seriously ill who are forced out of despair to stuff himself often useless, but very expensive drugs, but also meet the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Freemasons and other masters of the galaxy, the task of combating overpopulation. And in fact, if people do not begin to die out, you will have to wage a costly war.Truth: it is very unlikely that someone will be able to come up with a herbal tea that can cure from AIDS in one fell swoop, but numerous systems in the century of progress forced to agree with the theory about a conspiracy. Too much money is allocated, and all so vain.

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