6 bikes for every budget and taste


There is a healthy and enjoyable alternative to the run, public transport, boring walks through a crowded city sitting at home. And this alternative is called bike ride. Now, we can say, the season! It is not yet too hot, the roads are clean, the showers slowly back down – the weather is ideal for travel. The bike – good thing, because universal. Even if you don’t like to pedal for the sake of sports, you can ride it to work, avoiding any traffic jams. Health is also useful, because if you want to lose by summer excess fat, the bike will have the way to ride it is nicer than on the simulator. In the end, the owners of the bike have a great opportunity to get out of town EN masse, to spend a day on the roads, in the mountains and forests, to enjoy some extreme fun. It has nothing to do with the drive, where the fullness of sensations drowns out conditioner for pampered creatures and relaxation music.

In General, the bike needs all. Children, seniors, and the healthy men, frail men, fat and lean, alpha male and amikam everyone’s bike! To choose an iron (or rather aluminum) horse should carefully. To proceed follows from the fact that you want to get from your purchase. After all, if your dream is to ride through the mountains, then buying road bike will be complete nonsense. But fear not, today we’re decided to help.

1. Bergamont Helix 3.0 Gent 2016


In the glorious city of Hamburg decided to do only quality products, investing time and energy in technology, not just in advertising. And it gives off. For example, the company «Bergamont» never conducted a large-scale advertising companies, but due to its pricing and excellent engineering the bike from them in many ways. They differ in their reliability, and a focus on conscious cyclists, not people who just want to try something new. They are not giants, but they don’t need to be giants. Their business – the issue is good, but not massive, bike.

In this manufacturer we found a modern hybrid model, which will be a great option for everyday use. Called «Bergamont Helix 3.0 Gent 2016«. The handsome weighs only 13.5 pounds. So if your house will be broken Elevator, take it to the 13th floor will not be difficult. Given the current prices, this bike is enough budget to purchase of spend on «Bergamont» about 30 thousand rubles.

While you are investing in a long-term purchase, what can be said about many members of the Cycling world same price range.

Recommend buying for those who are constantly late for work, who are in a rush to get around on two wheels, and who always wanted a simple, intuitive, and versatile bike.

2. Author Rival


The mountains and roads are more demanding of the bike than smooth paved roads and sidewalks. The difference between mountain and urban bikes is not only in names but also in the specifics of the component parts. Mountain bikes work great when you have a challenge to overcome the many sudden descents, ascents, jump off the hill and drive through the sharp gravel. If that’s what you want, then a normal bike you don’t fit. You’ll be constantly repaired, and some day will kill.

As an example, a separate «miners» we chose the bike from the manufacturer to the Author. This is a Czech company which is actively involved in the development of Cycling, even their sports team is, where our guys are. But now not about it. They have a budget model of the «Rival»that gets you to 32 thousand rubles, if you rush to buy it (it is actually more expensive).»Rival» is a new model appeared on the market last year. Has a great balance aluminum frame with integrated headset. Additional stiffener in the rim will allow you to not worry about breakage on rough terrain. Plug, of course, as humans – depreciation. Disc brakes, the production of «tektro». Bike, though a mountain, but it can be fun to ride around the city. Good choice.

3. sһagdeg360


Separately want to highlight a group of e-bikes, which are becoming every day more popular in Russia. The reason for this, of course, the growth of cities and cars per capita. Not everyone wants to buy a traditional bike, because it has its own speed limits.

The bike seems to be an excellent solution when you want to get a decent speed and overtake all cars on your way, without the penalty of the law. Besides, with a folding bike you can legally ride the subway without fearing grandmothers controllers. We present to you our first candidate among elektronikov, namely «Charger 360«. Despite its neat dimensions, this bike easily folds up and fits in the trunk of a car.

The gear motor weighs little, has a high traction and allows that it is very important to ride as a conventional bike. That is, if the charge is gone, you’re still a good ride thanks to one of the pedals.

You can ride with just one thrust of the engine as on a motorcycle. A separate mode PAS is when you’re pedaling but the motor’s helping you, essentially adding speed. Mileage on just one charge up to 50 kilometers and a lithium-ion battery (45 V, 7.5 Ah) can be easily removed and replaced by a loaded.

The construction itself is pretty damn reliable and quite reasonable even for off-road: dual suspension, quality fork, disc brakes, thick and robust rubber 2.25 inch. A battery is generally a real miracle of engineering. It is designed for a thousand charge cycles, and it is three years or thirty thousand kilometers. It provides power for turn signals and your smartphone when it needs to recharge (the USB connector). Not without a display that keeps you informed of the charge, speed and mileage. Yes, it costs about 80 thousand rubles, but the money will be compensated, especially if you change on a bike with a car or public transport.



In General, we have realized the advantage of electric bikes. No Parking problems, no fines, no problems with speed. It is easy and convenient, and the fuel for them are everywhere – electricity. So let’s get to the second representative of the electric family. It’s a model from the British company «Uberbike», which is located in Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

The model is called «Uberbike S26«. She is of the hidden location of the battery in a lightweight aluminium frame. From the «Uberbike» absolutely no different from a regular bike that already protects it from the rascals who devour the eyes of your beautiful acquisition. The frame is really easy, because the Bicycle light that elektronikov rare. It weighs 17 kilograms for weights up to 100 pounds.Suspension is completely depreciated, so that the holes, rocks, ledges and hills on the roads you terrible will not be. Disc brakes are present at front and rear wheel. If we talk about engine power, it is equal to 350 W (there is a version of this model more powerful – 500 watts), the battery power 45 B/5, 8 Ah. Maximum speed is 35 km/h max distance per charge – 40 km But if you’re going to help your engine pedals, you can drive up to 75 miles with Pedal Assist System.

Very sensible option that will cost you 76 300 rubles.

5. Fat Bike Volga


A little fun to the collection! You may have seen bicycles on the streets of his city damn thick wheels. Rubbed my eyes and did not understand what was happening? Probably bike heavy as the female Hippo, and why do we need it? But, our friend, you’re wrong, these bikes are not just necessary, they are still comfortable. What you saw is called fat-bike. In Russia they got not so long ago, a few days ago. And the world drew attention to them in 2013-2014, when the old technical solution, known since the early twentieth century, added modern engineering stuff. Fat bikes show themselves great on loose surfaces, which is outside of the bike with traditional wheels. First of all, we mean snow, sand, tall grass. Of course, you can ride them around town, but are assigned to these bikes, especially for severe off-road. In Russia recently held a regular joint trips on these bikes. As a rule, outside the city.

Is the fat-bike a lot, but we found a very good option, which is not only price but also quality. Manufacturer is the company «BearBike», which makes a really important thing – developing the concepts of bikes and assembles them here in Russia. We chose their model of FET-bike, which they called so-and native-fatherly «Volga». First of all, select a design that is pleasing to the eye. It is clear that people worked not only on the internals, but also on beauty. The bike is made of high-tech components: aluminum alloy, durable bolts, hydro-brakes, remote promptservice, double welded seams on the most loaded nodes, tires 60TPI.

Fat-bike «Volga» – a model in 2016, and it is full of pleasant surprises, like the extremely high-quality brakes, which do not pay attention to the aggressiveness of the ride and the terrain – they just stop the bike when you need. 10-speed drivetrain is reliable and works almost noiselessly, and all thanks to the fact that «BearBike» pays attention to detail.

There is such joy 55 thousand rubles. The bike hasn’t lost as their more expensive foreign counterparts.

6. Dahon SUV D6


The founder of «Dahon» is Dr. David hon, one of the leading experts in the field of laser technologies at the time. For a long time he worked at NASA, but at one point left his office, disappointed the intentions of the government. David Hong became an ardent fighter for the environment and for a couple with his brother Henry decided to change the world for the better. In the end, he developed the world’s first folding bike, which had big movement potential and, thus, were placed even in a small apartment. For big cities such innovation was a breath of fresh air.

And we, in turn, recommend that you model in 2015, which absorbs all the positive traditions of this manufacturer. «Dahon SUV D6» is a versatile bike with a stable geometry. The wheel is compact in size, 20-inches, but the bike does not lose an ounce of speed. Of course, foldable frame, because this detail is the hallmark of the manufacturer.You can store the bike anywhere, even under the bed or under the Desk in the office – like this significantly extends the field of application. Themselves dimensions correspond to the values 32h79h65 see the Basic material is durable aluminum alloy, this miracle weighs only 13.4 kg In your power all 6 speeds – optimally for the city. And the price pleases, only 18 990 rubles.

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