6 best positions for sex in the heat

In the heat do not want anything. Even sex. But we’ll show you the best sex positions the hottest period of the summer. Pompous names attached.

1. Sensual breath flower

Partner put a face to the healing breath of the air conditioner and make their case with her. And you’re right, and she did.

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2. Untouchable

Vital the kitchen with the cold tiled floors. Lie on the floor and climbs on top of you friend. Minimal contact, remember this! And no hands, no hands: too hot.

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3. Sixty-veer

You will need a fan or a good newspaper. Until your sweetheart gives you oral pleasure, you’re doing her a hand job — just obmanivaet her from head to toe. It seems that you are fucking a lizard.

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4. Enemarotica

It is no secret that the cinema passion as cold and cool. And what is most important — dark, quiet and Cola is served. And they show movies, but we don’t care. Want a romantic evening? Go with a friend on a bad movie that only can be found, for example, «what do women of an uncertain age», «Big rzhaka narusa» or another strange blockbuster. Peace and quiet is assured. Give me your Johnson in your hand ladies.

manygoodtips.com, 16.07.2013, gM9sEWsPyhhIK3hMMsBJdWRWYsSjE7Vz

5. Summer rain

The coolest thing about this pose — Tits and the presence of water. If there’s something there, nothing happens.

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6. Untold secret

This position is only available for two loving hearts who have reached such definite location, when they do not even need to touch each other to make a favorite nice. All you need is a fan, a sofa, a friend and favorite Xbox.

manygoodtips.com, 16.07.2013, Q7596uXLkxpVJEXRlQSfMXTaSBLdlg8x

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