6 Beers you should know


When undiluted beer, and posters such as «Demand the settling foam» was the invariable symbols of brewing our country. Times have changed, and now symbols of domestic brewing became a diuretic diska «Ochakovo» brewery and the two pillars on which rests pseudomallei (because beer powder) happiness and cirrhosis in the whole country: «Hunting strong» and «Baltika 9». There are more beer-like drinks like unfading «blazer», but it is, so to speak, «elite». If the Sep is not burned, it is difficult to understand subtle pleasant notes in one and a half liters of hellish ugliness. However, there is more or less a good beer. It is, of course, more expensive, and it does not guarantee that it will be nice and stale in taste, but the belief in its naturalness and taste of the last to die.

Intelligent people like small things prefer not to dig. Smart people realized long ago: don’t look for pearls in deshmanskom beer. Better to gather, drink less but good quality export beer. Not craft beer, where bad taste is not pulling the naturalness of the production (although among Kraft is full of good things), namely, time-tested, the tasters all over the world and millions of drinker varieties. These varieties make beer liquid gold pull the art of beer drinking to another level, making the drink is no less sophisticated than wine. And sometimes as expensive. Of course, such varieties are much more, but all great things start small. So we decided to list only six and briefly tell how and why they came to light.And of course what is history without a good soundtrack. Fortunately, we live in one country with Mr Vine, who has songs for all occasions. But their best song (not about the «Small raft») it is devoted, of course, that nectar of the gods. Just when you write at 6 in the morning with a wild hangover, hardly moving a cast iron head after drinking surgery draught unfiltered and alcohol compote behalf of Igor Nikolaev (raspberry wine), then you know that life turned his back drunk.

1. Hefeweizen

In the Middle ages Hefeweizen was one of the most known Beers in the territory of present-day Germany. «Hefeweizen», which translates as «yeast wheat,» muddy, like your future, unfiltered beverage that connoisseurs and tasters ascribe to expressive fruity, clove-banana flavor and spicy aroma.

A good, Orthodox, and with love cooked «Hefeweizen» should be a refreshing smooth taste that makes it a perfect candidate for the barbecue. And Yes doesn’t make you uncomfortable unwanted glazirovannogo wheat ambrosia, it’s not evil bubbles stirred on a hot summer day, when warm, and gentle, small and numerous beer bubbles.Recommended: Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Hefe-Weisse, Paulaner Brauerei Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb

2. India pale Ale


A favorite of many craft Breweries Breweries, India pale Ale was born in the hot southern Breweries, British colonies. English brewers to extend the life cycle of ale in a hot climate, began to add to brew an additional portion of hops. In theory it should extend the shelf life of the drink, especially during long journeys. Tired percussivo shmurdyak and tasteless brew masquerading as beer, English colonists and civilians attacked new variety, like hungry pigs at the meat man (if you, of course, I remember the story of Bricks on how to get rid of the corpse).

Since then the brewers have a new variety, Bohemia – favourite that stands out from the rest of the taste, but his ale – his name – Indian pale ale.

Recommend: The Alchemist Heady Topper, Russian River Brewing Company Pliny the Younger, Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double Sunshine IPA.

3. Imperial stout


Another favorite among connoisseurs, degenerates, aristocrats and people with good taste variety. Imperial stout is a dark beer whose roots are found in the London of the 18th century. Another famous name of the beer is a Russian Imperial stout. No, it is not brewed in Russia, the main supplier of beer at the time was the United Kingdom. It’s all in the way of transportation. Even then there was a clear gradation of varieties: porter, farmer stout – rich, but light beer great demand did not use. But the fact is that in terms of heavy and long transport through the Baltic sea, beer literally was a victim of violence, the constant pitching and storage conditions turned the ambrosia unimaginable that tastes like vomit soup. Fearing to lose drinking abundantly of the client (although at that time we were not the most drinking nation), the cunning Brits just increased its density. The beer was stronger, but due to the special grain of the grain bill, burnt malt and a special hop has not lost its rich flavor. Black scum, almost opaque colour is another distinctive feature of the beer. And like any good beer, the bitterness 8-12 speed is not felt, as in «Fat strong». Perhaps that is why it is so loved noble pivalue Catherine II.

Recommended: 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Dark Lord, Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Parabola, Dark Horse Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Plead the 5th.

4. Pilsner


We limped to the famous and accessible to the broad masses of the planet of Czech beer. This beer was born, ironically, in the Czech town of Pilsen (Bohemia) in 1842. This variety is a result of the protests of local residents who protested against bad quality of «liquid gold». For Czech beer is the meaning of life and the only reason for joy. Nothing else is able to stretch his gloomy face into a smile. But at that time (apparently, the reason was the Austrian domination, in whose composition was part of Bohemia), the beer was so bad that the citizens were dumped on to the streets in protest. To solve this problem, a local brewery hired a Bavarian brewer Josef Groll to produce beer of high standards. That, without further ADO, took as a basis the method of bottom fermentation, so popular at home, and gave the Czech tantrums clear, Golden beer with a smooth, refreshing taste. But the truth is, in the Czech Republic there are varieties are much tastier and more interesting, if not strange, older. Anyway, Pilsner Urquell is inferior, according to many, the «Krusovice».

Recommended: Pilsner Urquell, Samuel Adams Noble Pils, Lagunitas Brewing Co. Pils.

5. Bock

Stronger than a typical lager, Bock is an ancient drink which originated already in the 14th century in Germany and has a rich taste. Cook it began in the town of Einbeck, and in those days, as soon as the wilderness was granted city status, it is automatically received from the monarch the right to brew his beer. Here are the economic characteristics of the middle Ages. Beer was transported everywhere, even in southern Italy and to experience the most smooth and short way, it was made stronger.

German monks, as a rule, brewed this beer for special occasions and holidays, including Christmas and Easter. At the time those monks increased its density and strength. The fact that the side is obscenely high in nutrients, so the beer is very nutritious and high in calories. In those ancient times, when beer replaced hard-to-clean drinking water, beer did not fall under the prohibition of lent.

Therefore, the Italian monks called to serve in Bavaria have found a loophole in his ascetic vegetarian menu and went all so well kept and lush with a paunch like a pig damned.

By the way, the classic way of eating Side is plain with a hefty German sausages bockwurst. Took a bite, took a SIP, high as a kite.

Recommended: Anchor Brewing Co. Anchor Bock Beer, New Glarus Brewing Company Back 40 Bock, St. Nikolaus Bock Bier.

6. Oktoberfest


One of the most recognizable seasonal Beers in the world Oktoberfest is brewed for the eponymous festival, as strange as it may seem. Brews such beauty every self-respecting Bavarian brewery, including a sleek intoxicating mastodon Paulainer, as well as several foreign Breweries (especially against visiting Breweries stands a couple of American based, of course, German immigrants and brewing at the oldest German technology). Also, it is known as «Marzen» (German for «March»), because the beer is brewed in the spring, and then stored in dark cellars and luxury barrels until autumn. And it lasts already since the 16th century. The Bavarians value their traditions. Approximately since then, nothing has changed: neither dark beer or full bodied hop taste or ease of drinking.

Recommend: Paulaner Brewery Oktoberfest Märzen, Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest-Märzen, Great Lakes Brewing Company Oktoberfest.

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