6 apps that will make your life easier #6

In this column has got a lot of fans, for this reason, we do not want to stop there. Today you’ll get a new selection is damn useful and enjoyable mobile apps. They help people cope with a specific problem, which previously caused him a headache and time-consuming. Developers sometimes offer surprising solutions to everyday problems. In General, he’ll understand.

1. Diskonto

What makes this app? Returns you the money with the most common purchases. Of course, not all at once, but only a part, but it’s a great idea! So you just download this app on your smartphone to make purchases in the shops of the city, take pictures of receipts and get paid for it.

Your well-known brands and retail chains, which are common throughout Russia. They offer different bonuses that are given for simple tasks. For example, you answer a few questions or read about some interesting fact. Then you just buy in a store or supermarket that you like and then get your money. The money earned can be transferred to mobile phone, Bank card or e-wallet. Intelligent automatic recognition system allows receipts to get their money as quickly as possible.

In General, the application need allows to save considerably on purchases. Besides the service itself is actively developed, tries to be even more useful for customers, publishes every week new promotions and discounts. And, Yes, it is completely free for all people!


2. iBouquiniste

Today you can read almost any book completely free, but if she relished, and you can buy with a pure heart. It’s wonderful that we live in an age of freedom book. But to know this world without a good and comfortable reading room difficult.» iBouquiniste» is one of the best options for people who love to move around the pages of manuscripts absolutely for free. The application supports OPDS catalogs, which in turn allows you to download thousands of works from other sites or databases of the application itself. Separately we are pleased with cloud storage that doesn’t depend on iCloud or somewhere else. It can hold up to 500 free books, each of which can reach the size of 10 MB. Thus, if you delete the app or sow smartphone, books will remain. A large number of supported formats is also happy – you can download books from anywhere, even from a browser.

Contains all the classic functions of e-readers, like night mode, support for footnotes and images, changing fonts and covers. But there are advantages. The application supports many formats, with it you can even open ZIP and RAR archives. Works fine sync with other devices. In practice it looks like this: you read a book with the phone, stops at a certain point, turn it off and open the same book from the tablet. So, on the same page. Developers focused on real books, so there are all these amenities, like turning effect, page numbering, original color. Lacking only the smell of books. Have the opportunity to share a wise quote with friends – you can select and then send to Twitter, e-mail or Facebook. All the books can be sorted by author, title, date added. By the way, it is possible (iPad 3; iPhone 5 and above) to turn the page without using your hands – a trifle, but nice. The app follows your glance and turn the page when you close the left (back) or right (forward) of the eye. There is a version not only for iOS but also for OS X (see in Appstore).


3. How to tie a tie

When you begin to live separately, but still engage in the arduous work path, you are faced with one very serious problem is inability to properly tie a tie. Nothing serious? But this skill is one of the defining features of any successful man! You can not just do not know how to tie a tie. And let the costumes we wear every day, but still often enough to understand the need for skills.

Application «How to tie a tie On» solves exactly this problem and solves it perfectly. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to tie even the most complex site in just a few minutes. You don’t need Internet for that (once downloaded and use it well!), you don’t need special conditions. Just turn on the app, which has in its database the instruction to twenty-two knots, classic and modern. Among the methods of tying a tie we’ll find nodes Eldridge and Trinity, Cavendish and Manhattan, Baltus and Onassis and many others. Also, you’ll get access instructions for folding lapel scarf eight different ways: diagonal, Cagney, square, cloud, single angle tip, straight bend, the glasses. A nice addition to the main function.

Today, we are generous as ever, so give as much as 10 promo codes. They are disposable, so the app will receive a year only the quick readers! So, when you download enter the following codes: E7GJX55MNS08ZYZDFUBP4L0; C0R66SNYNPV4BHCQ0TQUSAH; 51D94LYR9S2RZMP5UQBH9ZT; 09N8L97XFNGLT9VU4P4GH6Y; JZ0FLVFD6A7UMJ9AR0YDWSR; C00EMLJXR6YWPWVSU804VMQ; UNC4TQ4BA490A4RTXWVW34H; H165N33UYFGVM46GXLFTT4K; C9UMZ54XNWR3HVE54JLP1VJ; S19T5Q8SB1N6FSSJXGVE5E7.So, what do you get if you purchase this program? Mainly, knowledge and instructions that are shown in a clear, understandable way. The app itself is updated frequently, the developers are actively implementing new it. For example, in July we plan a big update, which, among other things, add section with illustrated tips on how to properly wear and choose the tie. All of this is important if you want to look stylish.


4. Zapster

We all know the biggest problem of cable and satellite TV. Despite the fact that there may be hundreds of channels, we still are not able to find appropriate gear, spend most of time on direct search, and even the Internet did not really help. The day you spend 5-10 minutes finding just the right channel. So, you spend 30 hours a year just searching the channels, and sometimes all 60. «Zapster» solves this problem. He will choose for you the television schedule, according to your individual preferences.

Works through a smartphone, of course. The app helps to sort the content by genre, which will simplify the journey through digital space. You in seconds will be able to find a movie that is interesting to you personally. There is also the opportunity to put «like» your favorite programs. The app learns your interests and generates a separate channel given the most «likes». Thus it is possible to create several separate channels (for a friend, myself and my dog), so everyone was happy. Nothing more.

In General, download and enjoy. And we want to ask you to help developers to make the app even better. Will soon start large-scale testing of the new functionality: «Zapster» is going to shift gears right into your TV (goodbye useless remote!). To participate in testing, you only need to download the app on your Android and click on the link of the beta testers. At the moment, «Zapster» can control the Samsung TV (C/D/E/F), LG (Netcast) and some consoles (for example, «Tricolor»). For the service to function, your TV must have access to the same network as the smartphone. To enable this service, you must open the settings menu, enable the option «Enable remote» and choose your model of TV, the IP will be determined independently. In General, nothing complicated for the opportunity to be a pioneer of technological innovations.


5. The struggle of minds

If you’re erudite and well-read person, then this app would be the best way to make fun of his unlucky friend who loves thrash show, not the game «What? Where? When?». Simply put, «Struggle of wits» quiz, which allows you to compete your brain with other players. At the moment it has around 20 thousand text and picture questions, some of them feature sound effects. Every day added hundreds of new questions, the game is not in place. Of course, you can compete with friends and with random opponents. To look for the enemy will not have long, the application in April of this year was downloaded more than 9 million players.

The game itself follows. All you have to go through six rounds, each with three questions. You and your opponents are offered the same questions. The beauty is that every other round you have the opportunity to choose a category. That is, if you’re an expert on any topic, then choose it to the adversary. However, opponent will do the same. There are 19 categories, they all cover different aspects of life: TV shows, science, music, games and so on. The game itself is free, but you can take the premium version which will give you additional opportunities.



If you have a perpetual problem with the selection of clothing (inappropriately trousers, shoes not under a jacket, but you don’t notice), then LOOKIFY is good for you. In fact, the program is a stylist, only virtually no campy voice. It helps to form a closet, find a unique style, guided by the classic notions of fashion and clothing that is always at hand. So to look like a peacock you don’t, but you look like a man with good taste. The «stylist» is not alien experiments. The app itself works with a wide range of online stores, such as Lamoda, Wildberries cum I.

What are the functions of «LOOKIFY» we believe it is useful for any guy? It is primarily the automatic selection of an image by the specified style, budget and season. The app can also help you to choose the image for a specific thing. In the database, in turn, is a large catalog of items and images that you can add to your favorites, so was always at hand. And so, can use this app is your friend, not just you.


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