6 alternatives to Instagram

Social media is fun. As long as your mom doesn’t start to comment on everything you post there, or your dad will start liking all sorts of questionable accounts naked women.

At this time it is time to leave the mass segment. But where? Instagram – a clear monopoly. But there are other programs that are all trying to take the iron throne in a world of photo app. And they’re not as bad as it seems. And what will be steeper than the highly touted giant.

1. Hyper


Suitable for: lovers hashtags

iOS: free

Android: not available

It has recently launched. Like a cross between Reddit and Instagram. The app allows users to share multiple photos in one post and send photos to each other directly from the Internet (Oh, magic!). Instead of focusing on some global challenges, Hyper has set a goal to create a network of «channels», which are constructed by the people themselves with hashtags. It is a kind of division of people into specific types according to the style of photos.

2. Shots


Suitable for: people that annoy cyber-bullying

iOS: free

Android: free

You’re tired of people that are striking in their postnominally under your posts? Spam and trolls in the network – the worst that gave us the Internet. Shots is a good app for people who want to forget looking original pictures, because the repetition in the Annex excluded. «No negative comments» – say the creators. And, you know, such a dictatorship can be forgiven if you’re tired of all this dirt around.

3. EyeEm


Suitable for: those looking for a more professional alternative to instagram

iOS: free

Android: free

EyeEm is a free app that focuses on images of professional level. A lot of customization options, the lack of censorship component in photographs. EyeEm is an excellent solution for photography enthusiasts.

4. Moju


Suitable for: lovers motion sensors

iOS: free

Android: not available

The main feature of this app is a motion sensor. You can create not only fast pictures, but something completely new. You can capture up to 24 frames per second to create moving pictures to share with friends. Funny thing, but the benefits end there.

5. Flickr


Suitable for: people who send huge amount of photos

iOS: free

Android: free

Someone will say that this app is nothing new. And this «someone» is right. But the contender for the title of «substitute exercise» does not have to be something new. Flickr has a broad base of 87 million people, he always has quality updates that enhance the aesthetic and technological content. In the end, there is the ability to save full resolution photos, all in a convenient and understandable shell.

6. Hipstamatic


Suitable for: fans of old-school photos

iOS: $1.99

Android: not available

2 dollars for an app with a very questionable title. Is it not robbery? But enthusiastic reviews of the customers say that the money was well spent. In fact, Hipstamatic is the analog-themed app that gives you a huge amount of lenses and filters. But it’s all good and in quality.

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