50 things you will do this summer

Work.com.ua_11.06.2014_5814pYxWmde4vWell all. Summer. How to sing one well-known bard: «summer is a small life» — in this life dudes strive to accommodate as many events. For example…

1. Getting drunk with a stranger and never with him not to speak.

2. Shake the sand from where it should be.

3. To try to have sex in a hammock.

4. To see how your neighbor at the cottage for sunbathing and offer her a beer.

5. Sleep in the Park and Wake up burned.

6. To play football and ten minutes to quit.

7. Hugging the strange girl at the concert.

8. To buy the wrong cap or sunglasses, because you couldn’t manage without them.

9. To sleep, when you sing in the car with open Windows during traffic jams.

10. To try to impress girls on the beach for his ability to play volleyball.

11. During visual contact with the girl involuntarily to look at her neck and ruin it.

12. To urinate in the sea, river or even swimming pool.

13. To go with friends to a barbecue in strange company: 15 men and three girls.

14. To see how someone who works in an unexpected summer job.

15. Disapprovingly look at fat people eating ice cream.

16. Close the curtains, to monitor gleamed.

17. Get angry at the idiot who brought an acoustic guitar to the party.

18. To go to the party house of a stranger.

19. To drink day and to sleep at five in the evening.

20. To be bitten by a bee and pretend that you’re not hurt.

21. Instead of fun, the whole holiday to be on duty at the grill.

22. Wish every girl in the sundress.

23. Catch a cold from the air conditioning.

24. To accidentally hurt to the nephew during the game.

25. Drunk and fall into the bushes.

26. Drunk and fall into the pool.

27. Get drunk and fall down the stairs.

28. To go without a shirt where it is not necessary to appear naked.

29. To pull out a splinter.

30. To try to climb a cliff and then tell girls you’re a rock climber.

31. Understand that swimming under water is more difficult than it seemed before.

32. For a moment panic from the unknown stuff that touched your leg under the water, but do not submit.

33. Lose your Cup and secretly to take someone else’s.

34. You start running in the morning and leave the next day.

35. To hide your phone and wallet in the sneakers.

36. To look like an insect with the screaming girls.

37. To have too much beer and too late to realize it (too good in the heat).

38. To go from a barking dog on the bike.

39. To leave work early to drink on the street.

40. Sit on the seat in the car and burned.

41. To go to a wedding.

42. To say that’s not going anywhere, because yesterday was burned.

43. Sex in a tent.

44. Allow the useless white sneakers.

45. Not find my sandals on the shore, when out of the water.

46. To drink from the column or from a hose.

47. To play war games with water pistols — not necessarily on the street.

48. Wonder how grown-up schoolgirl look.

49. Bake potatoes on the coals.

50. To justify that «the water is really cold.»

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