50 things you learn from life in the big city

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2014_X2venz2XlTE9uYou can love or hate big cities, but regardless of how you treat them, you always will get a lot more life experience, living in the metropolis, than the experience of life in a small and cozy town. Even if you think that in your village, everything is bad and people are bad and can not find work, and drunkards and fools at every turn — remember that in the big city all the joys and troubles increased several times.

1. Beautiful girls winter hiding and appear in summer.

2. There are many ways to say «no»to people.

3. You can live in really bad conditions. As if you didn’t like it, but you can handle it.

4. The unique smell of garbage rotting in the sun.

5. Most people do not dress in clothes that corresponds to them.

6. Models in magazines look better than in real life.

7. You can meet rats, a size bigger than your fat cat.

8. People are willing to pay more for anything.

9. You can get a higher education, but earn less than the bartender.

10. No matter how terrible the apartment that you rent, the rent always goes up.

11. You see dirty and smelly people.

12. People will lie to you just because I see how you believe them.

13. Hard to find real friends.

15. Can you survive eating only one pizza.

16. Some people will hate you just for the sake of hate.

17. Most people in the world are idiots.

18. Being smart does not guarantee success — you can meet a lot of highly intelligent homeless people.

19. In life almost nothing is free.

20. People are willing to help you out, only because I hope that one day you will help them.

21. Women are oversexed, no less than men.

22. Your liver can withstand many blows.

23. Most people don’t know what they want to do with your life — and that’s fine.

24. Find someone to love is insanely difficult, even if you every day you meet new people.

25. We all have different ways of perceiving the world.

26. The grass is not really greener on the other side.

27. You can’t live without nature and the outdoors.

28. People are willing to kill you for less than you can imagine.

29. Everyone wants you to win, even if there is no competition.

30. For some people it’s not a problem to dig in the trash.

31. Human urine smells no less of the cat, especially under the scorching rays of the sun.

32. The weekend is actually the worst time for the party.

33. People pay for cocktails that cost more than the entire bottle of liquor that is part of the cocktail.

34. If you look like a man with money, be prepared that some people will want to deceive you.

35. People do not listen to hear and to answer.

36. Your friend today can be enemy tomorrow.

37. Not to neglect the condom.

38. Most people have awful taste in music.

39. People like to create issues to feel important.

40. Without family support it is difficult to survive.

41. All fall into a deep dark hole at least once.

42. No matter how this hole is deep and dark, you can always find a way to get out of it.

43. Even having tons of sex with the sexiest girlfriends will not instantly cure your broken heart.

44. You need someone who you will love.

45. In most cases, achieve financial success without a criminal partner is difficult.

46. Money is power. Corny, but true.

47. You have to work hard to achieve something important in your life.

48. Not all people know how to forgive, even when they say they forgive.

49. There are numerous ways to save on everything.

50. To be happy or unhappy — it’s your choice.

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