50 small steps to big weight loss

Lose weight almost everything, unless they are skinny dudes who need to get better. And there is nothing to be ashamed of this, man. Slim and not be shy. We can help!

1. Eat off blue plates

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Have you ever wondered why design «McDuck» made in yellow and red? We are by nature attracted to red, yellow and orange, and when we see these colors we think we want is: they stimulate the appetite. As a result, we eat more. Studies show that if putting food on a blue plate, you eat less. I’ll throw my yellow plate.

2. Eat eggs for Breakfast

how to lose weight

According to the 2008 study, people who eat Breakfast eggs lose 65% more weight. The subjects who ate eggs in the morning lost more weight, subcutaneous fat and melted in stronger quantities than those who ate the same amount of calories, but gained them with other products. The researchers believe that it is rich in protein eggs: the longer the feeling of hunger.

3. Eat a large fork

large fork

Have you heard that if you have little plates, it will help to lose weight, but did you know that the same trick works with a large fork? A recent study of the University of Utah found that subjects who ate a large fork (it was placed on 20% more food, eat 10% less than if they ate a normal plug. Scientists believe that when we eat a little with a fork, it seems to us that on the plate is more, and we are more trying to overcome the hunger. Note: the trick only works with big portions. When a small portion, the size of the plug.

4. Turn off the TV

why it is harmful to eat in front of the TV

Sometimes you’re not hungry, but still eat in front of TV or computer. You know how much this affects the presence of the belly? Studies have shown that we eat 40% more when you look at the TV, and in front of the TV God himself commanded to eat all sorts of rubbish like chips. To lose weight effortlessly, just turn off the TV, computer or smart phone during dinner and concentrate on the food.

5. Put on your plate all that you are going to eat

full plate

According to studies, people who are put on a plate everything they plan to eat (including dessert) eat about 14%, than those who then come back for more. To eat less, put yourself a little more — but only once. Can choose a plate a little smaller to be more confident. Who eats from small plates and do not take supplements, eat 60% less. Focus!

6. Focus on the future

how to lose weight

Thinking about the future in a positive way and not focusing on the past and present, you will be snacking on healthy food. Instead of seizing a bad mood with chocolate, think about the future (health and relief press), and you’ll find much more friendly for the shape alternatives.

7. Give up mayonnaise

give up mayonnaise

It’s simple: don’t eat ketchup, mayonnaise and all other sauces — so will run for about 100 calories. This small step will help for the year to lose 4 pounds.

8. Don’t put sugar in my coffee

coffee with sugar

If you don’t put in your morning Cup of coffee the two tablespoons of sugar, already a big thing. It’s minus 32 calories from your diet, or pounds per year. If you love coffee, think about it: the rejection of one latte a day — it is minus 54 750 kcal per year, that’s almost a thousand rubles, more than ten kilograms of excess weight!

9. Add fruits and vegetables


To lose weight does not mean necessarily to reduce the amount of food consumed. If you add to your diet fruits and vegetables, it will help you to stay energetic for longer and consume fewer calories, while receiving nutrients. To lose weight and not feel hungry, snacking with fruits and vegetables and add them to the main meal.

10. Slowly give up processed foods

processed food

If you refuse processed foods, you will feel hungry and restricted, and so long on a diet will not last. However, if you gradually reduce the quantity, it will go smoothly. Processed food contains little nutrients and too sharply raises blood sugar and then it drops sharply and leaves you hungry. Slowly start to replace sweets with fruit, yogurt and protein bars.

11. Try a TABATA workout

TABATA workout

To your regular sport activities can also add a TABATA is a training system that helps you quickly burn fat. Very short intervals high intensity (20 seconds) and short rest (10 seconds), eight repetitions. Jump rope, Cycling, running — it helps to burn much more calories than other loads.

12. Don’t let yourself more on the weekend

output from the diet

Many dieters think that if they all lasted a week lads, then on the weekend you can afford to eat something delicious. Don’t let these days of the week to change your habits, focus on forming a healthy lifestyle and stick to it throughout the month. So entrenched habit, and that you only benefit.

13. Take a time-out


Too much stress makes you gain weight. Cortisol — the stress hormone, and it is processed into fat, putting off your belly and bum. To reduce cortisol levels and reduce fat, relax. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and tell yourself something nice about ten minutes.

14. Let your lunch will be more easy

a light lunch

People who lunch eat less and control the amount of portions, eat about 250 calories less. Control portions doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry. Afterwards, you can eat some fruits as a reward.

15. Listen to your body

how to lose weight

Use tips your body what it wants? Next time when you’re hungry, pay attention to the food that attracts you. For example, if you want sweet, you probably do not have enough energy. If you like «Snickers», choose the one that is smaller. Do not limit yourself: bans are usually violated. The body requires you what it needs, and food choices will help him. Pay attention to what products you want and how you feel after eating them. This will help you to form a proper diet.

16. Stay happy

how to lose weight

A small amount of fat and protein affect your brain so that you will feel pleasure. And if you’re happy, the food will be digested longer and you’ll feel more energetic. Include in your diet nuts, legumes and eggs — this will slow down the development of hunger.

17. «Try» the first few pieces

how to lose weight

Many dieters guys don’t get pleasure from food and eating more than they need to fill is the absence of pleasure. Instead of the number to better concentrate on the quality of the food. You may notice that the first few bites are the most enjoyable: your taste buds «taste» food. Buy little food, but very high quality and concentrate on its taste. So you’ll eat less. Stop after the first four pieces, to avoid missing the fun, and try something else.

18. Eat in designated eating areas

eat in the kitchen

Eat only in places that are intended for food: in the kitchen or in the dining room. When you sit down at the table and eat and not shove yourself eating in the car or sitting at your Desk, this allows you to focus on the meal and get more impressions of its taste and appearance, therefore, quickly sated. When you see what you eat, you eat 27% less. Fact!

19. Let the common dishes are not on the dining table

how to lose weight

According to a 2010 study, you’ll eat 20% less, if the total dishes will be to remain somewhere in the kitchen. You’re too lazy to go for more. When food is not available, you are more likely to take from the vase a piece of fruit and be happy with it.

20. After lunch go for a walk

how to lose weight

Walking is a great exercise for reducing weight, and even better to walk immediately after eating. In 2011, Japan conducted a study in which the walk after lunch was much more efficient than walking an hour. Subjects immediately after a meal carried out a 30-minute walk, lost more pounds than those who walked later. But don’t push yourself, no stress!

21. Burn more fat with walnuts


Studies have shown that 60 grams of walnuts a day instead of a snack to make you burn fat faster by 62%. They do this because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. These substances improve the heart and brain and is important for fat burning.

22. No «enriched» food

how to lose weight

This applies to bread, flour and similar products. Enriched — means: they took the nutrients, and then re-added them, and now you have a lot of calories with little useful. Instead, choose wholegrain bread, flour and various cereals, they are much more useful.

23. Start dinner with salad or soup

soup and salad

Thanks to the vegetable soup you can eat 20% less. The same is true for vegetable salad. Vegetables are beneficial, remember one thing.

24. Curb your sugar cravings


You have a sweet tooth? It is not necessary to completely abandon the sweet, even if trying to lose weight. Just turn on in diet change. Instead of M&M’s eat dried fruit, for example, or even marmalade. Chocolate is replaced by a bitter. It has less calories, but still it is good for the heart.

25. Chew more to weigh less

how to lose weight

Foods need to chew 40 times instead of the usual 15, and so you’re going to eat 12% less. Studies have shown a direct relationship between long chewing food and weight loss: so reduced appetite and ghrelin the hormone that makes you feel full.

26. Eat more fiber


Eat 20-30 grams of fiber a day and lose weight. There are two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble, and both are required for weight loss. Insoluble fiber (surprise!) not soluble in water, but absorbs it and facilitates the path of food through the digestive tract. Soluble fiber slows the absorption of glucose and allows the cells to burn sugar, producing energy from it rather than postponing it as fat. And yet it regulates insulin levels and controls hunger. Eat both types of fiber, contained in vegetables and fruits.

27. Focus on the reason you want to lose weight

why do you want to lose weight

You can absorb daily exercise and diet, you can lose motivation and forget why you actually started losing weight. Next time, before you skip a workout, think about what will feel later and how will appreciate it. Don’t try to lose weight just to look better, look deeper.

28. Take care in the sun

take care in the sun

Vitamin D important for your body, statistics are stubborn: full of people it is 57% less than slim. Just 15 minutes in the sun, and you’re going to store vitamin D, necessary for muscle cells and is important for movement. And this vitamin improves mood and makes you energetic: so it will be easier to continue to lose weight.

29. Shop along the perimeter of the supermarket


Not ogloblya in the wilds of the supermarket perimeter are usually arranged the necessary vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. And inside you will find manifold of processed foods and sweets. You don’t need that, man. This, incidentally, is the basis of marketing.

30. Eat sour

yogurt for weight loss

Use vinegar and lemon juice, add them to your vegetable salads. This will slow down the processing of starch, after which there is a hole in the stomach. So you’ll take longer to feel satiety and reduce calorie intake.

31. Cook the pasta until al dente


High blood sugar can lead to low insulin levels and weight gain. To blood sugar jumped sharply, a little adoptablity your spaghetti, oatmeal and other grains: this will slow down digestion and do not allow food to turn into this jelly-like substance. Nedoguleny pasta is harder to digest, and it is much healthier for the stomach. And the al dente pasta is really delicious.

32. Eat more food good for the brain

food good for the brain

If you’re well fed your brain, you won’t be hungry. Fats good for the brain, contained in fish, Flaxseed and camelina oil, Flaxseed and avocado. They are even better than energy drinks, and after them much slower starvation. In addition, the calories from them mostly in the brain, not the body.

33. Eat less canned fruit

canned fruits

They have more sugar and calories. Canned fruits tend to float in heavy syrup, in which the pile of sugar. All the forces try to replace the stewed fruit fresh fruit or frozen if out of season.

34. Prepare vegetables in different ways


You know that vegetables help to lose weight, but they are not particularly tasty. How to be? Try to deceive yourself. You can grind them into a puree and add to the sauce fresh, you can make a smoothie. You can cook them in the oven and on the grill — very good.

35. Replacement sports drink chocolate milk

shokoladne milk

Feel good after a workout? No need to sabotage it and drink immediately followed by a sports drink, make sure you pick chocolate milk. In 2006, studies showed that chocolate milk low fat works 50% better, restoring strength and energy. This step is quite simple, and even tasty.

36. Add in a dessert pinch of salt

the salt in the dessert

Even little crumbs salt in your dessert will enhance its flavor and taste will make it more sweet. You will be satisfied with any less. There is another strategy: take the dessert with someone in half. If you eat alone, exercise in self-control and eat only half. Next time will be easier.

37. Drink water before eating

water before meals

Believe it or not, but the water before meals is even more effective than diet pills. In 2008, a study was conducted whereby two glasses of water half an hour before a meal helped people eat less at 13%. Many people confuse hunger with thirst and instead to drink, eat. Don’t like water drink green tea or water with lemon, mint or ginger. Very helpful and nice.

38. To paint your diet

painted diet

Studies have shown that people are 80% more likely to adhere to a diet plan if they write it down. You need to is five minutes in the morning, but during the day you will not eat anything extra.

39. Get from your diet bad fats

get from the diet bad fats

Rats who were eating chips and similar foods, gained weight faster than rats who ate fried potatoes. These fats send your brain a signal of satiety, but bad fats cause you to overeat because the brain is still feeling the appetite.

40. Add to your diet legumes


Regular consumption of beans is useful: it is 22% reduces the probability of obesity. Legumes are digested slowly, and the feeling of fullness lasts longer, causing you lose weight. And they have a lot of fiber and protein. In addition, an excellent side dish.

41. Leave on the plate the last few pieces

leave on the plate the last bits

Leaving on the plate a bit of food, per day you can save up to 250 calories. Try this the next time you want to eat. Just give leftovers to the dog or send it back to the pot. Replacing them with vegetarian source of protein (tofu or legumes) and a spinach salad. If you like the food is nice to eat it the next day.

42. Avoid diet soda and artificial sweeteners

dietary sparkling water

You think you’re doing yourself good, when you drink diet drinks, but research has shown that they confuse your body and make you gain weight and harder to lose weight. Artificial sweeteners that have no calories, makes you eat more. When the body needs sugar and you give him a fake, he wants more sugar. Artificial sweeteners affect the levels of serotonin, and as a result you are experiencing psychological hunger.

43. Eat fruit desserts

fruit dessert

You need sweets after the main meal? Choose fruit: they are helpful and they have fewer calories. This is a great alternative charcterised desserts. To change your taste habits, try a few days eating fruit desserts. They really taste no different. Instead of Apple pie — baked Apple with cinnamon. Taste and aroma are the same, but fewer calories.

44. Eat more Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

It is not only low in calories, no fat and contains many nutrients. She’s a vegetable and healthy for you. And it affects the levels of adiponectin, a hormone responsible for the processing of fat into energy. Brussels sprouts are also rich in fiber, which is satiating and makes you overeat.

47. Eat children’s portions

children's portions

Want to eat popcorn while watching a movie? Choose a child-size, it is 200 calories. By today’s standards, small size is not always enough, so you better pick a baby. No need to give up your favorite foods, just eat them less necessary.

46. Follow the rules 80 percent

rule 80 percent

Moderation is the key to maintaining a stable weight and weight loss. Choose healthy foods 80% of the time and eat until you’re fed up to 80%. Hard to find this magical state, but listen to your body. You’re not hungry, just fill your stomach without atrelease of satiety. It comes with practice. Eat slowly so your brain has time to register the incoming food. And always remember that you do not eat for the last time.

47. Extra ten

extra 10

Tired from walking? Walk another ten minutes to lose an additional 100 calories. This has a positive impact on weight loss. It is not necessary to be a lazy man.

48. Watch the heart activity

heart activity

There are many apps for smartphones to monitor the pulse. Download some and apply it. You want the heart rate did not rise by more than 60-80% of its maximum. How to calculate it? From 220 take away your age, then multiply the number by 0.6 (so, you’ll find 60%), followed by 0.8 (80%). Within these limits, and should be your pulse.

49. Clean language

clean MOV

Brushing replace a snack. At the same time and clean the tongue to remove the remnants of salty foods. Studies have shown that tongue cleaning improves the sensitivity to salty foods. So you will develop a better feel for the taste, and therefore will begin to feel salty more salty and to be satisfied with smaller portions.

50. Be a fidget

be a fidget

You can burn calories, Bouncing, drumming your fingers, shaking leg, etc. Studies have shown that people who can’t sit still, burn more calories — up to 350 a day, and it’s a run length of 5 km

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