50 signs that you’re happy

manygoodtips.com_17.10.2014_Mtvuum8JvcmlVIf you’re with us for a long time, you know that almost all of our articles are intended to show you your errors, and you opened my eyes and tried to change something if necessary.

In General, we are constantly striving to make your life a little better. We also just wrote that you should be free, not to get weighed down by someone else’s opinion. So, today we decided to talk a little bit about really free people who live for themselves, not for companies.

We present 50 facts about them and the purpose of all this is that you will feel the difference, comparing them with each other. Maybe you don’t like the way of life of these dudes and you realize that yours is much cooler. No matter what conclusion you make, the main thing that actually made it.

1. They travel the world, and not between offices.

2. They buy the clothes they like, not the one that is suitable for someone thinks.

3. They buy weed, not cigarettes.

4. They’re going to concerts, not to seminars.

5. They follow their dream, and not for the money.

6. They are attracted to a workplace, not a career.

7. They sleep in hostels and not in rented apartments.

8. They study new languages and not interpretiruya old.

9. They risk and don’t expect any bonuses in the new year.

10. They throw parties and not grow belly in the sofa.

11. They climb the mountains, not on the career ladder.

12. They rent an apartment and do not associate yourself with a mortgage.

13. Their innovative thinking, and not clichéd mask.

14. They cook their dinner, not incongruous products thrown in the trash.

15. They work during the work week and not on weekends.

16. They don’t look they have for him.

17. They collect the money but not the time.

18. They choose passion, not pats on the back.

19. They refuse from their heart, not from promises.

20. They fly planes, and do not send postcards.

21. They are friends with people from another country and not hate them.

22. They cultivate their creativity, not mow lawns.

23. They neutralize the opponent, and do not live behind the seven locks.

24. They accumulate experience, not dust.

25. They create masterpieces, but do not paint the baseboard.

26. They make discoveries of what they carelessly threw.

27. They stand for themselves, and not spend your life sitting in a chair.

28. They build dreams and not make repairs.

29. They collect moments, not things.

30. They live in the present and not regret about the past.

31. They improve the law, not adapt to it.

32. They dance barefoot on the beach, and don’t dance around the issue.

33. They shoot and not suffer from strokes.

34. They live for history, not writing it.

35. They are going to think, not asked to do Secretary.

36. They throw out labels, but not live in them.

37. They welcome strangers, and not creating enemies.

38. They live their lives and not waiting for when it will end.

39. They are trying something new and not repeat the recipes of his mother.

40. They worry about friends, not competing with them.

41. They do what they want, and not what is «right».

42. They marry at will, but not for the right people.

43. They help the sick, and not faking.

44. They get the benefits and not just treated from boredom.

45. They write their books instead of looking for something suitable.

46. They go to a new place and no idea how they do it.

47. They have a relationship, and not talking.

48. They are attentive to detail, and don’t fixate on them.

49. They embody your dreams, and do not hide.

50. They make a decisive step and not drown in the muck.

For fun you can try to realize all these points: it is necessary something to entertain yourself this fall. And, you can continue to procrastinate and, as always, not fucking to do. Once again we put you before a choice. Surprise us.

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