50 most gruesome sports injuries in history. Part 2

It’s time once again plunge into chaos and sports. And even pain. If anyone missed the first part here

26. Eduardo Silva

Let’s start with the player. Eduardo started his career at Arsenal is not very good. In 2008, he broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle, but returned to the sport after a year.

27. Bruno Torres

Even in beach volleyball injuries happen. Portuguese Bruno decently scared of their fans.

28. Evander Holyfield

Mike Tyson, as I remember, in 1997 he bit off Holyfield’s ear piece — fortunately, everything worked.

29. Mick Foley

At the time, Mick was the real star of wrestling. As Hulk Hogan live. But in 1994, Vader tore Miku two-thirds of the ear. Remains a small piece. Do you think Mick stopped the fight? You’re wrong, man! The judge took the remains of the ears of the ring and the fight continued. In the same year plastics Miku’s ear returned.


30. Jamie Graham

Again and again football knees. This harsh Australian dude used in 2011 very arrogant reception when he knocked the opponent off his feet. Blow was such force that Jamie Graham, a young footballer who has experienced in his knee all the joys of a closed fracture. The knee of the guy arched in different directions, exactly, it was on hinges. Wooo! Horrible!

31. Steve Zakuani

And again football as possible! Pretty brazen tackle Brian Moulana knocked Steve off his feet and extremely unpleasant broke his leg: look how she raised her. Most interesting is that 14 months ago, Steve returned to the sport in a match against «Colorado»… and Brian Moulana. On the field there was a touching meeting and exchanging shirts as a sign of reconciliation. Well done, guys!

32. Tyrone Protron

In 2005, the American football experienced another tragedy. Tyrone ain’t just broke his leg, he broke it in several places. Despite numerous surgeries, Protron will never come back on the field. Sad story.


33. Preston Burpo

What can I say? Another football player and another a leg injury. We can say that Preston never came back on the field — that means problems with luck.

34. Chris Cooper

Chris was and remains a player of «Denver Broncos». In 2011, he broke his leg. The recovery was long and painful, but in 2012, guy played more than 7 games for the home team.

35. Paulo Diogo

This guy is an exceptional loser. Amazing! In 2004, the Swiss player decided to celebrate a goal in an unexpected way: he climbed on the bars, enclosing the field from the bleachers to greet the fans, but when he jumped down, zatsepilsya wedding ring over the fence and… tore off a finger phalanx. Diogo with a bloody brush did not immediately realize what actually happened, continued to enjoy for some time, until it dragged on a stretcher. In addition, the arbitrator awarded the unfortunate Paulo yellow card. Conclusion: marriage is evil!

36. Patrick Edwards

Also not the luckiest guy. Patrick was so fascinated by the flight of the flying sword that he didn’t notice, being already in the jump that the field ends, and on the horizon — only motorized carts. Patrick landed right on them and got some serious fractures. And then he sued the judge and the organizers, for nefig. It seems to have stabilized as well.

37. Mark Mariani

Bone Brand suffered terribly on 23 August 2012, opening the season with injuries.

38. Matias Concha

The dude knocked out not only the ball but also had a damaged leg.

39. Bare Calming

Legendary Swedish hockey player found out on his face, hell, Israel, in 1986, when Gerrard Gallant accidentally stepped ridge on the face fell, Berge. To restore the faces of Calming needed a record 200 stitches, which undoubtedly made him the most desperate player in history.


40. Derrick Rolland

A regular basketball injury is a sprain, but this guy is in his way unique. The man managed to break both the tibia bone in the leg. His career ended.

41. Buster Posey

In the history of baseball, this injury has already taken its place. And deservedly so.

42. Terrell

BMX is too dangerous. In 2011, a man named Terrell broke his leg like a twig. And he is calm! That egg guy!

43. Ewald Linen

Former German footballer, now a coach, too, felt all of the costs of the profession of the player. In 1981, Ewald in confrontation with an opponent managed to rip his leg on his spiked boots. The wound required 23 stitches, and Ewald returned to the field after 17 days.

44. Llewellyn Starks


American long jumper at 24, was not the most pleasant double fracture. As you may have guessed that this was the end of a career guy.


45. Corey Hill

Mixed martial arts is exactly what is famous for the incredible number of injuries, because there punching people. 1:16 you will understand why the injured Corey was most unpleasant.

46. Unknown kickboxer

Sorry, this is of course awful, and we good to learn this man’s name, but no — we searched long and continue to look for us lazy!

47. The UPA Ngulube

This guy with a complex and multi-name, of course, was born under a lucky star. At full gallop the foot of the UPA crashed just shattered about shoes another player. It is more reminiscent of a toffee.

48. Joe Theisman.

It’s not a good injury, but very, very famous. In 1985 an unsuccessful tackle by Lawrence Taylor led to the fact that Joe Theisman suffered multiple fractures, and that put an end to his career.

49. Denis Lebedev

Many dudes know about this fight, and it is really worth to be considered creepy. Face Lebedev can only be compared with this guy.


50. Clint, Malarchuk

In fact, it was necessary to hold something like top. But it’s long and boring. This injury is the number one, you know, man! She entered the history of sport as the worst injury. Clint, Malarchuk during a game in 1989 between the clubs «Buffalo» and «St. Louis Blues» experienced something that could send him to the light. Sharp skates goalie accidentally severed her jugular Clint, so much so that the guy bled on the ice more than any horror movie. Surgery children, doctors not only saved Clint’s life, but returned it in action: the man took to the ice in five games for the club.

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