50 most gruesome sports injuries in history. Part 1.

All it is obvious that the sport is wildly traumatic occupation, arguing there seems to be no use. Here’s irrefutable proof of this thesis.

1. Terry Butcher


This dude played in the 1989 world Cup qualifier in football. Terry well so wounded head, he patched directly into the stadium, but he is like eiteneer wished to return to the game. Of course, the wound is such treatment not resist and opened up right during the game, the Bay Mike Terry blood. Ugh, but the courage of man can only envy.

2. Allan Ray

Famous basketball player and a lover of fair play is also affected: the dude got a finger in the eye, slightly damaging it. Unpleasant.

3. Thomas Vokoun

Players very often suffer. The goalkeeper has definitely suffered in this situation.

4. Janos Baronian

Hungarian weightlifter suffered greatly at the Beijing Olympics 2008. When you try to lift the barbell over your head Janos suffered a fatal failure: the heavy rod fell from his hands, and the elbow Hungarian was on her way down…

5. Rene Bourque

This guy is frankly decently suffered in November 2006. Lucky that he even returned to the ice.

6. Day Amendola

American football was never the sort of light sekatak and scratchy, this situation just shows how everything strictly.

7. John Terry

Playing for «Chelsea» John Terry in 2007 in all seriousness I almost died when he drove strong football foot under the jaw. The guy had bit her tongue and nearly swallowed him, but recovered and plays again.

8. Jessica Dube

During a speech in Colorado springs in 2007, the partner of the girl accidentally drove her skate in the face, mutilated girl. Doctors needed 80 stitches to gather split into two parts, the face of Jessica. Oak did not skate with his partner until 2011.

9. Shaun Livingston

The other player and damage to the meniscus. How much this hurts, man! Sean also returned to the sport.

10. Morgan Miller

This girl is a professional volleyball player, but she received this terrible wound during a game of Golf with her husband. This situation proves that the game of Golf is extremely dangerous. The girl was wearing sunglasses when the ball hit her face. But it could be worse!

Morgan Miller-about-volleyball-injured-playing-Golf-worst-sports-injury-

11. Darryl Boyce

Canadian hockey player in the bitter struggle did not notice the camera that was filming the match, and rammed straight into its face with all his strength. That’s the result.

50 sport injured1187938961

12. Craig Peacock

British hockey player, too, knows what a rough game. The blade of the opponent left on his face deep cut. A feeling that Craig’s face dug…

50 sport injured1121812684

13. Marcus Lattimore

And again American football. Black guy Marcus has decent knee problems: just look at the way it curved! Hell, we all just turns, so it’s disgusting. And Stroget, because it happened recently, on October 27. Analysts believe that the injury could put an end to the career of this great player.

14. Salim Sdiri

A guy from France and part-time jumper, which sets record after record, learned what a «tragic day», in my experience. However, this is a very strange story, because Salim was not to blame. In 2007 at the European championship in athletics beginning with the unpronounceable Finnish name Tero Pitkamaki hurled the spear and accidentally ended up in Salem. Hmm… And here’s how to call it?

15. Willis, Machachi

Another tough injury for fans of American football. Horror and terror.

16. Renzo Gracie

JIU-jitsu — too harsh a sport. Renzo suffered at the hands of a crazy Japanese Kazushi we’re accepting that broke his arm in two places.

17. Jason Kendall

Came it’s time for baseball to show its essence. This guy back in 1999 was a catcher one of the American team. When it came time obbegat base (someone explain to us the essence of the sport?), our hero stumbled and broke his leg — look as it sticks out of the toe of Jason.

50 sport injured1972113399

18. Ryan Powdrell

This injury capped a season and left a bitter aftertaste: knee Ryan returned where it is not necessary, no one has yet uplifting.

19. Djibril Cissé

Extravagant French footballer got injured during the match of Liverpool and Blackburn in 2004. Interestingly, two years later, at the game with China he had the same injury, but on the other leg. Cisse is still playing.

20. Bryce Flory

Bryce notably suffered during one of the games. The ball is beautifully reflected Brandonm McCartney, hit Bryce in the face, and we know that it doesn’t lead to anything good.

21. Richard *

And again hockey. Dude from Slovakia Richard he has sustained a terrible injury when in the course of a typical fight someone slit his skate on the artery in the leg. The blood was a lot, but Richard survived, still plays, but then missed a whole season.

22. Jacob Olsen

This guy sprained his ankle, but after six months was back in the ranks, and you say that the players of the rags!

50 sport injured0827919525

23. Napoleon McCallum

This player received a truly Imperial trauma: rupture of three ligaments, the damage to the calf, tear a hamstring and a pinched nerve. This put an end to his career.

24. Matt Nichols

This leg Matt’s not looking that way, but they say he’s already recovered and ready to resume the game.

25. Aaron Ramsey

Another broken leg last year. Yes, football is some kind of punishment for the legs.

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