50 life secrets and tips

50 secrets

1. Learn something every day

This not only will train your brain and memory, and fill your mind with quotes and poems. Poems, Proverbs, aphorisms is a good option. Or overheard aphoristic phrase. For example, yesterday in my piggy Bank was this: «no event makes a report, and the report — event».

2. Seek to reduce their passion for things

Those who are attached to their stuff, really suffers when deprived of them. Things begin to own you, not Vice versa. Become a person with minimum needs — and will grow spiritually.

3. Any interesting

Become a researcher and look at the world as your jungle. Stop and look around at all these amazing things and events. Try new things. Get out of the comfort zone and try to try as much as possible, to visit as many as possible places. This world has so much to offer, so why not use it?

4. Remember the names

People will feel that important to you, and in the future will need. To remember a name, repeat it as soon as it falls. Then repeat that name in my head as many times as you need to not forget. Continue to use his name in conversation as often as possible. Can you think of a rhyme. Actually, we already wrote about this.

5. Whether in the form of

It’s amazing to us for life, this one body, and we disregard it. When you’re in shape, you’re healthy, confident and popular among friends. This is a very good reason to be in shape.

6. Learn to focus on this

The past can’t change, and you’ve had enough introspection that you won’t repeat their mistakes. The future is the result of your actions in the present. Learn from the mistakes of the past to the present to make things right.

7. And what’s more: live now!

Even ten minutes ago is the past. If you’re living in right now, you’ll always be happy: nothing terrible can not happen in one second.

8. Smile more often

When your face appears a smile, begins to produce serotonin, the happiness hormone. Smile — a natural way to force yourself to be happy. A lot of smiling for five minutes straight in the morning to all day to be in a great mood. This is a great way which is used less and less when we grow older and begin to need stronger happiness. Just remember: happiness makes you smile, and the smile makes to be happy.

9. Drink water

It is important for health. Sparkling water does not count: it is all the same what to push in the sugar and syrup. Instead, choose water. At first it will seem uninteresting to the taste, but soon you get used to it. Ten glasses a day is optimal. And how much do you drink?

10. Don’t take life too seriously

Learn to laugh at small things, and life will be much easier. Have fun on their own mistakes and be thankful that you learned something. And, most important, enjoy what you do! Life is not only work, but also fun.

11. Think positive

When you think about something bad, immediately stop what means. Punch yourself in the face, talk to someone, jump, hold your breath. Do anything to change their mood is very important.

12. Read the book

Explanation is not necessary.

13. Take care in the sun

Superman, incidentally, is charged by solar energy. The sun is amazing, it’s warm and the light from him.

14. Help others

Here’s a few reasons:

  • Helping you learn to help. This man then, too, someone will help, because you showed him that it was good. Pay it forward.
  • When you help others, you grow. It can change you in unpredictable ways.
  • Your relationship with that person will increase.
  • This is the best thing you can do. It’s nice and makes you feel good man.
  • Then you’ll be able to ask this person a favor.
  • Karma.
  • Simply because in this world you do not live alone.

15. Take yourself time to worry

Think about all your problems and worries at this time, so they would not distract you during work and leisure. So you’ll be a very efficient use of your time and stop focusing on the bad.

16. Always be honest

Falsehood leads to problems. When people know that they can trust you, for you there is no better recommendation.

17. Sleep less

You will have time to sleep sometime later. In a world of so many things that lie around in bed until three in the afternoon — criminal.

18. Communicate with parents

On a regular basis. Call them, write letters, text me. They miss you.

19. Realize your goals and dreams

Many people have no purpose in life, going from the detail to the little things that seem to them important at the time. Think about what you want from this life and start moving in that direction. The most interesting is to reach the goal. We are happy when we are developing and growing.

20. Start your day off right

Wake up and do something nice. Look out the window, think about something good. So you’ll be prepared for the upcoming heavy day. To interesting day. To have a good day.

21. Use the burning leaf method

If you’re worrying about something, or something you don’t like it, close your eyes and imagine, as I write this on a piece of paper. Then mentally burn that paper and see how it burns. It’s even better to do it really.

22. Travel

Anyone who has ever travelled, I would say that this is the most exciting and interesting thing in the world. Familiarity with a foreign culture will enrich your mind and allow you to reflect on his life.

23. Method gum

So, too, can get rid of negative thoughts and bad habits. Put your hand the rubber band and snap her each time when I think about something bad. So you can still quit. Will feel like Pavlov’s dog.

24. Learn not to be offended by the words of others

Many people are offended when I hear in my address something bad. But you can’t be offended. How? If I called you a fire hydrant, it would be a shame? And it is unlikely. Of course, you’re the fire hydrant, but an ordinary man. The same applies to all other words. Few will say that. If not very good, imagine what you say is not insulting word, and «hydrant». Make just as much sense.

25. Eat

This is useful, it increases the metabolism. Here we wrote about it.

26. Learn to forgive

And we wrote about it. Forgiveness is what you do, not all, but it’s so simple. Resentment ruin our lives: you keep coming back to him and angry. You make mistakes too, and others have that same right. Forgive them.

27. Make the others feel special

Let everyone know you’re a good man and a good type.

28. Learn lucid dreaming

Or know when you’re sleeping, and when not. Sleep is nice, but boring and not very productive. But lucid dreaming is fun, and very unusual. You can do anything: fly, travel to other planets, hang out with celebrities, etc.

29. Visualize

We all know we get what I think. If we always complain, we always will have something to complain about. The same can be said about good things: health, wealth and happiness. Just imagine what you want. You’ll have more motivation to achieve this.

30. Do the people of pleasant

To buy candy on the way to work — a hundred rubles and three minutes time. But people are pleased! And you are pleased that they are pleased. And all is well.

31. Learn to control your thoughts

It’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. Our thought process is a stream of consciousness, and this means that you can either direct it or drift. This is very interesting, try it. Be surprised about how much garbage do you think each second.

32. Learn to control your emotions

You can be unhappy at the will of one person — himself. You decide to be offended you on the words and actions of others. Remember this the next time you experience negative emotions.

33. Learn to speak in public

Fear of public speaking, the second after fear of death. It’s funny that such a simple thing scares so many people. But you’re not a coward, my friend. Try it, practice.

34. Relax

Don’t need to be a workaholic. Yes, work is very important, but you need to rest otherwise you’ll burn like a match. In addition to this, you need to reward yourself for the work performed. What is the meaning of the work when it’s nothing?

35. Learn to make a good first impression

Learn to shake hands and have a good talk. People make impression about you in the first sentence, by your appearance and behavior. Remember the names of. Who knows what lies ahead.

36. Use your eyes

  • Keep eye-contact during a conversation. To look down or to the side — a sign of insincerity or disinterest. Instead, look to the interlocutor in eyes.
  • Train your gaze. Sometimes someone looks at you and seems to Shine x-rays. Why? It’s just that he often looks. You too can if you practice.
  • Learn to raise one eyebrow. Not that it’s necessary, but why not? Friend will ask, «Wow, how are you doing this?»

37. Don’t tell people about yourself

It is not necessary to know everything about you in detail. Must be something that you leave for yourself. This is not only a question of trust and confidence, but also ethics. Do not talk, in short.

38. Get well

Do not run to their illness, or they can grow into something monstrous. Thank you yourself say.

39. Learn to do something really good

Call it what you want: passion, a hobby, an outlet — the main thing that you were able to do it well. Your job does not count! It should be something that you can do frequently and what you can grow. What? Magic, ping-pong, short films — anything. Just think about what you like and work on that.

40. Pump already press

This is the most important muscle in the body. They maintain posture and center of gravity, they make you keep your balance. Yes and looks nice. We even gave advice.

41. Keep your brain in shape

Most people, once this neglects. They daily do the same thing, hang out with the same people, eat in the same places. It gives confidence, but the brain relaxes. You did, now try something not yet tried. Visit new cafes, poragative any new crosswords or Sudoku. This is the method my grandmother. Variety!

42. Before sleep read something inspiring

So you sleep in a good mood and Wake up in good mood. Someone else’s speech, some kind of parable. You know better.

43. Do what you like

We wrote to you about the difference between existence and life? This is the same cashier! Many spend their lives thinking that they would like to do. And then regret it. No need to waste time, then it will become a decrepit old man.

44. Choose your friends wisely

Your friends are your friends? Think about it. They often hurt you? They have the same values as you? They cheer for you and help you to reach your goals? If not, then not. Look for further. Find.

45. Don’t burn the bridge

This means that when you end a relationship with someone, don’t show their worst side — like you’ll never see. Go to work peacefully. Break up with girlfriend worthy. In life anything can happen.

46. Write a journal

Sounds feminine, but it is a common habit difficult to quit. Helps a lot to think about and come to interesting conclusions.

47. Build bridges, not walls

When you have someone or something goes wrong, the first thought is to dissociate itself from him as tightly as possible and never see. But there is another alternative. Think of how this can be overcome. Even if it seems that the difference is very big that the differences are too deep, you can build a bridge. Alienated much easier.

48. Trust intuition

Listen to the feelings that tell you to do something. This can happen from the subconscious, from the witnesses, but not completely, of things, of hidden desires. You don’t make yourself ill

49. Develop charisma

You know the people near whom always someone there who gets invited. Try to become that person. You already have some charisma, you just have to develop it. What makes you different? Magnify this!

50. Treat everyone well

With the evil type of porridge will not weld. Love your friends, family and acquaintances. Please. It’s easy to be nervous and ill.

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