50 eternal truths

Work.com.ua_3.04.2016_17IqMqZksxBkYWe do not particularly like all this crap, which inclines men to rules written by other people. Whatever you do, reader! It’s your life, and it is not necessary to hammer your head in the stakes, which are subject to the rules of strangers. All this constrains, forces you to be who you are. So, my friend, not all the «commandments of man» are equally useful for you. But there are plenty of tips that will help you stay afloat in this dirty, dirty world.

Take the liberty and give you a list of things, small and great, which in our eyes describe a person. You can not listen – your life, your choice. But understand, we do not wish you harm and want to see around yourself more good people. Maybe you are the guy on the scales of destiny outweigh the putrid scum that pull our society apart. Maybe you won’t kill your life so, as did many people we knew.

1. There is nothing to say to anyone and everyone about their achievements.

2. Never date girls their friends.

3. Truth does not exist. Your opinion is only your opinion and nothing more.

4. When the bartender asks you should already know what you want to drink.

5. Only savages put on display their wealth.

6. Can you not love prostitutes, but remember that free is more expensive.

7. If you weren’t invited to the party, then you really should not go on it.

8. You use your phone too often and at the right time.

9. Think about your health before you hit 30.

10. A couple of glasses of wine after or before dinner will ruin your day.

11. Learn to handle weapons, it is useful to you in the future.

12. Don’t think you are better than others.

13. You can always climb to a higher level, as and down.

14. Do not take on commitments when you don’t know what they are.

15. If you still have a commitment, you follow them.

16. The world is beautiful, despite all the filth that catches the eye.

17. Not referring to the lack of time – you full.

18. When you go on the head, then sooner or later the desert ghouls will throw you off the pyramid of skulls and eaten alive.

19. There are no hopeless situations.

20. Retreat and defeat are not one and the same.

21. Each has its own mania. Don’t judge a man for his weakness.

22. Order a salad instead of fatty foods in deep fat.

23. Don’t split the check, ask a girl out.

24. Remember your friends, but enemies don’t forget.

25. Deep impact – it’s inevitable. Be ready for it.

26. If a beautiful woman unescorted, then she wants with it.

27. Colorful life is on the other side of planning.

28. About piercing it’s a pity when you have to fight.

29. Never trust people who claim to truth.

30. No one is punishing you, just shit happens.

31. Don’t become a womanizer: one friend – at one point life.

32. Be selfish when it comes to career.

33. Always bring a bottle of something when I go to visit.

34. Not every person can speak the language of diplomacy.

35. If a friend threw a party, help him clean up in the morning.

36. No need to build a relationship with Bourbon. He’ll still never love.

37. If you believe in evolution, you have to understand how it works.

38. If you believe in God, you have to understand the sacred texts.

39. In both cases, don’t become a fanatic.

40. Nobody cares that you’re offended.

41. Never, under any circumstances, write denunciations.

42. The law of conscience above the state laws.

43. If you don’t like the power, change it from the inside.

44. Now is the opportune time from the standpoint of human history for your implementation.

45. If you play for money, control your emotions. Fell into a tilt – drop the game.

46. Do not pose as a smarmy intellectual, smart people immediately recognize a lie.

47. If you read the book, but did not understand its essence and can not retell the plot in a nutshell, it is not read.

48. Before you ask someone a question, ask it yourself.

49. Look at the monsters that you fear – they can become your allies.

50. The truth most often lies on the surface.

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