50 best places to have sex

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For many people the sex best thing in this life. But after a while even sex gets a bit grim. The easiest way to achieve diversity is to change location, sex, and body position (here to help you 100 poses from the Kama Sutra).

In this list we have tried to combine the best places to have sex. Some places easily accessible, and some require enterprise.

50. On the picnic table under the stars.

49. In the back of a pickup truck.

48. On top of the mountain overlooking the lake at 2am in the pitch dark.

47. On the kitchen table.

46. In the shower, standing up.

45. In the shower, lying down.

44. In the plane (less than 0.0001% of the population dare to try it).

43. In the field it is easy to find).

42. In a field of flowers (hard to find).

41. On the haystack (straw).

40. Standing on the couch (against the wall).

39. Lying on the couch (try a pose «Scissors»).

38. Bending over the sofa (cancer).

37. Among the weapons (it will add excitement).

36. The bell tower of the Church (not in Russia).

35. On the floor in the Church (again, not in Russia).

34. In the chair.

33. In a public toilet.

32. Quick sex in the library between two rows of books.

31. In the old enchanted forest.

30. At the hotel.

29. In the lake, sea, river.

28. In the boat.

31. At the train station.

30. The neighbors while they’re home.

29. In the haunted house.

28. At the zoo (if you’re the risky type, go to the lion’s cage).

27. In the wax Museum.

26. On the dining table.

25. In the basement.

24. In the movie theater.

23. On the slope of the hill.

22. In the parents ‘ bedroom.

21. In the restaurant kitchen after closing.

20. Behind the counter.

19. On the kitchen floor.

18. In front of the sink in the bathroom.

17. In the back seat of the car.

16. In the sauna.

15. In the limo.

14. Under the waterfall.

13. In the Bank after closing.

12. In the bed of a furniture store.

11. In a sleeping bag.

10. In the office your boss.

9. In your office.

8. In the attic.

7. In the class (audience).

6. In prison.

5. In a hot air balloon.

4. On the roof of a skyscraper.

3. In the cemetery.

2. On the beach (be careful, the sand can be a bit abrasive).

1. In a Jacuzzi, with flickering candles and a glass of wine, which you drink to enhance the post-coital bliss.

Topping our list in the comments if we missed something.

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