50 awkward situations that will happen in everyone’s life dude

Dudes life is full of awkward situations; you never know where to wait for catch. Awkward situations — they are like clumsy people: they are fun to watch, but to deal with them is not funny. The only difference is that to avoid awkward contact with the person much easier, than to get in an uncomfortable situation that can overtake you at the most inopportune moment.

Personally, I think the inconvenience is a bit funny — if you don’t count certain items from this list. I have however had problems due to some of the following things. But a little relief that these things will confront any, even before the time he turns 30. Can even check how much you already have.

1. Disgrace on the party.

2. Disgrace to those who stand behind you in the queue.

3. — «I love you» when you not is say, «I love you too».

4. Discover that you have a boner, in the wrong situation.

5. Introduce your girlfriend with your ex girlfriend.

6. To meet mother, father or brother of his ex, who you always hated.

7. Ask the girl how she felt about the Threesome or to have sex out of friendship.

8. For the first time to have sex with anyone since I broke up with a girl.

9. Drunk accidentally call the boss or someone important.

10. The next day to explain to him why it happened.

11. To photograph a family for the New year.

12. Discover that you have wet armpits on the shirt after you tried to pick up a friend.

13. To kiss with a girl was a bad kisser.

14. Kiss a girl with bad breath.

15. To vomit in front of a large number of people.

16. To throw up on or in front of the girl, to which you just rolled (or in front of her friends).

17. To try to hit on her after you threw up in front of her.

18. Open your eyes while kissing.

19. Notice the flash when clamped with a friend.

20. To see on instagram a photo of you and her on fire.

21. Disgraced in bed drunk.

22. To cum too early.

23. Do not to cum.

24. Try not to fart during the meeting.

25. To refuse to walk with someone, and then meet him somewhere in town.

26. Try to make the press better than you are generally able to make it.

27. To ask the first counter to insure you of the post.

28. To say Hello to that person next time you meet him in the gym.

29. To lend a helping hand to her to shake, and to remain to stand like a fool, his arm outstretched.

30. To hug a new acquaintance.

31. To kiss a girl on the cheek when she actually had intended just to hug you.

32. Tell your aunts, uncles and all extended family about their plans after University.

33. Kiss a distant relative.

34. That is to say, after some of you rode in the car for another car.

35. Police respond to the obvious question.

36. To Wake up the guests with a morning boner.

37. To call a girl a false name.

38. To see the girl once slept, can’t remember her name.

39. Try to kiss a girl and pretend that you do not care when she you bertinet.

40. Someone will catch you, when you cringe.

41. When a girl asks you how many you slept with her.

42. The way she looks at you when he knows you’re lying.

43. A quarrel with a girl your bro.

44. When someone asks if you can meet with your ex.

45. To see the friend who never wink at you in response on Facebook.

46. Caught during sex, one of the members of his family.

47. To blow into the breathalyzer.

48. To buy condoms in the store, where you know in person.

49. When mom finds your condoms.

50. Tell girlfriend that the condom broke, when you have finished.

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