5 women every sleep

women with whom you sleep

You smell that? It’s the smell of women who will get to you in the future. They smell flowers, spring, hope, puppies and other cute things. Cool perspective, isn’t it? Of course I’m right. Look, it’s just as good as the rest in the Suite: you know that you will have plenty of women. All this happens with you another thirty. When you switch from porn to real life, you’ll find yourself in front of all these friends. And you sleep with each of them, even if it seems to you unrealistic.

1. Your ex

In times of stagnation and desperation you take desperate measures. There is nothing more sad than to sleep with his ex, poditive to her insignificant way like: «I think about you, baby.» First, just don’t say «baby». Never. Second, the stagnation, it is stagnation. This is usually between the different significant events in life. If you roll to the former, be careful entering these waters, because you’re going to open up old wounds that easily get infected. You are gone, and there were reasons. Should you act with caution.

2. Panther

It turns out that for women aged you a tidbit. They are easy to find: they are thickly painted eyes, watching the skin and usually sit at home, such a respectable housewife. Be ready to have sex with a Panther, because it will inevitably happen. You may wonder where to catch such a beast. Panther people in the world live in the same place where the Panthers in the animal world. That is, everywhere. To be sure, you can explore the most densely populated areas. Explore the health food shops, phyto-bars, plain bars, various Dating clubs. Have fun and let her pay for your drink.

3. Colleague

Good news. If you have a job, there are there any colleagues. And with colleagues at least once in my life slept most of bro. You may be surprised, but such a fact of life. Do not have to report this fact to the HR for the plant. Nobody cares that you sleep with your partner. Relax and know that even if you feel awkward, don’t quit your job. Or throw it. No difference. Who cares?

4. The girl on the other end of the cable

We live in the future. Today bro like you can download thousands porn in different honeys absolutely free. A couple of decades ago it was impossible. In an even earlier time you gave a woman in exchange for a herd of sheep. Thank you, God that we live in more progressive times! Of course, can not argue with me. Now technology is helping us to meet and even to have sex at a distance. Long live the future! In General, here’s the thing, it is something without which now can not do any one person.

5. Is a friend

Who would have thought that I, with each bro, a certified bachelor, a single guy who never mind say it? Someday you might meet the love of your life. Yes, it can happen. All your past relationships will seem like just drunken shenanigans. It doesn’t happen immediately, and it makes no sense to rush. However, once you meet a girl and think: that’s a good girl! And you’ll love it. Trust me.

That’s all. Come on, man, indulge in all serious, remember about safety, respect of friends and have a good trip!

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