5 ways to understand why people hate you at work

manygoodtips.com_29.12.2014_DaqHqp4nV3ZZ0To work hard. It is endless opportunities to learn, grow or fail. One thing remains unchanged — people want to be loved, appreciated not only their friends and relatives, but also employees at work.

There are several ways to understand what you’re doing wrong and why you don’t appreciate, and maybe even hate your employees.

1. Serial breaker

If during the conversation, the only voice you hear is yours, congratulations: you’re a serial interrupter. You constantly interrupt people and not allow them to finish the story. Conversation is defined as «informal communication involving two people or a small group of people.» The main point in this definition is that two (or more) people communicate with each other. But if one constantly dominates, this is not a conversation.

How not to be a serial breaker:

  • To recognize that, if other people say, it does not diminish your worth
  • Take notes when others are talking
  • Accustom yourself to write what you want to say when other people say

2. Temper

To shout and show aggression is not a sign of strength, rather, it is a sign of weakness. Anger is a natural reaction to some situations, but to be angry with everything and everyone is a sign that someone needs help. In any company there is an employee who has earned a reputation as an angry and quick-tempered person. If you notice that people are trying to take my eyes off you and not put you in charge of projects that can cause stress, because of your temper, you know, they just do not feel sympathy.

A sure way to keep your temper under control is the study and practice of emotional intelligence. Think about how your actions affect those around you, and try to learn how to manage your anger.

Anger can be useful in mixed martial arts, but this is not a recipe for success in the organization.

3. Passive aggression

First you agree with everything and nod my head during the next meeting, but when it ends, begin to Express their dissatisfaction other concerns about any of the ideas expressed at the meeting.

To be passive-aggressive is another sign of weakness that indicates that you don’t know how to manage conflicts. One of the most important skills which you can learn passive-aggressive people is how to Express their opinions in a professional manner. No one is sure that the ideas will resonate with each person in the conversation. But if you don’t agree with something, say so!

4. Superstability

To be positive 100% of the time is completely unrealistic. So if you are always positive, people will think that you are not truthful or in relation to them or to yourself.

Have a positive attitude towards life is a good trait. Whenever possible, be positive and try to see the good side of a seemingly bad situation. But when your business is not very good, just admit it. When you do, people will see you’re the same person, as all that is happy and sad in certain situations.

5. The main

We all know such a person. Any conversations always boil down to him. No problem easy, no more great victories than him. In fact, the whole world revolves around him.

If someone complains about his hardships of life, professional failures, or, conversely, share their victories, we should not answer him something like: «what is This, but I have…» the Best way to avoid such situations — just shut up and listen to people.

Focus on the person who is speaking. Look me in the eye and ask questions. Make a conscious effort to understand what others say, and do not evaluate their experiences with their own.

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