5 ways to test your intelligence

Intelligence is not merely knowledge (although they, too) and not just the ability to apply this knowledge. The fact that the developed mind it is impossible to give any one characteristic that would fully reflect his greatness. Faster it absorbs a combination of factors, each of which is responsible for its «field activities». One is responsible for the ability to remember information, the other — for the ability to handle it, and the third for the ability to use critical thinking, and the fourth in the art to use the information in practice. All this represents a complex, which suggests that before you stands a reasonable man, and not degenerate.

And even the awareness of another mind requires from you own brain. After all, if around you, what do you think are some fools, it only means that the biggest fool is yourself. But if you’re convinced of the opposite, we provide you five chances to test their intelligence. No IQ tests — they’re rather confusing to make.1 Learn by heart two pages of text


The best minds of the planet Earth almost always had a phenomenal memory. It is very convenient to read a text once and remember it in detail, so as not to waste time on additional reading. Maybe you think that no one knows, but it’s not true. There are people who are by nature very well remember the text. This suggests that the person works the hippocampus area of the brain responsible for memory.

To check yourself just. Enough to take two pages of text and learn them by heart — you can even manygoodtips.com something to find. For example, a text about Lynch about fit into this format. If you had no work to do, then congratulations to you — your hippocampus works well. If quite simply, take any text scientific or historical subjects, usually difficult to remember. For example, the text on siege weapons. If you thought it would be simple, try to remember all the punctuation in the text. In any case, you can train your memory in this way — a good thing. And it is very different from the traditional memorization of poetry, because of rhyme and rhythm aid in the process. So to memorize the poem can fool anyone.

2 Beating chess old to chess club


You need to find the chess club of the city — there are the elders, who scoff at the youth with his intellect. And it seems that they have left their musty brains on the shelves with medications, but it is not. Elderly people who spend all their free time in the chess clubs, often have exceptional strategic thinking. This kind of thinking requires a serious mind powers.

You need not just to make a move, but also to anticipate the enemy, to trap him and eventually eat him king. If you can pull this off, then Bang — you’re not as dumb as you look, and is ready to join the fight against more serious opponents young players go. This Chinese game is a real hell for those who can’t think about the consequences of their moves. It is more complicated than chess and is now experiencing the peak of popularity. Play only with real players, even if you say that a computer to play harder. We live in the human world, not in the world of Bender Bending Rodriguez.

3 quest doesn Come out of a winner Is another unique way to combine fun with the useful brain activity. We’re talking about quests in reality, the tradition which swept all Russia. Rarely will you find a city where these quests there. The reasons for the popularity are clear: the singularity of the event, a company, a small price (if you split into multiple people) and the opportunity to boast his wit. But not all quests are sharpened by thinking — some created exclusively for the noisy companies, who want non-trivial to spend the day. There are quests sports, there is a logic, and there you can find the performances (with the actors).

But we found you some suitable quests that will make your brains like eggs, fried in the pan. Took Moscow as an example, and a directory of quests EscapeTeams as a convenient service to find a worthy quest:

«Crossroads of Time» may not be the most difficult quest in the world, but certainly one of the most challenging quests of Moscow. To complete it, you need at least an hour and a half. You go to the Professor’s laboratory, which has created something that can change the world. You have to know what he was developing, and how to take advantage of his creations.»The x-files: the project «another’s»» — a fascinating quest, which is made in the spirit of sci-fi, why you will see in the entourage of the many technological pieces, understand the device which will not be easy. And, of course, fans of the «Alien» quest ordered the very Ripley — don’t upset her. The plot is based on conspiracy, which was born within the walls of a government lab where cloned monsters from outer space. Why clone such dangerous creatures? No idea, but one of the Others ran away, and you have to find it.

«Resident» — game for fans to tickle your nerves. The plot is classic: a group of teenagers decides to get into the «scary house», where, according to rumors, there lived a crazy engineer, and now people are gone. And here they climb to the attic and realize that the house still someone lives. And this «someone» is not happy to receive new guests.

Better «Residents» is the atmosphere: the creators did a good job on music and sounds. Contact with players is a different story. Special actors as you progress through the quest will try to scare you, but they scare well. Be prepared for the fact that to unravel the mystery of the abandoned house have the atmosphere of the American horror film.

4 we explain one topic in detail

Once One of our authors called an Amateur, he wilted, whimpered, and went on, but the residue remained, although frankly, nothing wrong with the word no. He Heinrich Schliemann, archaeologist, who excavated Troy, was an Amateur. And indeed the word is very ambiguous. Can be considered the Amateurs of the people who received proper education, but anything sensible and did not in the industry?

We are taking you to that clever person, whoever she was, by profession, education and calling should thoroughly study at least one subject. Not on the surface, but on a professional level. Even if this topic will be highly specialized: the sample analysis of the battle of Molodi, or hike Conquistador Blas Ruiz de Hernan Gonzalez in Cambodia.


Professional to be impossible, but any specific topic you know. Why is it important for intelligence? First, work with documents, historical books, professional and scientific literature, a positive effect on your skills of analysis. You learn to correctly map the facts, interpret a personal opinion and question public opinion. Secondly, the systematization of the received knowledge teaches you rational type of thinking, where there is no place to emotions, propaganda, faith, and even personal opinion. In General, a thorough study of any narrow topic contains a whole range of possibilities of testing of your intelligence.5 Invite the girl for a date, which is annoying


A dangerous experiment, but we’ll explain for him. Human relationships is that more difficult than any science. You should understand that if you have ever had a long relationship with a girlfriend or you’ve been betrayed by friends, or from you instantly turn away all close. If you let in the inner circle of the person who dumped you at the first opportunity, then who are you a fool?

Even worse when it comes to business, because business is always money, and money along with rule the world. Even if you’re a dirty hippie who doesn’t want to work and wants life to blow into the Bong, you need the money, I agree. Therefore, we believe the measure of a great mind is the ability to negotiate with the most disgusting people. Such you will come across as evil, in the most important moments of life: on the exam, when applying for a job at the time of purchase of the apartment, in a dark alley.

If you can your enemy to make a friend? At least in the experiment? Try, for example, to find a girl who you can’t stand and agree with her about the date after which it will take you at least another. Happened? So you will be able to find a way out of any situation, and stupid you will not name.

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