5 ways to improve your English

To pump English today can be a variety of ways, from suggestions and unique methods eyes run in different directions. But whatever you choose, know this — learning a language has its own structure, without which any promise to learn the language in 14 days or 30 minutes is not worth a penny. But if you’ve been making plans of how I will go abroad to take in the environment, or want to raise their knowledge to a new level, here’s 5 effective ways to achieve real results.

1. To develop vocabulary

If in the way of your free expression is such an important time, as poor vocabulary, there is no more reasonable solutions than to start to enrich it. In a world where dictionaries have long no one opens unless absolutely necessary, and a huge range of online resources for language learning available to every lucky owner of a smartphone, top up your vocabulary competently, efficiently and with pleasure will not be difficult. All you need is the right approach to the presentation of the material where necessary for communication of the word will appear in a logically sound order your needed. If your level of language proficiency varies somewhere between elementary and pre-intermediate, it does not make sense to you better remember every word, because the human brain has a tendency to put unused information in a dusty box passive vocabulary.

It is best to pump the vocabulary skills suitable application Words, which is based on the most organic introduction to understanding and mastering the vocabulary of the English language, and this show more then 1 000 000 users. The program offered more than 8000 words and more than 330 lessons, which will help you to be more efficient. All the words in the app is translated and professionally voiced that helps you to remember not only the value but also to pay attention to authentic phonetics. In addition to realistic illustrations, you will gain access to exercises that will help you to understand and remember, how, when and where to use these or other words. The application is available on AppStore and Google Play.


2. Diversify your speech

For those who are learning English went much further than the basic time vocabulary, it makes sense to move on and seek to diversify it in the socio-cultural context. You probably know that the major mistake of the person studying a foreign language is the desire to adapt new knowledge into an existing knowledge of the native language. To get rid of the natural reaction of the brain to new, you need to take in the context of the target language. And, as professionals say, there is nothing that conveys the specifics of the language as a phrase.

App Phrases, as an extension of Words, will greatly simplify your life, as it can offer you a large supply of already existing ready-made opinions and suggestions vocabulary. Download from AppStore and Google Play, remember and use. As in the case of vocabulary, sentence well-voiced that you could get the full experience of their use, and specially selected exercises will help to develop new knowledge, to bring them to life and make learning English more versatile than just cramming.


3. Plunge into the medium

Immersion in the language environment for more effective language learning — this idea is not for wimps. Despite the fact that in your environment you probably heard the phrase «to learn English, you need to get where it is spoken», well, or something like that, to really begin to learn the language abroad can be quite difficult for your psyche. But we’re not trying to debunk proven and approved by experienced teachers tactics, and just want to tell you more realistic and painless way to improve my English, in the future, once abroad, you do not feel the tension. As you already understood, to learn English is really independently using the Internet and modern technology.

«7+ effective methods of learning English» is a website dedicated to everyone quickly, efficiently and certainly to learn English remotely, while being as close to native environment. The program consists of 7 easy methods, each of which you study and practice a specific language layer.For the beginning of the «7+ effective methods of learning English» offers you passive and active listening — a technique tested and approved in the international practice of teaching, thanks to which you will add to vocabulary in a natural usage in the living language, learn correct pronunciation and, of course, will plunge into an English-speaking environment. In addition to the hearings, the site offers you the practice of writing and speaking that, in fact, is probably the main demand of all those who are beginning or are still learning English. This system is not a magic wand, through which you start talking, you know. This is perfect for those who want to independently and effectively develop in the right direction.

4. Back to basics

Methods and approaches to study and improve English language in the modern world very much, and one more beautiful than the other. If you don’t want to simply reinforce your knowledge with some additional elements, and decided to thoroughly take up the study of English, it is best to refer to the sources. Under the leaks we have in mind more classical approach to language learning, based on learning grammar and essential elements for a free and competent ownership.

Real English is a program that offers a special method of language learning based on memorization and the efficient use of acquired knowledge, but not the way you’re used to that from school days.We can say that this way of learning English is suitable purposeful and confident in your intentions to students, and you’re like this, isn’t it? If so, then practicing according to the method of Real English, you will have access to free, high-quality and authentic multimedia materials and pass the introductory English grammar course, painted in detail and affordable. Your successes will control professionals, so you can always get detailed feedback on their mistakes, with the corresponding boards and materials for consolidation of knowledge.

5. Engage in group

Individual and independent language learning — it is, of course, good, but don’t underestimate the effectiveness of group practices. During the class students usually have about the same level of language proficiency, and so you’re going to feel comfortable surrounded by guys just like you willing to speak English. Regular practice and sharing knowledge can also help you learn the material better, besides you’ll always have the opportunity to spend time interesting, make new friends and learn a lot.

Group classes are especially useful for beginners and can serve as a good way to refresh your knowledge for those who already made some steps towards learning English. Plus, group lessons are cheaper than individual.

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