5 ways to improve dogs-style

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2014_0HDYcjomEuslTWe do not argue with the fact that dogs-style great pose, but, dude, you can even improve it. If you are already tired of the monotony in bed, then it’s time to add something new. Doggie-style is comfortable for you and for her. There are undoubted advantages of this position: you have a beautiful view, you have easy access to every attractive parts of her body, you can easily find and stimulate the mysterious g-spot. manygoodtips.com interviewed a few friends from nearby offices and learned their opinions about this simple and popular pose.


The classic pose of doggie-style can cause discomfort. Women often complain that such provisions, they hurt my knees. You can try the same position, only standing. She will be face to the wall and bend over a little, well, you’re certainly going to ambush her from behind. You probably tried this position and agree that it is convenient.


If you’re still too lazy to get out of bed, follow a couple of pillows. Let her lie on the stomach, and you put these pillows under your belly or ass, as you prefer. This position is comfortable and pleasant for her, because she do not have to exert effort and thus it is convenient to move. For greater stimulation put her legs should not move them apart.

3.On the other hand

Doggie-style is convenient because you can have sex anywhere. Try to use this pose in the shower, at night on the stairs or in the kitchen, so she relied a bit on the table. In this position, when she has support, she can raise one foot on a chair to make it easier for you to enter.


Have sex with her with your clothes on. You can easily put her cancer, he lifted the skirt and pull or push the panties. You give her pleasant memories. And knowing vulgar female nature, I can assure you that wearing this skirt next time she will remember your great spontaneous sex.


Don’t just fucking her. In this position you can easily caress her Breasts and clitoris even better. Many women difficult to achieve orgasm. Help her. Lean slightly forward and without stopping reach for her clitoris. If you prefer to knead her Breasts, dogs style perfectly suited for this, especially if your girlfriend likes rough sex.

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