5 ways jobs at home

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2014_RYkz9FM031EmUUntil recently, the word «part» associated energy-intensive and often physically demanding work in the evening or night hours. Traditional additional source of income for students and other dissatisfied with his salary of workers, was the work of a bartender or waiter, for example.

With the entry of mankind in the era of Internet there are a number of ways to make money in their spare time, not lifting with his own ass off the couch.

1. Author

If you are able to competently and interesting to write, you don’t have to join the state news Agency and rivet news daily from 9 to 18. You can «append» in various online publication whose focus matches your interests, or let them blog. For successful implementation of these work you will need a computer with Internet access and a slight tendency to graphomania.

2. The virtual tutor

Virtual tutor makes the same as a regular tutor prepares students for entrance exams to the UNIVERSITY, «moving» careless pupils on a particular subject, but unlike «just a tutor» did so on Skype. In addition to his compatriots, you, as a virtual tutor can also help in studying the Russian language student from abroad.

3. Community administrator

The administrator of the community engaged in the conduct of» a certain thematic communities in social networks, filling it with content with a certain frequency and in a certain amount of moderation of the comments, eliminating spam and so on. Perfect part time job for those who spend hours lost in the office.

4. Retoucher

Ideal jobs for those who are interested in working in the graphic editors, — the profession of a Retoucher. Many photographers prefer to delegate the honorable duty of photo retouching by the individual to rid yourself of this hassle.

5. The tester sites

The tester sites in our country is a rare beast. Roughly speaking, the tester is the person who comes to the site when the site is ready for work and begins to press all buttons successively. It checks if everything is working correctly passages, is it easy to find the information or product if we are talking about the online store, no problems at check-in or checkout, not «flies» website layout in different browsers and so on, and then provides a full report of large stocks and small flaws to the creators site.

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