5 virtual States, which surprised us

There is such a thing as a «Virtual state» – a state which actually is not, but only simulates its features. Most is the result of violent fantasies of their ruler. However, without them the modern world would be much duller. We know, dear reader, that the virtual States like mushrooms after the rain. But we chose the most interesting, in our opinion, and you look and think whether you need such citizenship.


manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_7e3mDD8ZNWS7EIn the Balkans countries – like pimples on the face of the student. They all have their own complex bloody history. But there is one that goes against the idea of a typical Balkan country. There is no crisis and war. Her name – Liberdade.

How much freedom in the title alone! Although the root «Liber» is present and glorious in Liberia, in which even the dead to enter is dangerous for health. But Liberline’s not! She is almost as unreal as the magic Kingdom of gnomes, fairies and elves.

When the Czech activist and freedom fighter Vit Edlichka thought about his own state with blackjack and democracy, his eyes fell on seven square kilometers of land on the border between Serbia and Croatia. It is even 15 times more than the Vatican!

Impressive grounds: in the early 90s, here shed the blood of angry Yugoslavs, wiesnewski relations during the civil war. Now here is a peaceful friendly forest, which can not divide among themselves neither Serbs nor Croats. Well, like they say until you get this sorted, we are expropriating. Former Yugoslavs, as usual, not very fun from what tidbit the earth will pass some kind of adventurer. But it was not necessary to ruin such a great Union like Yugoslavia.

First Edlichka called his magic Kingdom 5000 of his friends, who respect the rights and opinions of others regardless of their race, nationality, religion and orientation. However, the idea seems so seductive that 160,000 people have already sent requests for his new citizenship. Therefore, Vitu and his friends have from morning to night to deal with the bureaucracy to dig in papers and think about how far they went. It all started as a protest. But now it’s really turned into a real project with real support, and with all confidence Jedlicki that it does not violate international law, and it is not clear how this will end. The state has its own anthem, its own Constitution, cozy flag and the motto «Live and let live», after which I want to drop everything and go back with a knapsack on my shoulder, even on foot. Their migration office is one of the busiest in the world but the massive construction and settlement of the disputed territories had not yet begun. Yes, and how they will start: Edlichka still regularly inhibit the Croatian customs. What happens when there is located hundreds of thousands of people? Moreover, Vit is not going to leave his political career in the Czech Republic. It is quite difficult to combine work in two States at once.


If you want to obtain citizenship of a new country, you should:

– respect other people and their opinions regardless of race, nationality, orientation or religion;

– respect private property, which is inviolable;

It is advisable not to have a Communist, Nazi or other extremist past. So graduates of the Hitler youth and former members of the Communist party – in the span. Well, don’t think that Liberdade is a kind of Cossack freemen, from the law to hide will not work, because here no respect for a criminal.

By the way, the official languages of the state in English and native Czech Jedlicki. Because initially it was assumed that the area will be inhabited exclusively by Czechs. But don’t worry, even if you speak English a little worse Vitaly Mutko, you still have great chances to obtain citizenship. If you can translate to other languages, I know reliable people who are willing to help Liberando versed in SMM can draw, chances will increase.

The Kingdom of gays and lesbians

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_9ouv3nkT9fFTrIt is wonderful to live on the shores of the Coral sea, where many corals and… sea, enjoy the salty breeze that is better than any balm treats occupied by a ruddy tan skin and caressing her boyfriend, melt two shamelessly GLOBALSIM each other lesbians. Scary? It is engaged in this Kingdom of gays and lesbians – a vivid example of what is ready to go sexual minorities to become the majority.

In summer 2004, the Australian Parliament has decided to ban same-sex marriage. This prompted a local group of LGBT activists to create their own state, of course, borrowing from the territory of the evil neighbors. The whole island pressed! The island itself is small, only 3 square kilometers, but the area of the «Kingdom» has an area of 780 thousand square kilometers is the area of Norway and Sweden combined! To conquer the island by force same-sex love they went on the ship Gayflower, named after the ship of the first American settlers of the Mayflower. However, Australian authorities have enough sense of humor not to take this move seriously. Even after they chose not just king, but Emperor of all gays and lesbians, groom, Dale I – among sexual minorities Patriarchy reigns. The flag did not become wise by selecting the variegated flag of the LGBT community.


To obtain citizenship quite simple: you need to become a pede… sexual minorities, and you will automatically get citizenship. However, it will be necessary to prove it and pay $ 100. The assurances of His Imperial Majesty, the citizens of the «States» were already about 14 thousand people. It is easy to calculate that it brought to the Imperial court about 1.4 million dollars. First designed the citizenship of editors of journals for sexual minorities from around the world.

However, the main source of income is the production of postage stamps. Dale I and his «Cabinet» earned them about $ 3 million. The official currency of the island is the Euro.

On the one hand, Australians for the idea to drive all the gays in the enclave and peacefully with them to deal with. But the fact that the island is still not inhabited, there is no source of fresh water and the General conditions for housing. Nevertheless, sex menshinstva promised to shelter all persecuted homosexuals in Third World countries. Turns out, there is much to be exiled on the lonely island there they built their love. Only room for everyone just is not enough. How do you sex expansion started… Although Dale said that «the state» need 500 million to make zasypku of the island and place it on all minorities to not run.

The only thing that pleases in this island, it is his income tax. «When it located the people,» it will be only 1%, profit tax of legal entities – 2%. No more taxes will not be applied. Well done, care about the country.


manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_H1UE097mq4BzcIn the middle of the cold North sea, 13 km from the rigors of the British coast offshore platform. And not simple, but with the state, anthem, emblem and flag. Meet Sealand – an unrecognized state within one platform.

In the distant 1967, disappointed in the home of a retired major of the British army Roy Bates noticed built during the Second World war, the REFs platform tower and decided to use it as a pirate station. But, apparently, service of the Queen and the independence of former British colonies gave rise to the Bates Imperial complex. On reflection, that pirate station is boring, Roy turned her into the real Kingdom with the telling title of Sealand («Sea-Land»), although a bit of land in the Kingdom is not only the concrete and iron. Not the best place for agriculture, and minerals – only the fittings for scrap.

But in the history Sealand was a real struggle for independence from the ruthless British police. After the Declaration of sovereignty in 1968, the authorities tried to occupy the platform. Police on patrol boats, Roy was arrested and charged him. However, on 2 September 1968, the judge of Essex acknowledged that the case is outside British jurisdiction (the width of the territorial waters of great Britain at that time was 3 nautical miles). Independence violently and long celebrated throughout the country: Monarchia the family gathered, drank champagne and went to bed. Besides them, until that moment on the island there was no one.


In October 2012 there was a tragic event for the entire Kingdom – the king died-the founder, the founder of the dynasty Roy I (this is officially called a swarm). Power passed to his son Michael, who continues to rule according to the precepts of his father. Sealand continues to earn through the sale of coins, stamps, titles of Baron, and also at the registration email on the exotic domain. Also sold by the currency of the state kalendsky dollar. The course is, unfortunately, unknown. The state had not recognized and are unlikely to recognize, but if that happens, Sealand would be the smallest state in the world. It’s as surreal as Cloud City in Star wars, but rather for its scenery reminiscent of the Iron Islands from the series «a Song of ice and fire».

By the way, in 2007 the state almost ceased to exist. The owners of the infamous torrent website The Pirate Bay have expressed a desire to purchase the platform to place their equipment, but the deal never took place.


Stop.com.ua_3.06.2015_gnI12MxWlx7EoIn any case, not to be confused with Little. In Molossia life a lot more fun. This is the most successful of all virtual States. And here is where it all began.

In 1977 two American guy, as they say in «patsanski» publics, «brothers not by blood but by spirit» – James Spielman and Kevin are very suitable to create something great the name of God announced the establishment of a great Republic, Waldstein. The first was king James I, the second Prime Minister. The guys was not a single piece of land, that did not stop their madness all to Express themselves. They invented coat of arms, flag (somehow similar to the flag of Uzbekistan) and its own currency. The only thing that has caused controversy is the political system. First of Molossia was an absolute monarchy and then a Communist monarchy. The Communist, Karl!

The idea of the guys no one took seriously, despite all their attempts to Express themselves in the press. If they remembered, then only as two freaks.

In 1998, Molossia finally claimed his territory. God bought (how beautiful it sounds!) in Nevada, near Dayton, Ohio, a piece of rocky desert and began to build the «ideal state». King James, by that time retired and resigned title. After this, God declared himself head of the Republic of Molossia and become President for life.

The assets of the state was: a piece of the desert, a small house, four people, God, himself, his wife and two children – and huge ambitions. These ambitions went so far that Molossia even entered into a two-week war with America. Hitler took over Denmark during the day, and the Americans did not know about that are fighting with some strange Republic for two weeks. And it was so. July 6, 1999, someone threw up on the territory of the Republic of a dead dog. Kevin regarded it as an attack on independence and declared war on the States threatened by powerful neighbors «weapons of mass destruction.» They became a 13-year-old President’s son mark, who spent two weeks calling different utilities of Dayton and on behalf of the Show demanded an end to the occupation and the attack on the sovereignty.

In the end, the States surrendered here comes the garbage man with a long stick pulled and took almost decomposed body of a dog. Him as an enemy, not allowed to cross the border. And there’s nothing to keep out the invaders. After the war, Kevin, for example, loved to treat myself to Leonid Brezhnev, gave him the title of war hero. Devoted to this war, the only one on the territory of a state monument on which the site says the following: «On the border erected a monument to the Dead Dog. He stands here as a silent reminder of the horrors of war and man’s inhumanity to man.»


Before becoming a citizen of the Molossian was impossible, however, after the eldest son Kevin got married and went to Europe, the President had to take care of the influx of fresh blood. Now, oath, making buy and personally met with God, no problem to acquire citizenship of the Republic. This right was exercised 27.

In Molossia is a real dictatorship. All positions in the state is a God (the same one that Kevin). Realizing that the young Republic needed order and strict discipline, he introduced compulsory military service, the death penalty, which has never been used (but, remembering the story of the war, you know, anything could be in this terrible country.)

The main source of state revenue is tourism. The gift shop serves customers directly to the first lady – where else with such a face! Because the United States does not recognize its small neighbor, then God requires the payment of taxes. However, Kevin does not mind. If you thought he was just scared, you are deeply mistaken. This policy is charity. Kevin is just helping his old enemy.

Molossia is not the only country that has capital (espera – Kevin’s God), which has enemies (Germany and the micro Mustachistan), army and Navy (3 person Dinghy) and the exchange rate: 1 valor = 1/3 a pack of biscuits «Pillsbury».


manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_tfIhuLATZdrELIn the centre of Rome there is the Vatican state, ruled by the priests. In the heart of Copenhagen – the state of Christiania, where hippies ruled. Imagine that in the centre of Moscow will arise a state of their own with a hippie on the head, pretty hard. However, in Denmark a similar way to co-exist for quite a long time.

34 hectares of free love were occupied by hippies in 1971. Then the «flower children» illegally occupied the vacant military barracks belonging to the city, as Denmark was not yet one of the most livable countries. As they say, let the pig at the table, she feet put, and follows them on a vacant territory moved anarchists, drug addicts, squatters and other isolated from the world.

However, as any self-respecting state, Christiania had to defend his nezavismosti. The times were violent, with police using brute force tried to disperse the youth, which is reflected by the bricks and all that came to hand. In the end, from behind them, giving the municipality the honorable title of «Social experiment», but exactly to the moment until I figure out the best use for the disputed territory.

However, this power has not stopped. 76-m, they tried again to drive out the freedom of inhabitants from their homes, but raised a wave of protest, and the Danish rock band recorded a special album in the protection of the free city. Authorities retreated exactly to 1982, when the smoke of incense and Smoking blends completely covered the city. They even called the town-planning firm, she decided how best to use the territory. Nothing better than a social experiment has come up. Since then behind.

However, there was a problem, which really bothered the city – drugs. The fact that a country with such a righteous name became a hangout for dealers. Realizing the situation, the Council decided that all those associated with heroin or any heavy (addictive) drug, they have to leave Christiania. Unfortunately, dealers and heroin addicts were completely irresponsible and flatly refused to go anywhere. So in Christiania, the civil war began. Real, once again with barricades, gunfire, Molotov cocktails and other fun. Opponents of the drug won, drove out the drug dealers and changed the law. Now you can sell only marijuana and hashish.


But the misfortune of the unfortunate Christiania is not over. The fact that the Swedish Stockholm to Copenhagen close by. The border is open, and the Swedish students began to run. Guess where? Right! The Swedes have even started to threaten that shut down the power plant supplying the city, so the police had to take control of the free city, twice a day checking even tourists. Battle-hardened Christians now were beginning to get out of the dusty closets of illegal weapons and make cocktails, intervened merchants grass, arranging graceful strike: they just started handing out free grass for everyone, even those who do not really want.

Journalists all over the world and personally the Minister of justice of Denmark visited Christiania, trying to understand what is really going on. After that the police stopped any patrolling Christiania. The only reminder of those harsh times became the fashion to wear something similar to a police uniform, on the back of them instead of «POLITI» in the same font it is written «IDIOTI».

Locals only 1000 people, and they earn the export of drugs in large quantities. Every second is selling weed to tourists, and some work as guides for the exotic country, where there are cafes, shops, art Studio, clubs and other establishments with local flavor.

Here you can travel by car and the main artery of the city – Pusher street – reminiscent of a shopping Mall under the open sky, where neat stacks lined with quaint art-wares of local designers and stoned laid out like chocolate hashish. In the year of Christiania is visited by over a million tourists, but locals are accustomed to. If they had not received any income, it has long been the site of the commune would have adorned the Mall.

In 2011, Christiania received from the authorities of semi-Autonomous status. Under the new law, residents will have the opportunity to buy land below cost, and the rest of the state will lease.

Christiania has its own anthem, its own flag and Constitution – thanks to the anarchist Jacob Ludvigsen for it. By the way, he proclaimed it a free city. However, the main difference is absurd Republic from others is that she had to fight for their independence, and to defend their small country.

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