5 violent, brutal and uncompromising graphic novels

By.kom.ua_9.09.2015_Y55U2GJxd7zDlSometimes, reading a comic book and think about the fact that too few in this letter. Another time I read a full book, and suddenly the spell becomes too much. Unknown genius coined a very serious thing for which they will erect a monument: they put comics and books, thus obtaining a graphic novel.

Although this is actually know intended for more thoughtful and adult audiences. It’s not about the hentai and targeting adults who may already have seen many things in life and want to read something about their problems, ideas or dreams. The characteristic feature of graphic novels is alerting essentially a conventional comic book characters. Most of the drawings done deliberately realistic manner.

1. «V for vendetta». Alan Moore, David Lloyd


Guru of graphic novels is Alan Moore, let’s start with that. The comic book series «V for Vendetta» consists of 10 releases that came out from may 1982 to March 1989. All events take place in antiutopias the UK government which belongs to the fascist party «and the fire». Police state destroys its opponents in concentration camps, and the people obediently obey strong hand. But on the scene a man named «V», whose face is hidden by a guy Fawkes mask, which later became the companion of many acts of civil disobedience already in the real world. Thus, the story about the idealized revolutionary beyond culture and became an inspiration for those people who were under the yoke of dictatorship.

There was also a film adaptation of this graphic novel, which he Alan Moore said the following:

[The film] has become a parable of the Bush era, written by people too timid to write political satire about his country… It’s ragged and futile and largely useless American fantasy about a certain man with American notions of freedom, opposing the government, driven by neo-conservatives – that wasn’t a comic book V for Vendetta. It was about fascism, anarchy, it was about England.

2. «From Hell». Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell


The story of Jack the Ripper in the movie version which starred johnny Depp. I remember this chic Thriller? This film is based on the work of Alan Moore.

An interesting detail of this graphic novel. Moore took seriously to the study of the same events, which have resulted in numerous lacerated victim. The killer was never caught, but his nickname knows each of us. In the drawings, the abundance of details, exactly corresponding to the era in which the action takes place. On the pages of the comic have found their place such historical figures as Oscar Wilde, William Blake and even Aleister Crowley.

Edie Campbell chose a unique style of drawing, which is now nowhere to be seen.

By the way, not so long ago, in 2014, Russell Edwards, through genetic examination, stated that Jack the Ripper Polish immigrant Aaron kosminsky, who worked as a hairdresser in London Whitechapel. Such cases.

3. «Road Rage». Joe Hill, Stephen King, Richard Matheson


Live pretty or die laughing. But don’t run. Don’t run, let you to hell!

Road rageRoad rage» – a comic based on a joint story by Stephen king and his son Joe hill. The latter, incidentally, was a wonderful writer and his «Horns» – quite a good book, but the film shot by the book, quite a controversial thing, but it starred Radcliffe.

If you want to read something about the brutal essence of a real man, then this comic is for you. Here is the terrible Mojave desert, a wild motorcycle gang and the severe truck driver, who does not like being treated like shit. Horror in the comic you will not see – only the rage and the clubs of exhaust smoke.

4. «Lock and key». Joe Hill


The son of a king – a real geek and he even mentioned that he feels more a writer namely the author of the comics. «Lock and key» – an outstanding series that highlights the original style of hill. Stephen king made the comic his hand, and he the result is a very distinctive, sometimes harsh and sinister. The story begins with the fact that the father of three children, Randall Locke, dies in his summer house at the hands of adolescent psychopaths. Ancestral remains without a master, and sent to the heirs of Locke. The city, in which there are all actions, referred to as Lovecraft. But the state was familiar to the ear of the reader – mA.

The plot on top, prove that the two received the British fantasy award in 2009 and 2012.

5. «American vampire». Stephen King, Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque


The cycle of graphic novels, which will please both fans of the king of horror, and lover of interesting and unusual comics. Drawing, like the story, and glitters with testosterone. If you’re tired of cheesy vampires, these stories just what the doctor ordered. Each co-author of the comic has developed its own storyline. Not hard to guess that the vampire cowboy – the work of Stephen king, but the vampire came up with Snyder.

Now, the story of a sociopath Skinner Entourage, the vampire cowboy, just makes the soul happy. Besides that his character embodies many masculine qualities that are so rare in our time, as yet he has not a vampire thing – fighting against the capitalist vampires of the Wild West.

Did Snyder also did it to entice the reader. And maybe even better than the king. Pungent satire and a more rigid position in the story – maybe that’s why Snyder single-handedly continued the series, and king merged after the first volume? In any case, interesting to read, and illustrations Albuquerque come at an opportune moment.

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