5 useful tips on how to help yourself

Big changes do not always mean large amounts of energy. Sometimes you just have to organize your life to give you only positive emotions and motivated every day to do something that will change your life for the better. Small but useful things, done consistently, will become the Foundation for great achievements. Today manygoodtips.com teaches how to overcome less to achieve more.

Problem: You woke up in a bad mood

Solution: the Switching of attention.

Often in the morning in a terrible mood. The reasons for this are many, after all, starts your day with duties and work that you don’t want to perform. Much nicer to lie in bed or even go to play some game, read a book, watch TV. In fact, in your desire idleness lies salvation. You need to shift their focus from the negative aspects of reality to positive. Enough free 30 minutes (if you don’t, then get up 30 minutes early is not that difficult).

Those 30 minutes you have to dedicate to the pleasure. Start reading morning book — better genre, which focus on entertainment, not for deep philosophizing. Go play some game or watch one episode of some sitcom (just to keep within 30 minutes). These things will help you relax, achieve mental equilibrium and to go to work in a good mood.

Problem: You feel anxiety or stress

Solution: the Starry sky

When you wrestle with your inner demons and suffer unexpected trouble, just look up. You only need to make one small movement of the neck — nothing more. Look at the stars and think about what you’re living on a very small planet in a vast cosmos. On this planet there is life. Star world you have the honor to observe, is ancient — some stars long since burned out, exploded, but the light still comes.

This is all the bare facts from space, you can barely see, but even they break your «psychological problems» to smithereens. Neurotic fears go away when you realize how far they are from the reality of the Universe.

Problem: You can’t sleep

Solution: Tetris

Can’t sleep? Heavy head after a hard day? The girl refused to have sex? Tomorrow a lot of work? Try to play «Tetris». Ten minutes is enough to write a negative visualization that interferes with sleep, on the positive.

Type game «Tetris» deceive our brain, so they and effective. When they play, you have to be focused, and the power of your brain weakens, he begins to fall asleep. In this case you have no opportunity to mention the problems, and traumatic memories don’t bother you, because you’re busy playing. Actually, it works any game that can captivate your attention, but «Tetris» works because you can easily take him to bed. Computer shooter you wouldn’t do that.

Problem: you don’t Have time for Breakfast

The solution: intermittent fasting

For many there is a problem with the breakfasts — they just don’t have the time. So people seriously eaten on your lunch break or at home tonight. If you have lost all hope to recover the normal operation of the meal, try to go the other way periodic — starvation. The system itself is periodic fasting means that the first meal will be after 16 hours of fasting and the second after 8 hours of fasting. 16 hours without eating provide efficient operations of autophagy (cellular regeneration and healing) and anabolism (muscle building). There is increased clarity of mind, as well as more vigorous health. But the first few days of this diet will be difficult.

Problem: you Have difficulties performing tasks

Solution: Write down your plans

I could enjoy almost every day, but they tend not to become a reality. When you focus on dreams, of course, discipline would be bad, because the dream — the concept is more spiritual than practical. Otherwise, the situation with goals that can be decomposed into components: set the plan, work in a given direction, reach the goal.

Look at things this way. Goals need to be structured, otherwise they remain dreams — impossible, although such pleasant to think about. If you want to turn a dream into a goal, just write it down, sign the plan and take action. The better you understand how to reach the finish line, the fewer problems with the task.

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