5 useful courses for self-development

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_DVNU6FeF6RGrCSelf-development. Everyone understands that word differently. For some it is to learn a new profession and start earning a big salary. Someone thinks with self-development that I read a few books in one week. The third will be proud of having been able to reach a new level in a computer game and brag about the fact that he is engaged in self-development.

In manygoodtips.com have an opinion about this, which is not surprising, because every day we are engaged in self-development, working on myself, samosovershenstvovaniya and produce new personal qualities. The bottom line is that self-development is filling your consciousness with new knowledge and skills, and console time — means that you want to do this yourself, without the aid of experts. This, incidentally, is much more productive because you will have to delve into the essence and thereby get more information. It’s not to sit in a lecture playing on my phone. Self-development is impossible without your desire, and thus allows you to concentrate on gaining knowledge.

Where do you start? Of course with online courses to improve their skills. Since they are now a huge number. We have selected a few, which now describe.

1. Programming basics

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_23hnkfjbzVVy2It is easy to predict that the future of programming. It’s already here. It is impossible to imagine a developed person without a smartphone or computer. Social networks, many useful services, even the coffee maker programmed for the morning and could do with a Cup of coffee at exactly 7:00.

Even if you’re a humanist, and decided to hastily skip this step, do not rush. Of course, for programming the necessary knowledge in mathematics and even in physics. But now there is no way of writing programs, which were used ten years ago. There is a huge amount of convenient tools that highlight, suggest or even correct your mistakes in real-time.

One of the most useful courses on this subject are — «programming Fundamentals» by Geekbrains. This is exactly what you need in the initial phase of this profession. Even a beginner will be able to find a lot of interesting things. If you doubt that you eventually will, don’t worry, all for free. It would be a shame not to try and regret it all my life.

The course lasts fifteen weeks and includes 3 lessons, 2 hours each, each of which talks about the specifics of the various nuances. Following the course you will receive the treasured certificate with a seal. The bonus will be available to you all videos of this course, and you’ll write your first program, to show off friends!

2. Principles of marketing

Respectively.com.ua_25.07.2016_x6JsoJG2481z9All the goods that surround us, will not be sold and make a profit without a well constructed marketing plan. You cannot create a new product without thinking of its promotion and advertising.

If you create a new kind of chocolate that will be high quality, and cost 10 times cheaper, you can’t sell it if nobody knows. Without proper advertising, you can burn even with a brilliant idea. On the market it is important to present your product and that’s why marketers are now worth their weight in gold. Good professionals generally priceless.

From online courses marketing are several, but most liked the course of Netology. Here you can go through 11 different programs in marketing. This means that there is an opportunity to choose the direction. After all, marketing is not only a common advertising on TV and the Internet. It is also a web analyst, professional copywriting, social media management and so on. All these skills you will be able to Netology.It’s safe to say that these courses will not go in vain for you and you will not lose time in vain. Marketing is not all knowledge which you get if you wish to develop. There’s programming, design, and project management.

By the way, go to the website Netology, we found a nice share. Its meaning is that when passing one course — you get one free. The offer is valid until August 15. Really nice. Don’t like the marketing, to master the design. The content of self-development this is a constant search for new knowledge.

3. The basics of speed reading

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_RuIFezdrPvj7RThe flow of information that now surrounds us is truly immense. Most often our brain can’t even cope with the mass of text which is sent to your brain during the day. If you count the time it takes just to read information, then you’ll know what to spend it on a massive scale. If you consider that time is the most valuable resource that we possess, we need to protect it with special care. For this and there are courses in accelerated reading. They are aimed at the thesis examination of the information and highlighting the most important points in rejecting the so-called «water», which just takes your precious time.

Conventional the average person reads at a speed of 200-250 words per minute, while the brain is able to understand up to 500 words for the same length of time. In the end we spend almost 2 times more time to assimilate information than it could.

The courses of acceleration information perception very popular in recent years. One of these is Legendas. After passing it you will be able to increase the speed of your reading the same twice and work several times faster. More specifically, spending on information perception in two times less time. What is this if not self-development?

Free time can be easily spent on the improvement of the more necessary skills. Think about how long you spend reading a normal article, and divide into two. Now calculate how much time a day you can save. To spend it to the benefit and self-development will be much more productive.

4. English course in real life

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_M1269daWBNXrgGlobalization is in full swing. One of the binder components of this process is English. It will allow you to get a better paying job, to go to any European country and just understand this world a little more than others.

There are many techniques that people are learning English. Some claim that you only need the desire, and others that need to go to English speaking country and live there for six months. We believe that before going to extremes you need to prepare yourself and get the basics. Without them you will not be able to master any of the cases. First, you need to determine your level of proficiency. For this there are a lot of tests that determines your knowledge and give you feature. Next you need to determine the methodology for the study. The best would be to try several — you might not fit audiobooks, but you will learn English easily through watching the series with subtitles, or other interesting way. Need somewhere to start. There’s no other way.

One of the most interesting courses RealStudy. Here you’ll be able to training exactly from the level that fits your knowledge. Simply put, if you are just beginning language learning, you will start with the basics. If you found that your level is higher, then you can start learning right away with the third or fourth level. Since they are six.There is nothing wrong to start with the first, to realize that you have outgrown and go on the second immediately. This will not only help you to repeat already existing knowledge, but will also amuse your self-esteem, which is directly related to the inspiration for the conquest of new knowledge. Plus, this course a lot — over 230 video tutorials, more than 300 dialogues for speaking practice and more than 1,000 useful tasks.

5. TED

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_HXgAHLaSjCwDQNothing inspires self-development as a good example of a person who has made considerable heights. We look at successful people and try to come up with an excuse. We assure ourselves that they would not have achieved their success, helped them, moved them. And here you are without connections and money are not able to invent something or come up with a new product. It’s all nonsense. Numerous life stories prove that more than half of the successful and famous people have attained success by practicing the self-development. Indeed, when I listen to or watch performances of successful people, I want to believe that you are not worse, you just have to believe in yourself. It’s inspiring, believe me.

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_omeQZBvxOAACWIf you possess at least the basics of the English language or passed the course which we have suggested above, the inspiration you need to go to the world-famous TED. Here you can watch performances of people who have a story to tell. You will not copy any history of success. You can think of the new iPhone and will not create a new TESLA. But this does not mean that you can’t recharged with inspiration from stories of people who were able to reach certain heights.

At TED, almost every day there are interesting and instructive lectures.

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