5 useful books for different occasions

Dude, we often write about how important self-education, motivation and development of their abilities. I sincerely hope that for you this information is really useful and relevant. Today we picked 5 books that will surely help you to overcome some of the difficulties, whether in personal growth or career. Be sure to read them at leisure, and write us what you think. Let’s do this!

1. Mark McGuinness, «no matter what»


The title of the book more like a reference to the ruthless fighters of the 90’s, but correspondence: «How to overcome the fear of rejection and criticism on the road to your own dream,» puts everything in its place. Each of us are faced with the problem of their complexes and psychological obstacles that seem impassable. «No matter what» will help to look at the situation from the other, more optimistic hand and play any game in their favor. Reading the work Macguinness, you will understand what is «success», and a few simple practical exercises on each day will help find ways to achieve the desired. The book is applicable both in business and in personal life: sometimes cruel criticism hits you where you least expect it – in the circle of family and friends.

People immature and unready wish to everything without dealing with caution. They would like to enjoy success as a pizza or download it as a movie from the Internet – quickly and without problems. But success is something else entirely.

2. Staffan Noteberg, «Time management for tomatoes»

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_4QpwSneKMDzYcThis book will suit anyone: from a student dying on another coursecom or the head of the diploma, to top Manager, which suffers from delay multi-million dollar project. It’s probably in our DNA to mentalitetom level: we love gundet and place for all things then «(Yes, now it is called the fashionable word «procrastination»). A lot from this try to make 200 cases in seconds before the dreaded word «deadline» and, of course, will fail. But the secret is not to do everything, but rather to prioritize and focus on what’s important. Perhaps the method described in the book, at first seem to you quite absurd and silly, but it really works. Try it, and it’ll work.

Did you hear about the model of skill acquisition Dreyfus? I think you have to change the method you should stick with the original version of the tomato, as he conceived, at least two weeks. Then when you will understand all pluses and minuses, you can start to gradually introduce changes.

3. Alex Cornell, «Again a creative crisis?»

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_Li6wDvjQpKoz5Visible the inscription «90 proven ways» emblazoned on the cover for good reason: the book’s author friends sent 90 letters with a single question: «How do you deal with creative crisis?» Among the respondents were successful designers, photographers, artists, musicians and other artists. Under the editorship of Alex Cornell has turned out a product that is difficult to name a book in the usual concept: it’s more of a conversation «uncut» with creative pieces that live with us at one time. No boring theoretical calculations only stylish illustrations and specific solutions in the text, from the banal («to go for a walk in the Park» and «drink coffee where there was not yet») to the most brave, which just won’t. What? Read and enjoy, dude!

People who claim that they have no creative crisis, or are in love with their job, or just steal other people’s ideas.

4. Edward de Bono, «Teach yourself to think»

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_ElrsBS8j2KimjLately we often hear the call: «think Less, do more» – and that, of course, makes sense. But «tutorial on the development of thinking» will help you to think so that you know what to do. One of the best books of the British psychologist Edward de Bono, an expert in the field of creative thinking, provides interesting methods and tools to improve internal boundaries. If you’re unable to find a common language with colleagues, or you find it hard to use your imagination «click», be sure to take «the tutorial» note!

It is wrong to think that there are «thinkers» and «leaders» and that they exist separately.

5. Chip Heath, Dan Heath, «the Heart of change»

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_qg6NqXMxHnZoQA great addition to the previous book. From words to deeds, as they say. Long thoughts on how to drop everything and leave for the Islands? I want to change jobs, but something stops? Can’t choose which restaurant to go to with a friend? «Heart of change» for you. The joint work of the brothers Chisov on simple and real life examples will show you how to go from small changes in the usual course of life to the global goals. Fun and bright comparison, interesting and motivating stories, in General, what is needed in the modern literature. Read it and tomorrow will feel like the world is changing around!

Trying to overcome the inertia and indifference with analytical arguments is like throwing a drowning man a fire extinguisher. The solution is not suitable to the problem.

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