5 useful apps for travel

The famous German philosopher Ernst Bloch argued: «If the person is in the journey remains the same, it’s a bad trip». It is difficult not to agree with it, because every time you venture out to another city or another country, my heart begins to beat more frequently from the anticipation of adventure and the unknown — you never know who you meet by fate, the case will affect you. In ancient times, travel was full of danger, and the long journey could well be the last path in life. Today we have safe planes and trains, smartphones and applications for them, to help Orient even the novice tourist.

1. Rutaxi

Mobility in the modern world it has become synonymous with personal effectiveness. A sound approach to planning and useful life hacks save time, money and get much more. Such useful «tricks» is a free mobile application for taxi RUTAXI. The application allows you to optimize your movement and help you get closer to the desired goals. If you haven’t downloaded it, here are some advantages that will convince you to do it right now.

The convenience and simplicity of the design allow you to focus on the taxi. Everything is simple, clear and easy. The system itself chooses the best route from point a to point B. on this Basis, it calculated the exact cost. No additional payments to the taxi driver for easy or cork. Under this system, the driver is interested to go as fast as possible and the most direct route.

The application can save favourite addresses, which saves time. As well as this will help to avoid mistakes in the route. The developers have made the processing of the order through the app are lightning fast. You can be sure that a taxi will arrive much faster than if you call.

Use the RUTAXI app while at the event, the conference, cinema or other place, not being distracted by the call. The taxi only takes a couple of clicks.


2. Biletix

With the booking of tickets is always difficult. Someone advised to look for a cheaper on the website of a particular airline, someone is counting on last minute. But with this approach there is always a big chance of losing the opportunity to find an even cheaper rate at a convenient time. Much easier when all the important and need in one place — this online travel services clearly deserve attention. In the case of Biletix, one of the first and the largest Russian Internet services for travelers, the creators did not invent the wheel, but simply offered users convenient search for the most affordable tickets with the possibility of registration.

The interface is as simple as informative by choosing the points A and B, as well as the date of the flight you just get a big list of available tickets from more than 700 airlines. Filters allow the results of tariffs on the price, class of service, airports and businesses, and even time — very convenient, I must say. And most importantly, Biletix contains both regular and Charter flights, increasing the chance to find cheaper options than the competition, at times. By choosing the flight, you fill in the AutoForm and get a ticket online which will be available in offline mode. And in case of emergency there is always the possibility to contact technical support. Biletix are constantly running promotions with the opportunity to earn a promotional code for a discount.


3. Spiti

If you’re a person who doesn’t think their money, we got you. Romantic hotels beckons any traveler. But the time is now, the better to watch your wallet and select a place to stay overnight while traveling cheaper. A good option would be a hostel, but when you want privacy, you should think about the apartment, especially because it is quite inexpensive, provided that you use Spiti. Here with due diligence there is accommodation for every taste and budget. And the list of the countries where possible your booking, in addition to Russia presents all the CIS countries.

The situation here is about the same as with the tickets. Among the filters you can choose an apartment or cottage (country variant), number of rooms and beds, wi-fi, TV, satellite TV and air conditioning, district and of course the price category. A bonus is the ability to filter places and in the presence of such household things as microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater and even Hairdryer. Selected apartment can be immediately viewed on the map, and at the same time to contact the owner and negotiate. All are available for more than 45 thousand sentences, and no need to register pleased.



Let’s say you’re already exploring the Red square or walking around the Upper West side. And it may be that a vital necessity will force you to frantically search for an address name, to meet a friend at this very spot or mark a point on the map for posterity of how «awesome location on the waterfront, where you can ride seagulls». Google, for example, doesn’t like to every nerd was filling out that such ridiculous lights, and there will have to go through a whole bunch of evidence for this. But NAVIADDRESS realized that it is better to give the person an opportunity of personal location, that does not explain the friend two hours, how to reach the monument to Lenin.

Even if you’re not traveling and are going to have a picnic — this app will greatly help your guests do not get lost in the road, and the barbecue has cooled down before their arrival. You just register the selected point on the map, to which guests can easily get directions and everything. You can add photos and comments — especially useful if you found a cool fishing spot and want to brag about. And the tracker does not need to look — he has his own mini-address of numbers that is easy to remember, even a foreigner and run the browser in a single click.


5. Your Audio Guide

The classic crowd of tourists around the guide has long since become a separate cultural phenomenon. The crowd, at the head of which is a man with a bright umbrella and covers a narrow European streets makes the average tourist feel ignorant lambs. A personal guide is able to punch a significant hole in the budget. But why torture yourself and catch in a noisy crowd, the words of the guide, if all the same you can get in a mobile application? There will be a map with navigation, and stories about places. This opportunity offers native mobile app «Your Audioguide».

Now the application is available for many cities of Russia, cities of Europe, a couple Asian and middle Eastern cities, and forever dreaming of new York and Chicago. The program has a lot of free content, and audio tours are inexpensive (you can save and buy a set with the whole country and not individual cities). They told of all the memorable places, and the bonus is the offline map ready route individual tracks for each point on the path. If you bought the excursion through the website, you can use them on unlimited number of devices and under iOs, and under Android.

By the way, the authors of the program said that now have a new project in the field of tourism and exploring the possibility of selling the current project. So if you think about your business, you have a chance to make a business with great development potential.


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