5 unusual ways of team building

Team building — another overseas word has taken root in the Russian language through the fault of capitalism, as well as office and business culture. It is designed to strengthen communication in the team and thereby make more efficient workflow. Informal communication formal well-diluted environment. This will benefit not only managers (better climate in the workplace, better performance), but also ordinary workers. Entertainment is good, especially when they are unusual.

1. Warlike dance

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_3HmsnPS5DzTePSeriously. Funeral warlike dance. He didn’t just lift your spirit — ritual dance will unite you in front of a large and responsible work. It is for this reason that native American tribes danced before the battle: war dance tunes on the fight and creates a sense of unity. At first, everything will feel a little silly, but along with an uncomfortable office workers you will become brave soldiers on the eve of the decisive battle — and who will then dare to laugh at you? Perhaps the competitors. But they quickly shut up when they see your result. Can be transformed into a kind of dance battle cry, as did the hero Matthew McConaughey in the movie «the Wolf of wall street». Something in this.

2. A joint trip to the bar in ridiculous costumes

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_rZzV1eEQHh6qxDifference from others will make you feel unity. Remember doctors, soldiers, any nonconformists — they are so much a sense of solidarity because they are all together not like the others. The blame for the appearance. Repeat their experience, and go the whole team in a bar, but with one condition — get into something stupid. In something silly and similar. For example, in caps of Santa Claus in summer or swimming in winter. Each of you will feel an identity with others, and it will create between you a strong bond. You immediately have something good to tell each other… or not to tell.

3. Paintball

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_3fxviDpOc09PeIf you want to see how your team turns into a smooth machine, we need to call everyone on the paintball. That’s when you will feel real unity, not to mention the need to make a decision on the move and develop a strategy and tactics. In the end, nothing will make you work better than the threat of being shot in the ass by a ball of paint.

4. Saturday

Stop.com.ua_12.05.2014_juZPPRQOxMmroThe waste collection is practically absent any hint of ego. If in sports, and in the same paintball, there is a place of its own success, that in cleaning all work for a common cause. Especially if people are divided into pairs or threes. None of them seeks to avoid the other, to win a prize or title, no one is afraid that it’s going to get shot. As a result, benefit all team members. Such a connection of two or three people together strengthens the sense of camaraderie at the most basic level. People feel that together make a big thing, but at the same time laugh heartily.

5. Charity

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_x2XurkHvS03b9It is not always in physical activities and competitions. Select an issue that concerns all members of your team, and make it your side project. Everyone will work together to earn as much money as possible and give them to a good purpose. A noble goal will unite you, and then, to do something good for the community is commendable.