5 unnecessary things in your life

There are many unnecessary things you’re doing in the course of life. Some of them bring pleasure, and so fully justified. Others just consume your time than restrict the development of your personality. However, unnecessary things created by man, even more. And, most surprisingly, we continue to buy them even when there is no result. manygoodtips.com made a small list of all these unnecessary things.

1. Complaints in the restaurant


You know what level of service in most institutions of this country. If you’re a brawler, you are likely to demand the book of complaints at their disposal, thinking that the owner will read your claim. Hair in the soup, missing the cheesecake or the rudeness of the waitress – the reason could be anything. But we will disappoint you, because nobody will read your writings. And the owner will pull out sheet from the book of complaints will wipe and they will throw you in the soup. Don’t waste time on this shit, and if you want to make a claim, call administrator – personal contact is always better.

2. Steamer

So, tell us more about what you’re into healthy food. The steamer is very useful for the guy thing, which he will have at best three or four times in my entire life. In addition, it does not make it easier for you cooking: just have to throw the ingredients through time, and the same expectation. Regarding the taste? Well, as you say, fresh work, especially if you’re used to fatty foods, which make on the grill. Cool burgers in the steamer does not, and the steak and say nothing.

3. Plot in the far East


A new theme, which will be available for every citizen of our country from 1 may. What’s the point? The government gives you a hectare of land in the far East to the gratuitous use for 5 years, but after that you can rent or in the property (of their choice). Unable even to gather a party of 10 people and get 10 acres. But if everything is so good, what makes this topic in this «unnecessary» list? And that’s the point. The plots do not give the choicest places, and far from the city. They can be in forests, swamps, in the wilderness. After 5 years, if you don’t use the purchase, the land is withdrawn in favor of the state. And, in addition, to get from the European part of Russia in the far East is not so easy.

Moreover, that move will eat well in excess of the real value of the land, so still you face the problem of the «first settlers». No infrastructure, roads, schools, shops, the Internet – all you have to do yourself. That sounds romantic, of course. But if you look at things soberly, will you like? If you can get into the skin of a pioneer, fight bears, chop down trees, dig a well? Of course, we ourselves will send a request for the issue of this land, but it is safe 99% of the team manygoodtips.com convinced of the futility of such acquisition.

4. The petition

Now the petition to the head of the state it is fashionable to write. There was some kind of injustice – publish the petition and you just write down the defenders. But something does not remember when the real petition on that factor. Some of the «petitions» going several times, and their officials don’t even look. All this is reminiscent of a cry for help mad in the wilderness, when death walks nearby.

Maybe we’re wrong, everyone is prone to mistakes, but the petition in our reality can not change the situation. It can be taken as a statement of its position on a particular issue, nothing more, that is, with the same success you can just write something on Twitter.

5. Bought diploma


No one can admit that 5 years of study in higher education is just the height of art at that time had been wasted. If you do where to learn interesting and cool, you are very lucky. You, if not then find a job, so at least you learn something new. But bought diplomas useless and even harmful for you. If you never wrote a thesis, did not take part in scientific research, just sat in pairs and prepay, then you have reduced the possibility of his success at least twice. Welcome to the margins of existence, man!

Of course, you can try to suffer your diploma and be worthy of him, but is so many who does that nowadays?

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