5 unexpected ways to relieve pain

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The pain can haunt us anywhere. It can start in the most unexpected moment for us. In today’s world there is a strange reflex to immediately grab for the pills. Wait a minute, friend, we will tell you some ways to get rid of pain. Of course, some of them may seem lame, but what the hell!

1. Drink coffee or any other drink with caffeine

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Let’s say that yesterday you did some nice work in the gym. Before that you had a long (or not) break. Native track, barbell, fitness equipment… But you Wake up the next day and feel unreal pain throughout the body. Have some coffee, man!

Brave dudes decided to take part in a very cool experiment. They were divided into two groups: one was given caffeine pills (equivalent to two and a half cups of coffee), and others — the good old placebo. Then the children were allowed into the gym, where he was forced to do the extremely complex exercise. The next day the guys drank their pills. A group of kafeinica was much easier: they can go about their usual business. But the guys from placebo… Caffeine, man, increases your pain threshold.

2. Look at the part of the body that hurts

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It is not strange, it really works. On a psychological level. Eye contact is very important.

There is even a study (as without it?!). Cunning scientists chose a few volunteers for the experiment. Using a cunning system of mirrors test subjects could look at the part of the body, which causes pain. The discomfort created by the action of low-power infrared emitter. The scientists noted that the person easier to cope with the pain, if he’s looking directly at the spot where it hurts. But this does not work, when you look at the hands that hurt.

Unfortunately, this principle is difficult to implement, if you, for example, a headache. If you’re not gutta-percha, of course.

3. Laugh

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Of course, you’ll look like some crazy maniac when you laugh for no apparent reason to others. «Laughter is the best medicine» is a cliché. Anyone knows what the best drugs are drugs, after all, laughter doesn’t cure cancer and other diseases. But what exactly can make laugh? To increase the level of endorphins in the blood, thereby increasing the pain threshold. Researchers have shown that watching something funny can increase your pain threshold. Recommend it or them

4. Convince yourself that this pain leads you to good.

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The pain of injury and pain due to exercise different types of pain. Absolutely. But the human body they are captured the same way. It is necessary to explain to the stupid, all for the good. Keep telling yourself that and you will be much better, and soon.

Researchers from Italy conducted a number of interesting tests. Subjects who, apparently, earn the cookies were divided into two groups. The first brought pain, restricting the blood flow to the hands and will of dressing some of the blood vessels. They warned that the pain would be detrimental to the General state of their hands. Before the second session of agony have announced that this operation will be painful, but will increase blood flow to the muscles, which has a positive impact on overall health. The pain you had to endure as long as possible. Who do you think endured more? That’s right, those who were convinced of the usefulness of this procedure! They agreed on several approaches, count! Some have suffered for 14 minutes! There is such a power in suggestion!

5. Imagine that is really scary

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We visited the dentist. Had. You sit in the chair in foretaste of torture, pain and sodomy, gnashing of teeth and whatnot. Unpleasant, Yes? And on the walls — a truly pastoral pictures, sunshine, children, puppies. All these pleasures are meant to mitigate your suffering, but they don’t work!

Another one of the researchers conducted a series of tests clearly confirm that the representation of something terrible helps to relieve pain better than the paintings neutral and positive. The unfortunate subjects were forced to keep a hand wildly in the cold water and simultaneously watch the slides. The volunteers, who saw the pictures with the unpleasant content in the form of torture, blood and things like that, were able to endure pain much longer than those volunteers who were exposed to a variety of pastoral images.

Know why? Scary scenes are distracting! Puppies and kittens reaction we have, but not as strong as in the blood and dismemberment, but it just needed to increase the pain threshold.

I hope that this knowledge helped you!

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