5 types of people who are too negative to be friends with them

manygoodtips.com_17.08.2015_sjnpp8Jrz6b3fYou grow up thinking you have to please every person you come in contact. Many of us were brought up to be friendly. To create a good impression, to support others in case of trouble. And rightly so — the help is always given through, and this is the human society. But not every person can adequately fit into this society, some people are just made to spoil it.

We gave examples of five of the people with whom it is better not to communicate and not waste your time on them. Stay away from negative people, such as these:

1. Someone who cancels at the last minute

Okay, you too often cancel my plans, but we hope you make it in advance and have a good reason.

But there are dudes who always forget about his promise or even just too lazy to do what they say themselves. Here it is, for example, agreed with you about the meeting for the week. You’ve cleared the time off from work, promising to modify on the weekends or something, and he cancels in the moment when you’re ready to go. Cover your plans — you don’t know what to do.

If the person is not ready to implement its own decisions, it is better not to spend time with him. Because these episodes will only get bigger. And it is not punctuality.

2. The one who calls you when he needs something

We are all selfish to one degree or another, but we also have dignity. There are moments in life when you have to call a friend and ask for help, and a friend, if he really is sure to help you, leaving all their Affairs. But if all relations with man are based on the request for assistance, the friendship is not called.

3. One who speaks only about money

We all understand that the money is great. You can buy beer and wings from KFC, if you have a few hundred in my pocket, but money is not the only important thing in this world.

People who only talk about money, but about taking care of them. If you can’t hear them talk about friends, family, Hobbies, stop the communication. They, most likely, your friendship will sell. From personal experience — these people are also the most boring dudes on the globe with them not interesting to communicate with, they have no real goals in life, and their brains are busy with the desire of possessing anything, not achievements.

4. Someone who constantly talks shit about other people

Gossip is in order, even for men. Sometimes, that’s serious. People say behind other people, though most often of evil intent in this.

But there is always one person who chose to gossip with his constant craft. These people live with negative emotions, they like to grind the weaknesses of the personalities behind them. They will convince you that you’re a normal guy, but conditional Eugene — the asshole. Do not be surprised that these individuals then will be talking about you in the same vein.

The last thing you need is stress in your circle of friends. You want to rest easy with them doing all sorts of stuff or have a good time. Of course, don’t hit the gossip head on the curb, but well worth a stop to communicate with them.

5. The one who has no purpose in life

A moot point, however, with this type of people need to be alert. Living day to day, you can observe the crowd of bodies that really do nothing, they are not motivated, they just exist.

It often happens that friends inspire you to set goals. You see their success or efforts, you can ask for advice. In the end, they will always be happy to cheer you up and say, «Yeah, dude — do it.» And if you fail, they will say: «What do you as a woman? Will find another way, still ahead!» These simple phrases really help the cause, do not give to despair.

If your friend does not motivate you to action, but rather says that won’t work, if you need a friend?


The older you get, the less friends you have. Why? Well, except that they just die and leave, not wanting to become a part of your life. There are only real and best. This is normal, when out of ten there are two. In addition, these two you’d be more grateful.

Just remember that quality is always more important than quantity.

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