5 trendy inventions, which was a complete lazhoy

The future is not an abstract concept. It hovers around your neighborhood with a tiny cell waiting for you when you drop your pants in the backyard to record an online broadcast your bowel movements on the interactive video channel. That is the future, and not some revolutionary new technology that makes you think, but all is not lost, and humanity is moving forward towards prosperity and development. Modern inventors — arrogant people when it comes to the truth, and talented when it comes to positioning in the market and extract budget for your project. We took just a few examples that clearly illustrate this idea.

1. «Solar roads» will not work

Hold.kom.ua_11.09.2016_FC2vcCq6zrIjTFuturists have been dreaming to replace the usual asphalt weaves hexagonal rows of solar panels that will absorb energy directly from sunlight that will make it possible to access huge number of free, clean energy. The authors of the project, Julie and Scott Brusaw, collected about 2 273 333 dollars to implement a prototype of such a road in the state. This is only the lazy did not write, and what a delight the couple have called our «popular science sites.

Now let us turn to the opinion of a British scientist Phil Mason, who has estimated the cost of one glass only, which will need to cover all the roads in the United States — two trillion dollars! It’s just the glass, without all the electronics and labor, the final cost can increase three to four times. And a bit about the effectiveness of the full transition to solar energy. Below solar battery brought a little bit good, it needs to be facing the sun. If the road is in shadow if the clouds decided to turn over the road, if the curves of the track spawned another shadow, the road ceases to give energy for movement. Potentially, such a discontinuity of power supply can lead to sharp increase in road accidents. By the way, dear futurists, do not forget about the fact that the roads get dirty. Dirty solar panels are good for the flow of energy, about the same as hamsters for role wheels. If you take into consideration all we have said, there is nothing better asphalt at the moment, not yet invented.

2. Artificial gills — a useless thing that will kill you

Triton is a small device that literally sucks the oxygen out of the water and spits it into the lungs to allow you to stay under water for hours without scuba gear. You only have to shell out a tidy sum to get instant access to all the abilities of Aquaman. You can even talk to the fish, but it is unlikely that they have something to tell you.


The human body with each breath takes in about 400-500 ml of air. The same amount you can get 1.5 gallons of sea water (5,6 litres). Assuming 100 % efficiency «Triton» is able to surpass 24 liters per minute. That is, the breath will remind drain a large aquarium, using a small straw, and you’ll only have a minute. You can connect the pump to the device, but then what’s the point in creating this thing, if the pumps will require a huge power source? In this case, any scuba will be less bulky.It is also worth remembering that for the functioning of the «gills» you want the nitrogen tank, because pure oxygen will kill you.

3. Another thing that will save your body

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2016_6WgqQ75qlGDo7Another legend indiegogo, has collected a bunch of green bills, using human fear for their lives, health and width of the bone. A million dollars isn’t a hundred rubles. The invention of «Healbe GoBe» is a device that helps to calculate the consumption and burning of calories, stress levels, sleep quality. And all this through simple skin contact of a hand. It can even determine your blood sugar level, hydration level! A device that combines a personal physician and a fitness instructor.

Actually, this bracelet is a new form of quackery, which is designed for those who love science but not expert in it. The device allegedly analyzes the information in the form of low frequency signals through your body to calculate the amount of water in your cells or the concentration of glucose. Frankly, this «more or less» possible, but the creators go on to say that can measure the glucose level after you eat ice cream. Here it is impossible, what they say representatives of medicine. The human body doesn’t work like that. In its defense, Healbe can only say: «It works! Just trust us. Why do you need proof? We thought you were cool.» Another Scam.

4. Salonpolster water bottles

We do not understand how it was possible to believe. Only with a hangover, when you capture a terrible dehydration, which does not let go until the evening. The idea of a bottle that takes water from the air — a wonderful and utopian. Let us examine this wonderful invention, which is collected on indiegogo 300 thousand dollars more. Meet Fontus.


A wonderful invention that pulled people round sum, is a dehumidifier. Fontus sucks the moist air and cools it to make the water. And despite the fact that the manufacturers assure us to the contrary, this is all very inefficient. Using your own data, Australian engineer David L. Jones, calculated that to produce one liter of water, miracle bottle need an environment with a temperature of 40 at a humidity of up to 90 %. In such conditions man to live, to put it mildly, hard. You need 150 minutes to fill the bottle with water.And so, all this stuff will need 250 kilowatts of power per hour. It is doubtful that the solar panel charges Fontus can handle it — she’s the size of a small handkerchief.

5. Clock with projection — just a divorce on the money

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2016_WMOxzx0uii18ARitot is a bracelet that uses a light source of a projection on the arm. «They say that these watches make a revolution. But at this point it appears the song «bright promises without guarantees of their implementation». So, again, back to our boring rational thinking, which goes against the joy over the technological leap.

So the modern design technology is not able to fit in a wristband this size. They require the size of the level of the fist of Hellboy, not less. In addition, as the Ritot takes into account the difference of the shapes and sizes of human hand? This is a good question that Ritot is not responding. All the images presented in a promotional clock with projection represent the creation of artist, designer. There is no reason to believe that the device actually works. But let’s say that it still works. Then we ask the manufacturer: «As a watch the design of the lights work in bright sun?». And the most delicious in this story, that no one found out who are the manufacturers of Ritot. Some say it is a Ukrainian company with an office in San Francisco, while others claim that Ritot — Japanese theme. However, now all claim that the developers are from Ukraine. But it is not even in the country, and that the prototype and there, but the boys have collected almost $ 1.5 million. Raised a lot of money.

According to the materials Geektroid

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