5 tourist routes for a strong character

While some are going to bask under the sun in hot countries, think about the place where you can prove your worth as a person. So we picked a place dangerous, obstinate nature, but with great scenic beauty.

1. Elbrus

Elbrus is a lonely and majestic giant, towering over their smaller cousins, like a huge white bear on the offspring. He makes an indelible impression on those who dared to approach him. But Elbrus generally loves the brave, those who are not afraid to climb its steep trails and ice roads. After all, mountains are mountains, the weather was not very good, and the conditions, to put it mildly, not very comfortable. You need to have the courage and patience to go on the snow slopes in any weather. Only persistent and purposeful bow to the top, only the brave and focused on the shoulder of the climb, or not to deal with climbing equipment and not to overcome the conditions of high mountains.

Immediately to go down to civilization in case something does not work, and the danger of avalanches rockfalls and tickles the nerves. So wimps and sissies look at the Elbrus only the image, but it will give the Braves the view that is breathtaking. Incredible beauty, Majesty of nature, the vast expanse of the planet and some kind of deep universal wisdom open to those who are not afraid to challenge the nature. These types can not be compared even the spectacular flights of the drones between reddish-yellow and gray canyons ridges. You got out of 3 000 meters or dare to put a flag on a peak exceed five and a half kilometers — seen space it is impossible to describe and to compare with anything. You’re on top, and overhead bottomless space and distant, but so close the stars in the bright rays of the sun. This is a must see!

The conquest of mount Elbrus — is a difficult task both technically and morally. Maybe it’s not so dangerous as to go in the evening with a phone at the ready with the proletarian districts of Voronezh, but from realizing that you went out on a dormant volcano scared to death. Besides, not knowing the trails, stay off the mountain. — What physical form you have not had, a strong wind, rockfall, and snow avalanche absolutely don’t care about her. So to conquer new peaks only in the presence of experienced guides who are responsible for your safety on the route.

2. Altay

Themselves forgotten of the mountains of mother Russia is Altai mountains. Basically enjoy the Alpine scenery come to those who nearby. Well, not only the region, but strangely enough developed for active recreation. Here you can test yourself on the descent in the lakes and rivers, mountain climbing, or just wandering among the mountains, similar to the tower in search of the most notorious and mysterious Shangri-Lee, who according to rumors may be located somewhere here.

The ridges here, by the way, childish and climb up to 4,000 meters, so don’t think that the whole Altai is an easy walk with Zen in mind. Come here to admire the many burial mounds, ancient historical monuments, to see the petroglyphs carved by ancient people and to visit wild caves, and then to deal with the extreme splash of adrenaline and expose themselves to noble risk, to temper your character in an atmosphere of strict beauty recalcitrant nature.Walk through such places of power with the subsequent overcoming of natural obstacles and tiring walk on the heavy tracks is not the way of education. If you think that builds character and enjoy the beauty of the best in the mountains, which have not yet been…», then by all means go to the Altai!

3. The blue lake.

The word «Arkhyz» many in the company Colonel because automatically I remember the distinctive taste of mineral water from the same source. People know the word is synonymous with the unwritten beauty of blue lakes from the same area of Karachay-Cherkessia. As you can see, all the glory of Arkhyz is water and stones, which is little than can be compared.

Famous Arkhyz is part of the Main Caucasian ridge, and those who know or have seen the Caucasus mountains, you know that they can’t produce something nondescript. If the lakes are something that will make your mouth water with delight. So they are still beautiful colors, and the water is crystal clear. Lakes 75, so that will be enough for everyone.

Perhaps, it is difficult to find something as beautiful as admiring Alpine lakes in a picturesque valley. However, in these lakes, floating icebergs, and sometimes difficult to understand, you’re on the shore of the Northern ocean or in the mountains.


These ice bowls with grace located at an altitude of 2 200 to 2 800 metres above sea level, so they must still be reached. And the weather in the mountains, the thing is capricious and unpredictable, who knows, maybe to enjoy a beautiful, you will have to go down a slippery steep paths under fight drizzling, blowing squally wind. Therefore, in these places, live strong guys, which is no surprise. You March through the mountains and valleys will seem like torture, but for them it is easy, not to scare some rocks. Such experienced people will help you to overcome the route to the best parts of the blue lakes of Arkhyz. At the same time will help you not to miss a single detail of the new unexplored places.

4. Kamchatka

Bare, almost untouched primeval romance of these places will be open only to the most fearless. It’s not like in the rest of Russia, it’s a completely different world. People used to fight with nature, and the Wi-Fi here fun are extremely rare. Vast untouched expanses swarming with all sorts of wild cattle: the smell of garbage flock to big bears who, with one delicate paw to turn a human into mincemeat, the air was filled with angry mosquitoes, tired to suck the blood of animals, they fearlessly rush to a delicious human blood.


There are no mountains here solid a hill, many of whom are trying to spew out a fresh batch of lava. In the summer you have to walk in a winter jacket, actually the whole year. You know, life here on the knives, not in vain because the government offered to allocate mnogoletnie areas enthusiasts. The world’s only two places so effectively and strictly come together ice and fire: Kamchatka, and, of course, austere, Iceland is a magical cluster of volcanoes, mountains and emerald meadows, who conquers everyone, who has ever visited it.It is a land of harsh men who do not afraid of no bear, no difficulty, and if you manage to prove yourself and incorruptible nature of his right to be called a man, in response to the harsh Kamchatka will reveal to you its picturesque open spaces, which will not find anywhere else, and will learn to understand this unique region. But bear in mind that Kamchatka is full of mysteries, and the harsh nature can play a cruel joke. So don’t forget it, not to be trapped.

5. The Arctic

If all the above seems to you children’s day at the beach, then pack your bags and drive to the far North, in the most extreme — the Arctic circle. Here burns the cheeks cold, desert snow, and the sun does not warm. But in the Arctic circle, people live, especially in large cities such as Kiev, Norilsk, Vorkuta. If these people are not frozen alive, annoyed at the frozen ground, the path to the conquest of the North is to pave through them. Best time – June, the period of the solstice, when the polar day lasts for 61 days and the sun falls behind the horizon. Here it is possible to see a unique phenomenon – the Northern lights. When around impenetrable steppe and dwarf plants, the lights seem Grand. How can you describe this play of light, these great modulations, near which feel human insignificance? Northern lights, by itself, to measure, to compare such brilliance with the light show Pink Floyd, almost ashamed.

It is a wild and vast nature reserves, ancient labyrinths, churches, lakes. Cold water here is really a lot. Stand face to icebergs, look at the Arctic ocean and surprised by the malice of nature, remembering that somewhere far behind you, splashing the warm water of the Indian ocean.But be careful in these parts. Weather as it suggests that you need to be alert, and of polar bears has not been canceled. Since it was believed that the North can survive only a persistent and decent people. Prove to yourself that you are, if you get to see the beauty of the end of the world in conditions close to ice hell, where the words «heat», «landscaping» and «routes» laugh, and where danger could sneak up on them.

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