5 tips on how to invite a girl to drink

how to invite a girl to drink

The idea is that it should be an interesting idea, a part of flirting, but it’s not always a simple matter. If you’re approaching the girl with caution and are afraid to ask her directly, she most likely will refuse. No one wants to date a guy who is about to fall down from a heart attack. Be cool, don’t be silly and use our advice.

1. Avoid the word «date»

Never mention that horrible word, when you invite a girl to drink. Go and enjoy — it’s fun, free and spontaneous, and the word «date» immediately makes the whole undertaking in a serious and nervous time, before which she was in a panic will shake up all of your closet, choosing clothes. Just drink, no certainty, will decide what’s next.

2. Pretend you’re still going to the bar

«Hey, I’m going in to this bar to drink. Will you go with me?» If you have it all planned out, she will feel the pressure. She’s probably thinks that just drink in a relaxed atmosphere is much nicer than to go to a restaurant with a fan, which from her is breathtaking, and not know how to strike up a conversation.

3. Flatter her

If you already know it, tell me how you’d like to chat with her over a glass of some drink. If you don’t know her, tell her that she looks interesting, what would you like to talk to her over a glass of something there. A bit of flattery for a friend — a protective armor, the chances of acceptance increase. Besides, she already knows that you’re going to catch her every word. What girl wouldn’t like it?

4. Temptations its description

If you know of any great good or a themed bar, tell me about it. Tell her she must see this place, even if she’ll do it without you. However, do you know where it is and how to get there, you can come with.

5. Give her the choice

Maybe it is not very often goes out and scares her with your proposal. You know it, if she will look like she’s gonna puke. Stocks a few different options: «We could go to lunch at some fancy bar, a themed evening in the bar or at the weekend in many ways a cold place, about which now all speak». And some coffee shop keep in mind: what if she doesn’t like alcohol.