5 tips on how to become an outstanding person

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Of course, you realize that working on yourself is not a quick process and sometimes lasts a lifetime. To become an outstanding man, you need much more than 5 tips. But if you decided to be so, it is necessary to start somewhere.

1. Travel

World travel in itself is an exciting and pleasant. But besides this, the exploration of new places is usually interesting stories, fascinating experiences and a new Outlook. It will make you more attractive to girls and larger in front of other dudes. But if another language is learned — you will receive extra points.

2. Be a gentleman

Some believe that being a gentleman is a thing of the past. But in fact, you will make an impression on women when I would open the door show good table etiquette and you will use words with more than four letters. You may think that modern women do not appreciate, but think again, at least some of them will definitely pay attention to your manners.

3. Meet & chat

The Association with good people is a key factor of success in life. Dating and socializing with the right people will help you in career growth and will make your social life a variety. Your girlfriend will notice that you’re a sociable guy, and it’s impressive.

4. Do good things

Donate some money to charity, and it is better to spend time in a homeless shelter, become a mentor to a difficult child, etc. no matter what you choose, doing something good for others, you also learn the benefits women will be touched by your charitable deeds.

5. Well dressed

The big insider secret — to look good, not necessarily to become a fashion victim to spend large sums on clothes. If you wear a black t-shirt, no one will know which designer worked on it and how much money you have posted. Most importantly, the clothes on you looked good. Choose the size below clothing will highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses. Clothing for special occasions it is better to order at the tailor, then it definitely will fit you perfect.